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Festooning Bees – what’s that about?

Festooning Bees

Despite the numerous studies on honey bee behavior, there are still certain things that are are a mystery to us as humans. One such mystery is festooning bees. But what exactly is festooning? Well it is a behavior of bees where they form a lace work, one layer thick, and are joined leg by leg between the frames of the comb. In this article we'll dive in and dissect this mystery just a bit.

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How Bees Work: Understanding the Honeybee Social Structure

How Bees Work

We see them buzzing around all the time, but have you ever wondered how bees work? Indeed, the buzzing honeybee social structure has fascinated many for ages. Honeybees are known for their incredible efficiency, one that is almost impossible for man to imitate. The tiny creatures are highly organized and each bee is assigned a special job to handle within the beehive. It is this organization that brings out the smooth operation of various activities within the hive. Bees are like termites and ants in some ways, since only a few members of the colony are allowed to make babies or larvae. The rest of the members of the hive engage in other activities including fending for the little ones.

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