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Propolis is a great beehive product used by many people in the USA and across the globe. Honey bees use propolis in the beehive for several functions. Various properties of propolis are put to use by people in the quest for better health. Propolis is also a great addition in food for its nutritional value, coloring and flavoring of the food preparations. This guide takes you through the best propolis extract for sale online. It also looks at propolis production, harvesting and handling of propolis extract products.

  • In its pure form, propolis comes in various presentations including in capsules, as a concentrated extract, in powder form and as propolis chunks. Its main use is sealing cracks and crevices.
  • It also helps control infectious microorganisms in the beehive. You can get propolis in its pure form or as an addition to beehive products.
  • There are many products that contain honeybee propolis available in the market.

Collection and Harvesting of Propolis

Best propolis collection and harvesting techniques are used in beekeeping operations to ensure quality of propolis. Beekeepers use various devices to collect propolis and may carry out beehive management activities to trigger increased propolis production. Honey bee produce propolis by chewing some beeswax, plant resins and mixing it with their saliva. This makes propolis made in each season in different beehives have varying colors, tastes and odors. Both beginner and experienced beekeepers can have propolis as one of their beehive products from beekeeping operations.

Harvesting propolis from the beehive often involves scraping it from various surfaces. It is then collected using a container before further processing. Propolis is found on many beehive surfaces. Honey bees can be triggered to make more propolis and use it in various spaces within the beehive.

After scraping off the propolis you need, you should close up the beehive. You may also carry out other beehive inspection and management activities if the time allows you. Excessive opening up and cooling of beehives causes brood to die or develop improperly. Beekeepers harvesting beehive products such as propolis should take care not to hurt the honey bee colony in the beehives selected for propolis harvesting. Additionally, you should only harvest excess propolis from the beehive. Do not open up gaps and spaces that honey bees have sealed up.

How Do Bees Use Propolis?

In the beehive, honey bees use propolis for several purposes. Chief among these is the sealing of cracks and crevices in the beehive. Propolis is a sticky substance when warm. It forms into a hard mass when it cools down. Bees prepare some propolis using their mouth parts and deposit it onto the surfaces where it is needed. They are able to quickly seal up unwanted spaces into and from the beehive. Entrances too are often reduced using propolis. It can be removed easily by the honey bees when the colony grows lager and needs wider openings at the beehive entrances. Sealing up the beehive ensures proper temperature, humidity and security management by the bees themselves. The beekeeper also benefits from the efforts of honey bees to seal up their living space. Beehive odors escaping from the beehive can lure in robber bees and other predators of honey bees. A properly sealed up beehive does not release such odors too far from the beehive.

Honey bees are capable of mounting defenses to keep the beehive secure from intruders. At the entrance of beehives, guard bees stand ready to raise the alarm and sting up unwelcome visitors in the beehive. Threats in form of small animals and insects that may find their way into the beehive get stung and may die in the beehive. They are removed from the beehive upon their death. In some instances, the killed pest, parasite, animal or insect is too large for the honeybees to remove from the beehive. Decomposition of dead organisms in the beehive would result in infections of the beehive by various microorganisms. To prevent this, honey bees seal up the dead that they cannot remove from the beehive in propolis. It acts as a preservative and may delay or stop decomposition of some dead organisms. Sealed up animals decompose with minimal odor production and without risking infecting the beehive with bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Preparation of Propolis Extract

Using propolis in its natural form is not easy. It is hard and dry when collected from the beehive. Propolis is processed to make it palatable to human beings. Common processing methods involve wetting it up to soften the propolis. Extraction of nutrients and components of propolis may be done using alcohol and other organic solvents. Natural propolis extract preparations make use of minimal processing so that the propolis remains in its natural state. The harvested propolis is placed in water and allowed to soften up. It may break up in the water and packaged in containers of varying sizes, shapes and made of different materials.  The best propolis extract for sale online is prepared in conditions that have it retain its nutritional value while being easy to use. No additives or contaminants are found in the propolis extract.

