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Mann Lake DC130 Para-Moth Wax Moth Control Review

Mann Lake DC130 Wax Moth Control

Beekeepers must be wary of a number of threats that may affect their honeybee colonies. Mann Lake has a solution for wax moths and other honeybee pests in the products they offer to beekeepers. The Mann Lake DC130 Para-Moth Wax Moth Control comes in a one pound canister that Mann Lake promises will clear your beehive boxes of wax moths. Let's check it out and see if it will live up this promise.

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How to Treat Wax Moths in Beehives

Wax Moths in Beehives - Greater Wax Moth

Honeybee colonies face a great number of threats in their beehives. The wax moth is one of the many pests that can cause damage to bee colonies. There are two types of wax moths: the lesser wax moth and the greater wax moth. Both have similar methods of causing trouble in a beehive. The greater wax moth is more prevalent in beekeeping regions, and causes more damage than the lesser wax moth. In this article we will discuss how to treat wax moths in beehives, but first, let us take a look at the wax moth itself.

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