SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check Super Review

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The SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check Super provides a modern and innovative way to add to your beekeeping experience.

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The SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check Super is an innovative take on modern beekeeping equipment. Made from sustainably sourced Canadian hemlock wood, the super is designed with beautiful finger joint construction which you can either paint or varnish according to your preference. It can be used as either a brood or honey super in your new hive or seamlessly incorporated into your existing beehive as an extension.

The SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check Super comes equipped with 8 frames that feature pre-installed and pre-waxed plastic honeycomb foundations. This allows the queen to start lying brood eggs as soon as the bees enter the hive if you use it as the brood super in your hive. When used as a honey super, the honeycomb foundations lets your bees start making honey quickly because they don’t have to make the comb themselves. Having frames that you don’t have to assemble is an added bonus that every beekeeper can appreciate.

About the SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check Super


SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check Super

The SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check super is made from sustainable Canadian hemlock wood and decorated with finger joint construction on all sides. Ideal for both the novice and experienced beekeeper, it is easy to use and requires little to no assembly.

Quick Check Window

The SummerHawk Ranch 38995 super has a tiny observation window on the rear called the quick check window, which gives it its name. Using this window, the beekeeper can look in on their bees to make sure they are healthy and thriving, without having to take the beehive apart. Each frame has a special contour shape which helps you see the bees inside of the hive better through the quick check window. Every frame can be seen clearly except for the first and last frames in the hive.

Taking the frames out one by one from the hive is the traditional way to assess the hive’s progress but it disrupts the bees and causes stress to the colony. The quick check window is a safe way to observe your bees in their natural environment without disturbing them in any way. It also makes it easy to introduce children and other interested persons to the wonders of beekeeping without the fear of having angry bees swarming around trying to sting them.

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Pros and Cons

SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check Super


  • The quick check observation window which allows you to observe your bees without disturbing them is by far the greatest advantage to having this super. The bees are left alone to carry out their daily activities while the beekeeper does his inspection of the hive. Unless there is a problem or something the beekeeper needs to take a closer look at, there is virtually no need to pull frames out of the hive.
  • The frames have a contoured shape which allows you to see into the hive clearly when looking through the window.
  • Kids can interact with the bees without the fear and trauma associated with bee stings by observing them through the window. If you do not disturb the hive, the guard bees don’t swarm to protect the hive therefore you have less chance of getting stung. This is the reason the SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check Super is ideal for teaching children about the fascinating world of bees. There is practically no need to open up the hive because you can look into it through the quick check window.
  • Leaving the window open during hot days might help increase airflow and circulation to help keep the bees cool.
  • Not having to assemble frames is a plus for any beekeeper but this super takes it one step further. Not only are the frames of this super pre-assembled but the foundations are pre-waxed plastic honeycombs. This is a huge advantage as it means that the super is versatile and will become productive immediately no matter what it is used for.
  • The super can be used as either a brood super or a honey super in a new hive or an existing one.
  • Both experienced and first time beekeepers will find it easy to use this super.
  • This super works with any SummerHawk Ranch hive and even a standard Langstroth hive.


  • The one disadvantage of the quick check window is the fact that it does not show all eight frames. In order to see the activities happening in the first and last frames, the beekeeper will still need to open up the hive.


A great combination of versatility and functionality, the SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check Super can be added to your SummerHawk Mason Jar Hive or just about any other beehive as either a brood or honey super.

Novice beekeepers will find that this SummerHawk Ranch super easy to use and can become an essential part of their beekeeping adventure. Even experienced beekeepers will appreciate the ease with which one can incorporate this super into an existing hive.

Do you own the SummerHawk Ranch 38995 Quick-Check Super? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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