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How to Build a Top Bar Beehive – DIY Beekeeping

How to Build a Top Bar Beehive

Top bar beehives are among the more common types of hives used in beekeeping. You can buy one for your beekeeping operation, or build one if you have the skills and equipment. This article guides you on how to build a top bar beehive, but we'll first take a look at the top bar beehive and its features. The advantages it comes with have made the top bar hive usable in urban beekeeping too. Beekeepers using top bar hives tend to be very passionate, as the beehive sits at waist level, making hive management very easy for the beekeeper. Beginner beekeepers have an easy time learning about beekeeping when they start their apiary with a top bar hive.

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Beehive Comparison – Langstroth, Top Bar and Warré

Beehive Comparison

Beekeeping has seen a lot of advances over the years. One component of the practice cannot be ignored is the type of beehive that is used. There are various types of beehives that are common today. They all came about from research by various beekeepers and inventors who studied bees and then developed the beehives that house them. In modern beekeeping, three beehive types stand out and lead the pack. These are the Langstroth, Top bar and Warré beehives. Their popularity and appropriateness in beekeeping varies by the individual beekeeper and the region where beekeeping is being practiced. In this article we will be looking at a beehive comparison of the Langstroth, Top bar and Warré beehives. We will look at the design of the beehives themselves, their upsides, downsides and a brief history of each.

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Top Bar Beekeeping for Beginners

Top bar hives are single-story beehives that can be used in both hobbyist and commercial beekeeping. In a top bar hive, the comb hangs downwards from removable bars. These bars form the roof of the beehive. A top bar hive has one rectangular box only. It is wide and allows for beekeeping methods that have little interference with the honey bee colony. Top bar hives generally have very high beeswax yields but less honey yields. Other types of types of popular beehives are the Langstroth and the Warré hives (check out our article on the comparison of these beehives). Read on as we discuss top bar beekeeping for beginners.

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