The Mental Health Effects of Honey

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We all have our resolutions for 2020, and one that many share is to improve their overall mental well-being. You only have one mind, and it should be as sound as possible. There are many lifestyle changes you can make to improve your mental health, be it to work out more, or to play some memory games. Another method you could try is changing your diet.

What you eat can have an astounding effect on your mind. If you eat nothing but junk food, you may feel more stressed, anxious, and depressed. However, if you eat healthier foods, you may feel the opposite. This isn’t to say that these foods are magical or anything, but a healthy diet can benefit you along with other lifestyle changes. One food in particular you can try is honey.

Whether you buy some raw, organic honey from a beekeeper or perform your own ethical harvesting through a honey press, having some honey handy can improve your mind in many ways, such as…

Improving Your Appearance

If you have issues with your skin, or your weight, it can lead to some mental health problems, such as depression, a lack of confidence, and other negative feelings. Having more confidence in the skin you’re in is a great solution, but so is being able to make changes towards your overall appearance, and honey can help.

How does it help? For one thing, honey is great for skincare. Raw honey does have antioxidants and helps to hydrate your skin, giving it a softer appearance. If you’re someone who has trouble with acne, especially blackheads, honey may help to clean them out. Some people prefer honey over other skincare products due to its natural effects. It isn’t a magic skincare product, but combined with other care techniques, it can improve your appearance.

In addition, honey is a great tool for weight loss. It has vitamins, minerals, and may help to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s much better for you than eating a tub of ice cream. We highly recommend it. With that said, if you’re still having confidence issues, even after the powerful effects of honey, you may want to see a therapist.


You’ve probably heard the term “antioxidants” used a lot as a positive factor that a food has to offer, so what is an antioxidant? Simply put, it’s something that prevents blood oxidation. Blood oxidation leads to free radicals, which hurts your cells. Antioxidants may prevent major health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and other health scares. We can’t stress that it’s not magic, but it is part of many tools to prevent illness.

It May Help With Memory

Again, if you have severe memory issues, this may be something you want to talk to your doctor about. However, many people find that honey helps them focus and improve memory. This is due to the antioxidants that honey has. If you’re prone to dementia, honey isn’t going to magically prevent it, but it may be a good tool in your arsenal of prevention.

It Helps With Coughing

Another effect honey has is helping with your cough. Many people swear by honey when added to tea for their cough, with the effects being better than over the counter cough medicine.

How does this affect your mental health? Well, if you have a chronic cough, it can keep you up at night or disrupt your sleep quality. Honey can improve your cough and help you to get a better night’s rest, which improves your mental health.

In addition, honey may be good for your wounds, too. If you ever hurt yourself and you’re out of bandages, seek the help of honey. You may end up doing quite a bit with it.


So in 2020, have more honey. While you shouldn’t eat it all the time, a spoonful added to your meal goes a long way, especially if you choose raw honey. There’s a reason why this food has been beloved and been a source of health for many years. In 2020, why not put an extra spoonful in your body and see what it does for you? You’ll be glad you did.

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