VEVOR 3 Frame Electric Honey Extractor Review

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To ensure continuous proficiency in beekeeping, a beekeeper, especially the new one, should need the right set of knowledge and the best tools that the market can offer. One offering that that’s worth considering is the VEVOR 3 Frame Electric Honey Extractor. Right off the bat I’ll say that it can be a great addition to your set of tools and a great investment for your beekeeping career. Before we dive deeper into the features and benefits that this product offers, a quick tour about what honey extracting is all about and what a honey extractor does during the process can increase your growing knowledge in beekeeping.

About Honey Extraction

VEVOR 3 Frame Electric Honey Extractor

Extracting honey from the honeycombs is arguably the most exciting phase of beekeeping. Seeing your hive grow day by day is exciting in its own way, but honey extraction is on a different level that peaks as you go nearer the harvesting season. It is the period when all your efforts as a beekeeper comes to fruition. It is also an important reason why you started learning the intricacies of beekeeping.

Honey extraction is not as easy as it sounds, but proper knowledge and tools can lead you to success. If you’re new to this career, you need to understand some important things. The basics should be learned first as always. Knowing the essentials will get you farther before buying the necessary equipment like a honey extractor.

First question:

What is the purpose of a honey extractor? From its name itself, a honey extractor is a drum-like equipment that extracts honey from the honeycombs through spinning. It uses centrifugal force to separate the honey from the combs. It’s an equipment that ensures efficient extraction of honey and it keeps the frames from being damaged. The frames can then be re-used for the next season. In short, the honey extractor is one of the key tools that you should have as you grow as a beekeeper.

Second question:

How do bees produce honey? Bees can produce their own food. Just like humans, they’re very proficient on it. Bees feed on nectars found in flowers and they store it in their honey stomachs. Once full, they return to the hive and pass it to the younger bee females. These bees chew the nectar and deposit it into the individual cells. The cells make up the honeycomb and the honeycombs make up the hive. As time goes, these cells are slowly filled with the sweetest essence that nature can provide.

Third question:

How will you know when the hive is rich with honey and ready for harvesting? Now this part is a bit tricky and will need patience – a lot of it. As a beginner, your first harvest may not seem as successful as what you’re hoping for. Bees need to grow in population, and it may take a whole season before a hive builds up. The more bees, the more honey. Summer season is the ideal time to expect honey. This time, you should have regular hive visits to see the progress of the frames. If at least 80% of the frames are capped, the next step to do is extraction.

Don’t get too excited. Honey extraction may be the fun part, but you still need to know a few more details before suiting up for the task. Understand that it is important to leave plenty of honey reserves for the bees to feed on for the coming winter season. Wear proper gear and use a bee smoker – bees are not going to be happy when you pull out the frames. Once you’ve removed the frames, dehumidify them for about a day or two and make sure that the moisture content is below 18.5% using a honey refractometer. Manually remove the wax caps and load it to a honey extractor. The honey extractor will do the rest of the work for you. The last process is for you to bottle the honey.

We’ve learned that the basics are as important as the different methods in honey extraction. Aside from the traditional and modern knowledge, you also need to have an idea on which beekeeping tools to help you grow your career. Since we’re talking about the basics, it is also important to know what a honey extractor is.

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About the VEVOR 3 Frame Electric Honey Extractor

VEVOR 3 Frame Electric Honey Extractor

Now, let’s discuss the main attraction of this article. As mentioned, this VEVOR Honeycomb Spinner is an electric extractor well worth your consideration. It’s right on the spotlight thanks to its attributes.


  • Voltage: AC110V 60Hz
  • Barrel Height: 24-inches / 61 cm
  • Barrel Diameter: 15-inches / 38 cm

Pros and Cons


  • This 3-frame extractor is made from a heavy-gauge, rust-proof, food-grade stainless steel which is ideal for beekeepers with one to ten beehives.
  • It is easy to use and can handle different types of frames. It can handle 3 standard deep, medium or shallow frames at once.
  • The extractor features a 120-watt motor that runs at 1300 RPM quietly.
  • The extractor has a speed control dial which allows you to control how fast or how slowly you want the frames to spin.
  • It comes with two Plexiglas clear top lids to keep dirt and debris out while extracting and draining honey.
  • The extracted honey comes out from a 2-inch honey gate outlet.


  • On the downside, the VEVOR 3 Frame Electric Honey Extractor lacks the instruction manual. You’ll get the equipment itself, but you won’t have any idea about warranty and troubleshooting details.
  • It is also difficult to unscrew the top part of the extractor to clean it.


Despite its minor cons that can easily be overlooked, the most important thing is that this extractor works and works well. The VEVOR 3 Frame Electric Honey Extractor is reasonably priced considering its efficiency and durability. It is well-designed and beautifully finished. This is a great equipment for either a hobbyist or a beekeeper with a small apiary.

Have you ever used the VEVOR 3 Frame Electric Honey Extractor? Leave a comment below and let us know what your experience was like.

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