Technoset Beehive - Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete Beehive

Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Beehive Review

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Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete Beehive is geared towards experience bee keepers who desire to raise multiple queens.

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The Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Beehive is an innovative way to breed queen bees for the purpose of starting new hives or splitting old ones.

Technoset Beehive - Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete Beehive
8 sections with removable dividers

The hive is separated into 8 sections and has removable dividers which allow you to adjust the size of the chambers. You can either shrink or expand the space in each individual unit according to your needs. There can be any number of little bee apartments in your hive from 8 to 6 or 4. The hive can even be separated in 2 depending on the amount of queens you choose to breed.

Inside each section is a tri-fold frame which, when unfolded and locked, is the size of a standard sized deep Langstroth frame. These frames make it easy to transfer bees, brood and honey from this hive into a 3 x 3 nuc hive or a 2 x 5 development hive.

Technoset Beehive - Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete Beehive
Tri-fold frame

There’s a tiny landing platform for each section of the hive which ensures that the bees can come and go from their respective units quickly and easily. Each landing board is a different colour to ensure that the bees find their way to their respective sections. The landing boards also flip up to allow the unit to be easily transported.

Each unit has its own top feeder box. The feeder boxes are divided into two sections, one for sugar syrup and the other for a pollen patty. This makes it easy to feed your bees during the winter.

Speaking of winter, the Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete Beehive gives the hive an added layer of insulation during the cold months. The beekeeper will be able to sustain a stock of mature queens safely over the winter. Come spring time these queens can be transferred to their own individual hives.

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Features of the Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete Beehive

The Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete Beehive comes with everything the beekeeper needs to raise queens and more. Here is a list of the things you can expect to find inside this beehive:

Technoset Beehive - Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete Beehive
Colour coded entrances
  • 1 Vented Anti-Varroa Bottom Board – the varroa mite is a very destructive parasite and one of the most deadliest threats that honeybees face. These tiny little mites enter the brood cells and begin to lay eggs once the cells are capped. The mites prefer to lay in drone cells because it takes three extra days for drones to hatch into worker bees. This enables the mites to lay more eggs. When the bee hatches and leaves the brood ell, the mites leave with it and infects the other bees in the colony. They attach themselves to adult bees and feed on their blood, leaving holes on their backs which can get infected and cause disease. Bees infected with varroa mites often have defective wings. These mites are capable of destroying a colony in a very short space of time. The anti-varroa bottom board is designed to prevent these mites from entering the hive and infecting the colony.
  • 2 Entrance Reducers with Sliding Doors (180 degrees opposite) – these entrance reducers are good to keep wasps and other unwanted insects out of the hive.
  • 7 Colored Circular Entrances with Landing Boards (Flip-up) – to help the bees find their way home.
  • 1 Full Depth 9⅝ Hive Box (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation) – helps keep the bees warm during the winter.
  • 8 Tri-Fold Full Depth Frames – each of these frames can unfold to give you a full Langstroth frame. This feature lets the beekeeper transfer the entire frame, bees and all, to another hive.
  • 1 Hive Cover (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation) – this helps to keep the hive insulated during the cold months.
  • 4 Hive Connectors – keep the hive boxes securely fastened together especially when moving the hive from one place to another.
  • 6 Vertical Dividers – these plastic dividers separate the hive into eight individual units. The beekeeper has the option of either using the hive as is or of removing a few of them to increase the size of the units while decreasing the amount of units in the hive.
  • 8 Twin Top Feeders – each top feeder can accommodate both liquid and solid food for your bees. These make it easy to feed your bees during the winter.
  • 8 Mini Queen Excluders – the queen excluders keep the queens from coming into contact with any of the other mated queens when they’re going in and out of the hive.
  • Air vents (AVS System) – this keeps the hive from getting so hot that the bees over heat. The air vents also keeps moisture from collecting in the hive. Moisture is deadly to bees. When their wings get wet they can’t fly around to feed themselves.
  • 4 Pins (Interlocking System) – this allows you to configure the hive however you wish.


The Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete Beehive is an excellent product for the experienced beekeeper who wants to expand his/her hives and is brave enough to attempt breeding his/her own queens. This hive would also work well for a commercial beekeeper. Bee farms are always splitting hives and queens are needed for these splits to flourish and to start new hives.

Raising queen bees may sound like risky business but Technosetbee makes it look easy. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. The best part of using this hive are the tri-fold frames. One you’re sure that your queen is laying brood actively, you can take out the entire frame, unfold it, lock it into place, and put it into the hive of your choice. Just like that, you have the beginnings of a brand new colony. The other great thing is that you may simultaneously breed up to eight queens. This means 8 new potential hives.

The Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete beehive comes with a 10 year guarantee and is made from 100% pure food grade polypropylene which is 1t00% recyclable material and is BPA free.

Do you own the Technosetbee Q8 Queen Mating Complete beehive? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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Ann Youman
6 months ago

Can you give me a price au on Q8 hive
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