Update 2021: How UK Schools Are Embracing Beekeeping?

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The importance of bees around the world is huge. They are predominantly pollination insects. Bees have many enemies and the top is the human being. Although people love honey so much, most of them dread getting near bees. Chemicals like pesticides have caused some species of bees to go near extinct.

To save bees from extinction and harvest honey, people around the world have embraced beekeeping. A keen place to note is the UK schools, where some already have huge beekeeping projects.

Saving an endangered insect

Globally, there are more than 20,000 bee species. Not all bees produce honey, although the most commonly known bee species is the honey bee. All the bee species are declining fast globally. In the last ten years, several bee species are almost going extinct.

The main contributing factors to bee loss are pesticides, where humans use chemicals to control the spread of weed, crawling insects that destroy crops, and crop diseases. When a flowering plant is sprayed with chemicals, a bee will inevitably come to collect nectar and pollinate the flower. Once the bee collects nectar with chemicals, the inset will die.

Parasites are also significantly contributing to bee’s loss. Some of the important parasites are varroa and tracheal mites.

Lessons to handle face and handle the danger

Human beings fear bees mostly because of the sting. What they don’t realize is that they interact with bees more than they can imagine. In summer, when most plants are flowering, there will be bees everywhere you see a flower or green plant.

No one gets bothered with their presence. Bee phobia starts at the sight of a beehive. If you don’t bother the bees near the beehive, the same way you don’t bother them when collecting nectar, they will never sting you. Children are helped to learn the danger of bees and practically learn how not to bother them. It takes away the phobia.

Money making project

The relationship of bees with man is two ways. You shelter them, and they provide you with honey. Some schools have huge beekeeping projects. The students collect honey, help process, and weigh in containers ready for selling at the honey shop. It is a project that is generating good income for several schools.

Pay for college paper

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The classroom

From the beehives, students return to the classroom for different lessons. Some are given by the teachers and others by members of various beekeeper associations. Students learn how to make beehives and some have already managed to make a few for their beekeeping project at home. Students also learn how to conserve bees and keep them from extinction.

There are cooking lessons too and students prepare delicacies using honey in their recipes. Geography classes are also an integral part here. They learn the way different nations keep bees and process bee products.

The science teacher also takes advantage and teaches about pollination and the importance of bees to the human race. Scientists suggest that man would not be able to survive upon the earth if all bees went extinct.

Opportunities for funding

There are funding opportunities for schools that want to keep bees. The beekeeping association near the school locality, can help advise the school about how to get funding and the possible places to go. For now, swarms of honeybees are many and are ready to occupy any beehive located in a nice place.

Children attending schools with beekeeping projects have shown a positive mindset towards the environment and the world as a habitation for people, animals, and insects.


Beekeeping in schools could be a new trend, but the practice has been in existence for several thousands of years. The trend in schools comes at the right time when the bee’s population is facing extinction. Apart from saving an endangered species, children can also learn the importance of bees and the techniques of keeping them. As the students interact with bees, fear of bees vanishes and they no longer feel threatened in the presence of bees.

Author’s Bio:

Michael Turner works part-time for an NGO that focuses on education for children in poverty-stricken areas. He is currently looking after projects that are running in South America and also freelances for a popular essay writing service for students. In his free time, he meditates, plays lawn tennis with his friends and reads non-fiction.

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