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Beekeepers run their operations to sometimes produce more of one beehive product than others. Beeswax production is increased by such beekeepers so that they get higher yields of wax than other beekeepers. Other beehive products in addition to beeswax include honey, propolis, and royal jelly. There are many places where beeswax is used in various applications, in addition to making candles. The applications range from home uses to industrial consumption of beeswax in large-scale production lines. You may buy beeswax for your use from local beekeepers or online. This article looks at the best beeswax for sale online and helps you choose the most suitable for your needs.

Beeswax is one of the many beehive products. It is popular for its use in making candles. Honey bee life sees a lot of beeswax used in the beehive space. Brood is reared in cells made of wax. Honey is also stored in wax cells. For bees, wax is one of the most important building blocks they use. Eating honey and other foods with high sugar content triggers honey bees to produce beeswax.

How Bees Produce Beeswax

Glands on the belly of bees produce beeswax in very small amounts. The bees then scrape it onto their mouthparts for use in building honeycomb. In the beehive, a swarm of bees that has settled in a beehive produces a lot of wax for drawing new comb. It is estimated that a fresh swarm is able to draw the equivalent of one full Langstroth beehive frame in 3 days. Having more bees in the beehives increases the capacity of the honey bee colony to make beeswax.

When it is made in the beehive, beeswax is in form of celled comb. The cells are hexagonal and can be used to store honey or rear brood. Where honey bee young ones are raised in the honey comb, it is called brood comb by some beekeepers. The comb in which honey is stored is called honey comb in general. Some honey consumers love their honey to be in the cells of honey comb when they get it. They then proceed to extract honey from the comb by themselves.

The use of Langstroth beehives is very popular in beekeeping. Another beehive used in some apiaries is the Warre beehive. Of the two, the Warre hive outshines the Langstroth beehive in wax production. The practice of using foundationless top bars and adding boxes to the bottom of the beehive stack lead to the Warre beehives having a lot of honeycomb drawn. When harvested, it gives you high yields of beeswax.

What Color is Beeswax?

Freshly drawn honey comb has its beeswax white or pale yellow in color. Various uses in the beehive cause color changes in the beeswax. Depending on use, the color change may be fast or gradual. The honey comb that is used to store honey in the beehive does not change color quickly. It remains pale yellow in color for long and gradually turns darker. Brood comb changes color rather fast due to its more intense use. Additionally, debris from pupated honey bees remains in the beeswax of brood comb and contributes to coloration. In a few seasons, brood comb can change from pale yellow color to very dark shades of brown.

  • The darker beeswax in brood comb is loved by beekeepers. It makes it easy to see the white eggs of honey bees. The dark background of the beeswax contrasts with white of the honey bee egg laid by the queen bee. In beehive and honey bee colony management, sighting freshly laid eggs is used as an indicator of queen bee presence.
  • Lightly colored pale yellow honey comb is great for honey storage. It allows you to easily see the cells which have ready honey and have been capped. Beekeepers can easily tell the difference between frames that are ready to harvest for honey and those that need some more time in the beehive.

Cyclic Renewal of Beeswax

It is important to cycle out your brood comb beeswax periodically. Beeswax has been found to harbor agents of disease infections and pest infestations in beehives. Parasites too may leave eggs in beeswax and persist in beehives even when you apply appropriate treatments. These problems brought on by old brood comb are avoided by phasing out old wax that is more than 3 years old from the beehive. Even if the beehive frame is very beautifully drawn, it is best to let go of the wax. The old wax is often cycled back into the apiary after being melted up and filtered. It makes great foundation sheets for beekeepers that use foundation beekeeping in their operations.

You may purchase beeswax that has been harvested for varying reasons that you do not know. The purity of beeswax may not be possible to ascertain until you have purchased some. Consumers are protected by local, national and international laws to varying extents when buying beeswax from sellers. Both beekeepers and merchants involved in the retail chain are aware of the need for purity in their beeswax product. They ensure high standards of cleanliness and best production processes that guarantee high quality beehive products are used in their beekeeping operations.

