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Mann Lake DC665 Apistan Strips Review

Apistan is used in detection and control of Varroa mites. Mann Lake recommends use of their Apistan early in spring or late fall. The Mann Lake DC665 Apistan strips should not be used during honey flow. An application rate of 1 strip for every 5 beehive frames is recommended. The 10-strip pack is suitable for beekeepers with a beehive or two only. For large apiaries, the 100-strip pack is more appropriate. However, right off the bat we'll say that while the Apistan strips can be effective in mite control, its side effects and lessening effectiveness over time make it hard to recommended compared to other mite control methods.

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Mann Lake DC301 Hop Guard Varroa Mite Treatment Review

Mann Lake DC301 Hop Guard Varroa Mite Treatment

The Mann Lake DC301 Hop Guard Varroa Mite Treatment comes from a reputed beekeeping supplies company. Mann Lake has an impressive array of quality products for both beginner and professional beekeepers. This treatment utilizes natural forming compounds from hops (from the hop plant) to control Varroa mites in your beehive. It can be applied several times in a year and does not harm bees. In this review we'll discuss its usage and how effective it is.

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Mann Lake DC130 Para-Moth Wax Moth Control Review

Mann Lake DC130 Wax Moth Control

Beekeepers must be wary of a number of threats that may affect their honeybee colonies. Mann Lake has a solution for wax moths and other honeybee pests in the products they offer to beekeepers. The Mann Lake DC130 Para-Moth Wax Moth Control comes in a one pound canister that Mann Lake promises will clear your beehive boxes of wax moths. Let's check it out and see if it will live up this promise.

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Pollen Patties – Are They Necessary?

Pollen Patties

Intensively managed hives in particularly have a dire need for feed supplements, more so, in areas where monoculture is common. The honey stores may not sustain the bee colony in such an area and it is also not possible to get a good quality at all times of the year. This may result in weak colonies that cannot compete and are prone to a greater risk of dying out. In such a case, pollen patties are indispensable for the survival of the bee colony and should be provided at the right quantity, location, and time.

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Mann Lake DC-799 Apivar Review

Mann Lake DC-799 Apivar

Mite control is a major concern for every beekeeper. The Mann Lake DC-799 Apivar is an efficient way to control mites in your apiary. It is an in-hive method of mite control for beekeepers. It is made by Mann Lake, a trusted supplier of beekeeping supplies. Mann Lake has a number of quality beekeeping equipment in the industry. It recognizes that bees have a role in agriculture around the globe. Mann Lake is employee-owned and has been serving the beekeeping community for a significant period of time.

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Mann Lake CV365 Waterproof Weathertek Pollinator Jacket Review

Mann Lake CV365 Waterproof Weathertek Pollinator Jacket

The Mann Lake CV365 Waterproof Weathertek Pollinator Jacket with Veil features good quality material and construction. It is weatherproofed to allow you work on your apiary even in rainy weather. This alone makes it stand out among the plethora of beekeeping protective gear available. About the Mann Lake CV365 Waterproof Weathertek …

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