Stakich Royal Jelly Review

Stakich Royal Jelly Review

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Royal Jelly is a food that is very rich in nutrients. It is fed to the queen in a honey bee colony. The jelly contains high amounts of vitamin B. It also has many nucleic acids in it. Queen bees are not fed anything else except royal jelly for their lifetimes. It begins when the queen bee is in the larval stage and continues in her life as an adult. Larvae of all bees fed some royal jelly for 3 days and then are put on a honey and pollen diet. Such larvae develops into worker and drone bees. Due to its high nutrition value, honey bee royal jelly is collected and eaten. This Stakich Royal Jelly review gives insights into why it is one of the best to buy. Read more.

Feeding on royal jelly makes the queen bee of a honey bee colony live for a long time. On average, she outlasts other bees by over 40 times. The food she eats is believed to be the reason for the long life seen in queen bees. Beekeepers have developed ways to collect some of the royal jelly produced in the beehive. They harvest some of it before it is fed to the queen bee and package it for sale. In addition to their long lives, royal jelly is believed to make the queen bees of honeybee colonies larger in size and able to sustain reproduction for long periods of time.

Stakich Royal Jelly Production

Stakich Royal Jelly Review

Stakich royal jelly comes from a reputable company with many years of experience in beekeeping. The collection and handling of the royal jelly in Stakich apiaries is done using methods that retain the high nutrition value of royal jelly. It is collected and kept fresh for delivery. The royal jelly is best frozen during the course of your use.

Most royal jelly product offerings are in small sized containers. It allows you to finish it in one jar without risking its degradation or quick spoilage. Royal jelly is a very sensitive honey bee food and loses its properties if left warm.

Stakich royal jelly is produced with purity in mind. This makes it very potent. You are offered the royal jelly in various options and combinations, including with propolis. Preparations of raw honey that is fortified using some royal jelly are also available.

The powdered form of Stakich royal jelly has 3 times the concentrated nutrition value of fresh natural royal jelly.

Stakich does not add any additives, preservatives or harmful chemicals to their royal jelly product. It is even kept frozen until it is ready for packaging and shipping. A 2-day transit time is allowed at maximum to deliver fresh royal jelly to you. Insulated carriers with cooling gel packaging are used to ensure the Stakich royal jelly arrives to you while still fresh. This makes the Stakich royal jelly one of the most popular brands.

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Uses of Royal Jelly

  1. The highly nutritious properties of royal jelly makes it a super food that should be used with some caution. It is good practice to consult a doctor before commencing a diet that includes significant amounts of royal jelly. This is because the super food can have serious health effects when consumed in large amounts.
  2. The vitamins B6 and B5 found in large amounts in royal jelly, support metabolism and help your body in maintaining an optimal glucose level. They also assist the body to produce its own fatty acids so you do not need to take supplements for cholesterol level management.
  3. One strong reason why Stakich royal jelly is a great product for your health is its ability to increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL).
  4. Royal jelly is eaten for its health benefits in longevity and human fertility. Consumers of the super food have shown reduced levels of lipoproteins and triglycerides which is good for health.
  5. Research in royal jelly is ongoing and shows very promising results. In one completed research project, researchers were able to identify a protein, royalactin, as a key component of royal jelly. Its denaturing over time is accelerated by high temperatures. This protein compound is believed to be the cause of larvae developing into a queen bee. When the protein is denatured in royal jelly, larvae fed on the jelly for the entire period of their larval feeding stage do not turn to queen bees.

Consuming Royal Jelly

Royal jelly has a good taste and is fairly consistent. It has a creamy white color. A little of it is all that is needed for use at a time. Beekeepers that produce royal jelly observe strict health and safety standards. Stakich bee products are reliable and trustable. You can use them with trust and peace of mind. Eating royal jelly without cooking it is recommended. Adding the jelly to cold drink preparations is also a great way to consume it. Fruit smoothies are often sweetened with some royal jelly and honey addition.

How is Royal Jelly Used in the Beehive?

Honey bee larvae develop in sections of the beehive near the entrances. In top-down beehive configurations such as in Langstroth beehives, the bottom is always favored for brood rearing. Honey bee colonies have many bees including the queen bee, drone bees and worker bees. The types of bees that emerge from each larvae are determined by the feeding regime they are placed under. Royal jelly is made by nurse bees in their mouth parts. It is then given to the queen bee and larvae.

All bee types are useful in honey bee colonies. Drones ensure genetic variety in beekeeping regions of the world. However, control of pests, parasites and diseases might require you to reduce drone production in the beehive. This is especially true when you are dealing with Varroa mite infestations. After you have controlled the infestation, it is great to allow the honey bee colony to raise some drone bees.


Beekeeping gives consumers many products for their health and wellness. Honey is a popular beehive product loved by many people. Emerging products such as royal jelly from beehives are very healthy too. Royal jelly is a perishable beehive product. It requires refrigeration as much as possible in its collection, storage, packaging, and shipping processes. Consumers across North America and other regions of the world feel safer when buying royal jelly from reputable companies that have experience producing beehive products. Purchasing royal jelly is easy due to the assurance of quality you get with great brands such as Stakich. Use this Stakich royal jelly review to understand more about royal jelly and know its health benefits when you consume it.

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