What to Do If a Cat Got Stung by Bees

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A bee sting is very dangerous for humans, but many people don’t think about the fact that it can be dangerous for pets as well. So what to do when your cat was stung by a bee? Let’s take a look at what actions you should take to help your pet.

How to know that a cat has been stung by a bee?

First of all, you should determine what happened to your cat, which means you should look at its symptoms. Further action will depend on these signs, but you should always double-check and contact your veterinarian. So there are two types of reactions to a bee sting.

Normal (local) reaction

Usually, when a bee stings a cat the symptoms are localized and can be seen with the naked eye. Typically, these symptoms are the following:

  • swelling at the bite site, and the site itself becomes hot;
  • a cat may become restless, shaking its paw or head;
  • in some cases, there may be salivation.

Acute (allergic) reaction

A normal reaction will not do any harm to your pet, but an allergic reaction can cause irreparable harm, or even lead to death. The symptoms of an allergic reaction are the following:

  • rash;
  • state of shock;
  • shortness of breath may be present;
  • severe salivation (vomiting or diarrhea may occur);
  • abnormal heartbeat;
  • low body temperature;
  • staggering gait.

Determining the reaction is very important because, otherwise, it may cost life to your pet.  In any case, it’s worth taking it to the vet for reassurance.

How to provide first aid?

When you have determined the body’s reaction to a bite, there is no time to lose. The first thing to do is to find the place of the bite. If there is a sting left there, it must be removed as quickly as possible. DO NOT do it with your fingers, otherwise, the venom pouch may burst and inject more venom into the body. The best thing to do is to use tweezers and remove it very carefully.

After removing the stinger, it is very important to disinfect the bite site, you can use antiseptic or in extreme cases a solution of vinegar and water. Carefully, without pressing the sting, wipe it off. At this point, the cat may be in pain and it may pull away, so hold it firmly.

To relieve the swelling, take ice or any product from the freezer, wrap it in a cloth, and put it on the bite site. 


If a bee stung your cat’s eye, the use of an antiseptic agent is not recommended. Instead, treat the sting site with a solution of chamomile. This will help relieve swelling without harming the retina.

Further treatment

After first aid, it is preferable to visit a vet. It does not matter whether the reaction was normal or acute. This is necessary to ensure that the first aid was given correctly so that the vet could prescribe treatment. 

The vet will prescribe treatment depending on the location of the bite. If a cat has been bitten in the paw or torso, it will only be necessary to treat the wound and repeat the prescribed procedure for several days. 

However, if the cat was stung in the muzzle or genitals, you will have to resort to treatment with drugs. In this case, contacting a veterinarian is a must. First of all, the doctor will  determine the level of danger and prescribe medication. The owner must follow the veterinarian’s instructions and observe the exact dosage.

Treatment can be painful and the bite site may itch. To distract your cat from the itching and possible pain, give him soulistic cat food.

How to prevent a bee sting

To avoid treating your pet for a bee sting, we recommend preventing it. First of all, you should put mosquito nets on the windows. They will protect not only your pet, but you as well, because no one is immune to bee attacks.

However, mosquito nets do not provide 100%  protection from a bee sting, because it can fly into the house through the door. So, don’t forget to keep an eye on your pet. If you hear buzzing, definitely check if it’s a bee or, worse, a wasp.

If you do find a bee near your pet, it should be chased away immediately. The best way is to do it with a towel, previously opening a window. Don’t forget that cats are very active, and they will definitely be interested in playing with someone who flies and buzzes. Therefore, it will be better to take it to another room and close the door. All these actions are simple, but they can prevent a real danger from a bee.

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