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How to Get Rid of Hive Beetles – The Beginner’s Guide

How to Get Rid of Hive Beetles

Hive beetles are capable of causing a lot of destruction in beehives, resulting in massive losses on the part of the beekeeper. The beetles can cause your honeybee colony to get weak and swarm away from the beehive. As a beginner, you should want to know how to get rid of hive beetles, in the event that you are ever plagued with the pests. It will no doubt relieve stress on your honeybees and ensure a more fruitful beekeeping experience. You can prevent hive beetles from infesting your beehive using integrated pest management methods in a beehive. When these fail and your apiary suffers a hive beetle infestation, then it is time to take active measures to help your bees fight the invasion. These pests are generally classified into small hive beetles and large hive beetles.

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Top 10 Best Hive Beetle Traps for Your Beehives (2023)

There are various methods available to beekeepers to control hive beetle populations in their beehives. Hive beetles can fly from a single hive and spread to the entire apiary, as such, they are a nuisance that must be swiftly dealt with. Trapping hive beetles is a common control method in beekeeping. It can be easily factored into your integrated pest management process. This article features the best hive beetle traps for beehives. They are useful for both beginner and experienced beekeepers finding their hives infested by these pests.

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Mann Lake DC830 Gardstar for Hive Beetles Review

Mann Lake DC830 Gardstar for Hive Beetles

Originally found in sub-Saharan Africa, hive beetles have spread to the rest of the beekeeping world in the last decade and have become a huge menace to beekeepers. The beetles ruin honeycomb, stored honey and pollen used by bees to feed brood. The Mann Lake DC830 GardStar for Hive Beetles solution promises to keep your beehives free from the destruction and distraction of these hive beetles. It can be used alongside other integrated pest management and control methods in beekeeping. The solution is made by Mann Lake which has many beekeeping supplies in the market and is rated as one of the best beekeeping suppliers. In this review, we will go in depth in assessing its effectiveness. Let's check it out.

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