Contaminants of Beeswax

Some chemicals and treatment substances used in beehives persist in beeswax. They take different lengths of time to dissipate from the beeswax depending on the type of compound. Some leave the beehive faster than others. Beeswax from beekeeping operations that are organic have greater assurance of being pure than the beeswax that comes from other apiaries.

Beehives that have had pest, parasite or diseases in them often have very unsightly beeswax. It requires a lot of purification before it is usable. Such wax can be of unusual color and contain substances such as slime as a result of the disease, pest or parasite infestation. Beekeepers may reclaim the wax for their own use but not for sale. In some cases, the beekeeper discards beehive frames together with the beeswax that may be on the frames.

Types of Beeswax to Buy

You may buy raw or processed beeswax online. The raw beeswax contains some amount of honey and other debris. It is unfiltered and could cause improper working in some of its uses. Processed beeswax is the beeswax that has been purified to remove debris and residual sugars from honey.

Beeswax for sale comes in several popular presentations. They include cakes, bars and sticks. Some of the presentations have become popular to appoint they developed a range of products around them. Sticks are the least common presentation of beeswax for sale online. Beeswax bars and cakes are more popular.

Beeswax in Home Use Applications

Many beeswax buyers aim to use it in home preparations for health and beauty. They also use the beeswax to make candles for both lighting and therapeutic functions. Various recipes and procedures for making these products using some beeswax are available to beekeepers through a wide variety of information channels. In the beauty and cosmetic preparations, beeswax is used as a base. It is mixed with oils and other components to make a balm. It is important to note that in such preparations, addition of more oil softens the balm.

There are other cottage uses of beeswax such as restoring old paintings, dyeing processes, waxing hair and clothing, making soap, and lubricating some surfaces. When using wax in these various applications, be sure to follow safety standards. Hot wax can burn you and your property if you manage it poorly. The double container method that uses indirect heating to melt beeswax is recommended in all cases where the wax needs to be melted prior to use.

Beeswax for Making Candles

Making candles in a popular use of beeswax. Preparations of beeswax can be made into different types of candles including scented candles and colored candles. Scents are added to the wax to make scented candles. The scent is released from the beeswax as the candle burns. It is a common therapeutic use of beeswax candles.

Candles made using beeswax have an air-cleaning effect. They burn with release of negative ions in the air. These negatively charged particles attract positively charged dust, pollen, smoke and hairs and bind to them. The resulting heavy particle falls to the ground. In this way, the candle improves the quality of air you breathe.

Making beeswax candles requires you to have moulds and wicking material. The diameter of the candle determines how wide the wicking material should be. Candles that have a small diameter should not be made with wide wicks. The wick causes fast burn of the beeswax. The beeswax candles with a wide diameter should have a large wick. It ensures proper burning of the beeswax in the candle without tunneling.

Stakich Yellow Beeswax Pellets

Stakich yellow beeswax pellets are a 40lb package for hobby uses. It is great for making candles and other wax items at home. You can use the wax in beauty and wellness products. The wax used to make the pellets is cosmetic grade. It is of very high quality. Stakich does some filtration of the wax to make sure it is clean wax with no impurities. This makes the wax pellets a great product for small consumers of wax.

  • Processing the beeswax in this pack into pellets allows you to easily use the exact amount of wax you need at a time.
  • Production processes are very important for Stakich beekeeping products company. Wax for the Stakich yellow beeswax pellets is produced in conditions that ensure it is free of contaminants.
  • Additionally, Stakich makes sure there is proper handling of the wax until delivery.

Beeswax can melt up in storage. Upon receiving your packet of Stakich yellow beeswax pellets, be sure to store them in a cool place. They last for long in their pristine state when stored well. The shipping process is fast and the Stakich customer experience team is always at hand to help you in case any issues arise.

Stakich White Beeswax Pellets

Beeswax consumers have varying preferences and taste. The Stakich white beeswax pellets meet your needs for white wax. They come in a 40 lb pack of cosmetic grade beeswax. This pack contains pure white wax from Stakich apiaries that has been filtered to remove impurities. Stakich is a reputable beehive products seller. The company assures you of high quality wax in the white beeswax pellets.