Beekeepers may sell propolis in various forms. Some package the propolis the collect from beehives in its hard chunky state and sell it. Others break up the chunks of propolis into smaller granules while some may grind the chunks into powder. These preparations of propolis helps consumers have an easy time using the propolis. Extracts of propolis that make use of, or contain alcohol do not contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in natural propolis extracts made using water only.

Preparations of propolis for consumption vary by manufacturer and are designed to meet different customer preferences. Tablets, capsules and extracts are popular preparations. There are also blends of beehive products and propolis that you can find in the market. They make use of varying amount of propolis extract depending on the manufacturer. As an end user of propolis, you should check the amount of propolis in each preparation before you purchase it. Fluid propolis extracts made using water as a base have the best nutritional and health benefits when consumed.

How do People use Propolis Extract?

High nutrient content of propolis extract makes it a popular propolis preparation. Sellers have propolis extract in varying packaging and containers of different sizes. Small sizes and volumes of containers allow for buyers to get small amounts of propolis extract that fit into their budgets. Large containers such as the featured 1-gallon Stakich propolis extract alcohol-free are great for users of large amounts of propolis extract.

  • People have found many uses of propolis and propolis extract. Eating it in food and drinks is a great way to use propolis extract for its health and nutrition benefits. It is easy to use the extract since it flows with ease and can be put into food and beverage preparations.
  • You should aim to expose propolis extract to as little heat as possible. The exposure time should also be kept to a minimum. High temperatures destroy the nutrients, enzymes and minerals found in propolis.

Some sellers of propolis extract mix it with other beehive products. Propolis extract tends to float in liquid honey. It may also not mix very well with other beehive products such as royal jelly unless stirred vigorously. Distinguishing between pure propolis extract and preparations of propolis in other products is important. It helps you avoid being charged too much for low quality propolis extract products.

Stakich Propolis Extract Alcohol-Free (1 Gallon)

Stakich is a reliable producer and seller of beehive products. Among their products is propolis extract for various applications. The Stakich propolis extract product comes with no alcoholic content. Various sizes of packaging are available for the Stakich propolis extract alcohol-free. The 1-gallon container product by Stakich is a popular purchase for many propolis users. It fits into their unique lifestyles and uses of propolis. Both small and large consumers of honey bee propolis are suited to use the pack. It lasts long for consumers of small amounts, and packs enough Stakich honey bee propolis for users of large amounts.


This honey bee propolis extract product comes in a big container to hold enough of the propolis. The container is made using food-safe plastic material. It does not impart flavors or foreign odors to the propolis content. You get it in its natural flavors and smells. Stakich has made the container of the Stakich propolis extract alcohol free to be opaque. It prevents too much light getting at the propolis inside the container. This keeps all nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants and minerals found in the propolis in their natural state. Additionally, Stakich takes measures to ensure that storage, transportation and delivery of its products is in packaging that keeps out light.

  • Temperature control is also ensured in the processes so that heat does not denature nutrients, proteins and other desired components of the honey bee propolis extract.
  • On the side of your Stakich propolis extract alcohol free container you will find a label. The label is in black and white colors. It bears the name Stakich on its side alongside other information. The word ‘propolis’ stands out clearly on the label.

A tight plastic cap sits atop the narrow mouthed 1-gallon container of Stakich propolis extract alcohol-free. It ensures no air gets in or out of the container once it is capped. The plastic cap is put on to cover the mouth of the container by a circular screwing motion. Air entering the container would cause fermentation of the propolis extract. Make sure to only uncap your Stakich propolis extract when you need to. After taking enough of the extract from the container, be sure to cap up the container again as soon as you can.

In addition to great packaging, Stakich has made sure that use of the propolis extract is easy for you. The company includes a pipette for easy fetching of propolis extract from the container it comes in. Use the pipette to measure out exact amounts of the propolis extract as needed in your various recipes and preparations. Using too much of the extract in a single instance may be harmful to your wellbeing. It may also ruin the products you aimed to make using the propolis extract as one of the ingredients.


