Stakich Raw Honey Review

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Honey is one of the major products from beehives. The other one is beeswax. Honey is harvested in many different ways. The method of harvesting honey is often determined by the needs of the consumers of honey and the type of beehive used in the apiary. After harvesting, honey may be processed in varying ways to give derivative products of varying purity. It can also be blended with other beehive products or compounds to make cosmetic, food and health preparations. Processed and filtered honey loses some of its desirable properties. This Stakich raw honey review highlights noteworthy offerings from the company and suggests a few places you can use the raw honey.

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Raw Honey Harvesting and Processing

Honey bees keep ready honey in cells that are sealed. The sealing is called capping and is made of wax. Capping on honey cells are removed during honey harvesting. When bees have capped many cells on the two faces of a beehive frame, the frame can be harvested for honey. In some instances, the honeycomb drawn on the frame is removed. In others, it is left intact for return to the beehive. Extracting honey without damaging honeycomb allows the beekeeper to return the comb to the beehive for bees to make more honey or for brooding.

Removing comb from the frames allows you to cycle out old honey comb and produce comb honey. It is part of hive management to control pests and diseases. Cycling out old comb every 2-3 years prevents accumulation of debris in the beehive.

Old comb is known to attract some pests and parasites of honeybees. Comb that has been used for brooding turns dark faster than comb in which only honey is stored over time. Both beginner and experienced beekeepers use old honey comb in their brood boxes before cycling out the comb as beeswax product. This is after using the comb to hold raw honey in beehive super boxes.

Raw honey can be the extract from uncapped cells or comb honey. Some beekeepers mash honeycomb and the honey it contains for easier handling and packaging. The various honey offerings from Stakich are produced through apiary management that may involve foraging plants being propagated in large numbers. It gives honey of various color tones. All Stakich raw honey comes in its natural color and is well preserved.

Processing of Stakich Raw Honey Products

After honey extraction, Stakich raw honey is lightly filtered to remove wax capping fragments. It is then taken through various other light processing to give you a variety of raw honey product offerings. Pure honey from Stakich apiaries contains no additives or contaminants. Production processes at the apiaries are optimized to ensure quality is retained in all Stakich raw honey products. No additives are put into the honey.

  • Stakich raw honey products include some that are enriched, blends and liquid raw honey. Additionally, you can get Stakich Buckwheat raw honey. For lovers of comb honey, there is Stakich Comb honey pack for your use.
  • Enriched honey packs use natural beneficial herbs and flavors. They include cinnamon, clover, cherry and cacao. Beehive products may also be blended in your Stakich raw honey. Bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly in raw honey add the nutritional value of the honey.

After their light processing, Stakich raw honey products are packaged in various ways. Clear jars are common in many Stakich raw honey products. Other packaging used is translucent and opaque containers of various sizes. A cute honey-bear packaging is also available. The containers are made using glass and plastic in some. Comb honey is well wrapped and sealed to ensure it does not leak out in case of the rare damage to honeycomb during storage and transit to esteemed   Stakich raw honey customers.

Stakich Raw Honey Uses and Benefits

Health benefits of eating raw honey are many. They stem from the fact that honey contains many enzymes, antioxidants and sugars for the human body. These help your body to heal and stay healthy. Some preparations of honey can be used to achieve specified results in beauty and cosmetic therapies.

  • In treating ailments, honey is often an additive where it fortifies you body while imparting sweetness to the preparation. Vitamins and minerals in raw honey help your body fight disease too.
  • Popular uses of Stakich raw honey are as a sweetener, for lotions and balms, as spreads on food preparations and in drinks.

Natural raw honey is unfiltered and not pasteurized. It may need warming in a bowl of water before it is served. Warming also helps with better raw honey flow when you are spreading it.

Storage of Honey

Premium raw honey products by Stakich come in great packaging and are easy to store. Raw honey does not spoil easily. When stored in proper conditions, it retains its nutritional value for a very long time. It is best to store honey in a place where it does not get direct sunlight or too much light.

  • Common home and industrial storage spaces that have a door are great for storing your Stakich raw honey. Some containers of the Stakich raw honey you buy do not let light through. They solve for you the problem of keeping the honey from contact with excessive light.
  • The temperature of raw honey storage is an important consideration. Your Stakich raw honey may crystallize if you leave it sitting for long. Keeping the honey above freezing may help prevent crystallization.

Frequent thawing of honey causes loss of nutritional value. Crystallization in raw honey is a natural process. It is better to store raw honey in cold conditions than expose it to heat. Storing your Stakich raw honey in the container it comes in is recommended. Transferring honey to other containers may result in the raw honey acquiring foreign flavors and odors. Some materials used to make the container you choose may not be safe for use with food for human consumption. Stakich uses food safe materials in making its raw honey packaging containers.


You can get honey as processed honey or raw honey. Using honey in its raw form gives you the full health benefits you aim to get from the honey. Stakich has experience in raw honey harvesting, packaging and sales. The company has put in place measures to ensure quality is always high in all its products. Its sales management processes are also well designed and deliveries done on time. Purchasing Stakich products is easy online. You may also buy Stakich products from your shopping stores and other retailers. Use this Stakich raw honey review to find the best raw honey for your varying needs.

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