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Plastic Beehives vs Wooden Beehives – Which Should You Get?

Plastic Beehives vs Wooden Beehives

Honeybees require very specific conditions for them to stay in a beehive. The materials used to make a beehive determine whether it is hospitable to bees or not. Advances in technology have given beekeepers choice in the materials they use for their beehives. Traditionally, wood has been the preferred material in the construction of beehives. Bees take to wood with ease because it is natural and it is great for organic beekeepers who want nothing to do with synthetic materials. On the other hand, plastic has been demonstrated to be applicable in beekeeping including in the making of beehives. This is in addition to the many beehive parts that are today available in plastic. In this article we'll discuss the breakdown of plastic beehives vs wooden beehives.

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An Introduction to the Langstroth Beehive

The Langstroth beehive is perhaps the most popular beehive used in beekeeping all over the world - and for good reason too. It has features that make it great for both small and large beekeeping operations. This beehive type allows for harvesting of various beehive products in large quantities that make beekeeping profitable. It also allows for easy management of honeybee colonies. Other popular types of beehives are the Top-bar hive and the Warré hive (check out our article on the comparison of these beehives). This beginner’s guide to the Langstroth beehive highlight its features, advantages, disadvantages, and just what exactly makes it so popular.

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