Stakich propolis Extract alcohol free is largely made up of tree resins. It is processed from high quality propolis collected by honey bees in Stakich apiaries. The company prides itself in capturing and bringing you all the nutrients to be found in the collected propolis. Preservation is central in the process of collecting, packaging and delivering the propolis extract to you. After collection of the propolis in the beehive, Stakich takes it through minimal processing. This ensures that no minerals or nutrients are lost from the propolis. It is not heated up or finely filtered. Impurities are removed from the propolis if any are found. The propolis is then extracted into a water-soluble base for easy use.

You should note that your 1-gallon Stakich propolis extract alcohol-free is highly concentrated and potent. It is a 30% preparation of propolis extract and should therefore be used as per instructions. Some propylene glycol is found in the propolis extract. It helps the resins bind with the water base of this propolis extract. This Stakich honey bee propolis extract is made using premium quality propolis. It gives you great value for your expenditure and imparts many health benefits to you. Propolis extract may contain some sugars in it. It is however not as sweet as honey.


Propolis has many uses in the food industry. You can use it at home or in industrial applications such as in hotels. Blends of propolis extract and other beehive products can be made. Stakich propolis extract alcohol-free is a great bulk dietary supplement. Since it is a bulk product, Stakich advises further processing of the propolis extract. Diluting it with various liquids is a great first step for many users of the Stakich propolis extract.

Using this Stakich propolis extract is easy for many homeowners and industrial users too. It is a great ingredient in many food preparations as well as drinks. In food use, the propolis extract is diluted and then mixed into the food. Baking propolis extract and many other beehive products destroys many nutrients. It makes the beehive product be a source of mineral elements and a few enzymes. Where you can, avoid cooking the Stakich propolis extract alcohol-free.

Cakes, bread and other baked products are prepared or presented with some propolis extract. When mixed into food and cooking ingredients, it colors the final product, gives it propolis flavors and smells, and makes it more palatable to the consumer of the food. In drinks, mixing some of your Stakich propolis extract into the drink fortifies the preparation. Smoothies are great beneficiaries of addition of some Stakich propolis extract alcohol-free.

Storage and safety

The propolis extract should not be used in the undiluted condition it comes in. Repacking the propolis extract is allowed. Once repacked, you should ensure proper labeling of your packaging and containers to indicate it is honey bee propolis extract. You may indicate the original product was from Stakich or not. Other measures to ensure your conformity to the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic act should be taken. Additionally, local laws about the possession, handling, use and sale of honey bee products and specifically propolis should be adhered to. It is best to keep your Stakich propolis extract alcohol-free away from the reach of children. Storing it in a cool and dry place ensures the propolis extract lasts for long. Additionally, avoid having direct sunlight rays hitting your container of Stakich propolis extract. This Stakich propolis extract product is kosher-certified.

Human bodies have an immunity system. It is for fighting harmful organisms that enter our bodies. The immune system shows symptoms to doctors when triggered. A common symptom is inflammation of membranes. Triggers cause reaction of the immunity system and can be severe or mild. Severe triggers of the immunity system may cause you grave health effects. Allergies are inflammations of body organs. Some people are allergic to various or all beehive products. You should make sure that you are not allergic to honey bee propolis before you consume Stakich propolis extract alcohol-free. It can cause allergic reactions in some people. Use it well to avoid having other problems such as stomach aches due to improper dilution of the concentrated Stakich propolis extract. Pregnant and nursing women are especially advised to consult a qualified healthcare professional before using the Stakich bulk propolis extract concentrate.


Beekeeping operations are managed to give consumers a wide range of products. Propolis is one of these products in addition to honey, beeswax and royal jelly among others. It is used in various forms for its health benefits. Propolis is also great for coloring and flavoring food. You should buy propolis from reliable sellers both online and offline. Both beginner and experienced beekeepers can harvest propolis from beehives and sell it commercially. Proper handling of collected propolis is required to maintain its nutritional value and to keep it safe for human consumption. The reviewed best propolis extract for sale online comes from a reputable seller and is made using premium quality honey bee propolis. Use it for your various home and business needs for bee propolis.

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