The Bees Waggle Mason House for Solitary Bees

The Bees Waggle Mason House for Solitary Bees Review

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Attracting mason bees to your garden and reaping the full benefits of keeping them is made very easy with The Bees Waggle Mason House for Solitary Bees. The house designed specially for mason bee nesting and allows you to increase your mason bee population with ease. The house is great for gardeners and makes a great gift item for mason beekeepers of both gender and all ages. It is built in a sleek and subtle design that shows excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Bees Waggle is a family-owned business; and is based in the USA’s Colorado state. The business is focused on raising awareness about bees and other pollinators. The Bees Waggle aims to make a difference in beekeeping. The company provides quality education to beekeepers and supports sustainable beekeeping.

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The Bees Waggle Mason House for Solitary Bees is a quick, easy and affordable way to get started with mason beekeeping. It's well worth the small price tag despite its minor flaws.

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About the Bees Waggle Mason House for Solitary Bees

Mason bees are kept by beekeepers for their pollination capabilities. They greatly improve your crop yields and are effective over a wide area. The Bees Waggle Mason House is expertly made with good quality wood. It comes unassembled but is simple to put together as it requires no special tools. It has a nice eco-friendly built and nestles well in your preferred location.


Accessing The Bees Waggle Mason House for Solitary Bees is easy due to its design and construction. It is built in blocks that open easily. This allows mason beekeepers using the house to clean it easily and access the inner areas of the house without much of a struggle. The ease of opening up the house also makes harvesting of mason bee cocoons a breeze for beekeepers. The house also features an observation door that allows you a peek inside. For your mason bee house inspection needs, the door is adequate. It also provides enthusiasts with a window into the workings of a mason bee nest.

This mason bee house is paintable on the outside to your preferred color. You may also leave it unpainted showing the grain of wood used in making the bee house. Painting a coat or two of protective paint keeps the weather out of the bee house. It also allows you to camouflage the bee house so that it does not stand out in the location you choose for it.

The Bees Waggle Mason Bee House weighs 1.5 pounds. The house measures 8 x 2.2 x 10 inches in dimensions. The mason bee house is slim and does not project much from the wall where you may hang it.

Informative Manual

The Bees Waggle Mason House is a do-it-yourself pollinator house. It comes with an informative instructions manual that allows both experienced and beginner mason beekeepers to assemble it easily. The Bees Waggle has also included tips and suggestions of places to place this natural mason bee house in their instructions manual. The manual also includes useful tips on habitat formation for mason bee and fun facts about the bees. The house meets FSC standards set for the sustainable use and management of forests.


Placement of the mason bee house requires you to take into account safety for the bee house. It should not be too high for the bees to have easy access. Additionally, it should not be hang low or predators will reach it. You may use a mesh or screen to prevent birds from perching on the nest and eating larvae or pupa of mason bees. Birds are the most significant natural predators of mason bees.

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Pros and Cons


  • This mason bee house is durable. It keeps serving you and the mason bees living in it for years, season after season. It does not fall apart easily as seen in other mason bee houses made from inferior materials such as cardboard and paper.
  • The mason bee house has a double keyhole for easy mounting. You can use it anywhere you prefer such as under the eaves of your garden or on a tree. The house also has an optional standing base that you can use if you are not hanging it up.
  • A bonus pack of wildflower seeds helps beekeepers purchasing this mason bee house to provide a good mix of large flowers. This helps you support the health of your bees from the time you get a mason bee population and through the entire time period you keep them. The flower seeds providers feature both annual flowers and perennial flowers.


  • The hinges used in the mason bee house are a possible weak point. They may not stand up to use over time. Their saving grace is that you will not be opening and closing the bee house many times over, so they give you some significant service before spoiling.

Further Thoughts

Upon purchase of The Bees Waggle Mason House, it is good that you establish a patch of wildflowers. They should preferably be of a species that has a single layer of petals on the flower. Many layers of petals make it difficult for mason bees to reach nectar and pollen. Mason bees need the nectar and pollen for their young. They seal it in cells with their eggs for larvae to eat once they hatch out of their eggs.

Beekeepers using The Bees Waggle Mason House should not be worried about co-existence of mason bees and honey bees if they have any. The two types of bees live peacefully side by side without attacking each other. Mason bees do not make honey despite collecting nectar. They also do not rob honey bees of their honey.

The Bees Waggle has excellent customer care that is reachable both by telephone and email. You may also contact the company via its website. If you have any issues with The Bees Waggle Mason House for Solitary Bees, getting a solution is easy and quick.


The Bees Waggle Mason House is made with materials and design that attracts mason bee quickly. Using this mason bee house is a rewarding experience for beekeepers, especially those starting out in their mason beekeeping journey. The house allows you to learn about mason bees and watch them taking care of their young. You may purchase the mason bee house online or at your beekeeping supplies retailer.

Do you own the Bees Waggle Mason House for Solitary Bees? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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