  • You may use this wax in cosmetic preparations at home and to make other products such as candles. Furniture too can be conditioned and polished using the white wax pellets.
  • This pack of wax is for consumers of both small and large amounts of wax at a time. It is helped by the fact that wax does not go bad if stored well. In the pack is enough wax for most crafts and DIY projects.

The candles made using this beeswax from the Stakich white beeswax pellets burn well. This pack of beeswax pellets lasts for long even after you have opened it. You should store it well in a cool place upon reception. In the event that you have a problem with making a purchase, Stakich has a team for customer service that is easy to reach and capable of helping you smooth things out.

Stakich White Beeswax Blocks

Stakich has many products for beeswax users. You can buy these Stakich beeswax offerings online and get them delivered very fast. The company has a great system for handling orders and delivering them. Additionally, a customer experience team by Stakich is always at hand to help you out in case you run into any challenges.

  • The Stakich white beeswax blocks are a package for your beeswax needs in both home and industrial applications. It is made up of 40 blocks of white beeswax, each weighing 1 lb. The total weight of the package is thus 40 lb.
  • Beeswax blocks in this pack are square in shape and very easy to work with. Each block is individually wrapped. It allows you to use up the package gradually as needed, or use it all at once if you wish to.

Beeswax for the Stakich white beeswax blocks is made under high production standards in Stakich apiaries. It is then filtered to remove impurities. The production process also ensures chemical contaminants do not get into the wax. Stakich has been in the beekeeping products business for long and gives you great quality beeswax for all uses. It is consistent and very nicely packaged.

Stakich Yellow Beeswax (Cosmetic) Blocks

Stakich yellow beeswax cosmetic blocks are a 40- lb pack of high quality beeswax for both home and industrial use. The wax used in this beeswax package is yellow beeswax from Stakich apiary. It is produced in carefully managed processes for the best quality assurance. Further processing of the wax after harvesting is limited to a minimum to keep the beeswax in its purest form. It is only filtered to remove impurities.

  • Proper production processes ensure that no chemical contaminants are in the Stakich yellow beeswax (cosmetic) blocks.
  • You can therefore use the wax in applications for cosmetic and health purposes.
  • Additionally, this wax is fine for polishing wooden surfaces among many other great uses for beeswax.

Stakich yellow beeswax blocks come in a pack that weighs 40 lbs. In the package are individual blocks weighing 1 lb each. They are shaped in a beautiful hexagonal shape. Each yellow wax block in the pack is individually wrapped for easy use by both beginner and experience users of beeswax. You can buy this beeswax pack online. Delivery is prompt and a communications team by Stakich is at hand to help you with any kinks you might encounter.

Yellow Beeswax (Craft) Blocks

With the many uses for beeswax that we have found over the centuries, it is sometimes necessary to make specialized wax products. Stakich offers users of beeswax for crafts the yellow beeswax blocks that come in a pack weighing 40 lb. This Stakich yellow beeswax (craft) blocks package is made using high quality beeswax of craft grade. It is specially prepared and filtered to remove impurities that would cause you problems using the wax to make your favorite crafts.

  • Stakich yellow beeswax pack can be purchased online. Stakich delivers the package incredibly fast and leaves you a happy customer with its great products.
  • Use this yellow beeswax pack in your candle crafting applications. It makes firm candles which burn with a nice scent for your varying therapeutic and lighting benefits.

This beeswax is great for encaustic artwork among other craft projects. You may also use it for furniture polishing. Each block of Stakich yellow beeswax (craft) comes individually wrapped for easy use. It allows you to use the pack of beeswax in varying amounts as needed per project. If you need more wax for your application, two or more of these 40 lb packs satisfy your needs very well.


Honey bees use wax to make structures for reproduction and food storage in the beehive. The wax is used by man in many interesting applications. Beeswax has many advantages over other types of wax because it is natural and has a low melting point. Getting beeswax involved removal of honeycomb from the beehive. It can be due to deliberate beeswax harvesting activity or as part of beehive management practices. You can buy beeswax from beekeepers near you with ease. Some are reachable via the internet. They have the best beeswax for sale online to provide for your unique beeswax uses.

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