Stakich Bee Pollen Review

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Products from beekeeping are a great source of nutrition among many other uses. One of the products we get today from beekeeping is bee pollen. It is a nutrient-rich superfood. Bee pollen is often packaged in capsules, granules and powder form. Eating bee pollen gives you many health benefits. Stakich is a reputable beehive products seller with many years of experience in the production, packaging and sale of the products. It has a wide range of bee pollen products in varying packaging for you. This Stakich bee pollen review examines the various products by Stakich. It also gives you insights into bee pollen collection, composition and health benefits.

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Types of Stakich Bee Pollen Products

Consuming bee pollen is done in various ways. The amount of pollen in various products determines their individual suitability for your needs. Your unique lifestyle might also benefit from more than one bee pollen product. Stakich bee pollen offerings come in varying packaging. Blends of beehive products that contain high amounts of bee pollen are also available from Stakich. They include;


Stakich has great bee pollen powder from finely ground pollen granules. The product is a great nutrition supplement for your on-the-go lifestyle. Active people such as athletes stand to benefit a lot from eating some of this powder. It has a mildly sweet taste.


Smoothies and many other foods are often enriched using bee pollen. Granules are best for this purpose. The Stakich bee pollen granules product is great for addition into cereals and yoghurt too. It imparts its mildly sweet and floral taste to the foods.

Bee Pollen Enriched Raw Honey

This is a complete food package made of raw honey enriched with a high amount of bee pollen. It is delicious and has every effort put into making sure it tastes natural. The honey enriched with bee pollen gives you great energy for your busy day.

Spanish Bee Pollen Granules

From the Spanish countryside, Stakich brings you this pollen granules product collected from wildflowers. It is pesticide-free and gives you exceptional quality of bee pollen. No additives are added to the world renowned Spanish bee pollen after its collection. This Stakich bee pollen product is available in a 55 lb pack, and a smaller 1 lb pack.

Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Propolis Capsules

It is common for many natural foods to be processed into capsules. Modern technologies and better production processes have made encapsulation of products easy for many beekeepers. Stakich royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis capsules contain 500 mg of content for your premium quality nutrition. They have a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for your better health.

Full Bee Pollen Oatmeal Breakfast

This is a Stakich breakfast product made using bee pollen. It jazzes up your morning with its recipe featuring bee pollen, walnuts, fresh fruits and oatmeal.

Case of Royal Jelly, Bee pollen & Propolis Enriched Raw Honey

Stakich has this raw honey enriched with some royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen for you. Combining the various edible beehive products gives the product a rich flavor and dynamic health benefits for you. It comes in package sizes of 5lb, 12 oz package and a large 40 oz package.

Stakich Bee Pollen Composition

There are more than 200 substances found in bee pollen. It contains important enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals for life. The protein content per gram of pollen is higher than in eggs, cheese, meat and many other proteinous foods. Minerals found in pollen include magnesium, zinc, calcium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and iron.

Bee Pollen Health Benefits

People love bee pollen for its ability to quickly restore good nutritional health. It is considered a superfood. The pollen produced in one beehive differs to some extent from the product of other beehives. This is true even when the beehives are in the same apiary. Honey bees from one beehive visit different flowers. Planting a specific species of flowers in the foraging fields of honeybees can help influence the type of pollen they collect in large amounts.

Bee Pollen Collection

Pollen traps are used in beehives to collect pollen grains. Honey bees coming from foraging trips are directed to go through the pollen trap devices. They brush against the sides of the trap devices and release some pollen into the collection sections of the pollen traps.

  • The best pollen traps for beehives leave bees with enough pollen in their leg baskets for use in the beehive.
  • They also allow easy movement of bees through the pollen trap without injuring its body, limbs or wings.

Both beginner and experienced beekeepers can use pollen traps at the entrances of their beehives to harvest some bee pollen in their beekeeping operations. It can be a main product from the beekeeping operation or for use by the beekeeper themselves.

Stakich Bee Pollen Safety

Bee pollen has a distinct soft fluffy mouth feel. It has a rich floral taste that may be spicy and often egg-like. It is not high in sugar content like some other beehive products.

In the USA, bee pollen is recognized as a drug. Federal health laws thus apply to the collection, sale and use of bee pollen product. The US Food and Drug Administration is very active in ensuring only the best bee pollen products are in the market. Even then, some unscrupulous sellers have managed to enter the market at various times.

  • You should not buy bee pollen from unreliable sellers that may defraud you.
  • Some swindlers selling bee pollen have been found to have added fillers to their bee pollen products.
  • Bee pollen products from companies outside the USA may not be of the best quality for consumption.


Bee pollen is harvested in beekeeping operations that target bee pollen as a product. Various devices are used for the harvesting of bee pollen in the beehive. Stakich bee pollen comes in many different package sizes. Each of the packages is suited to unique consumer groups. You may buy the Stakich bee pollen products online. The company has excellent order handling with timely delivery. Additionally, Stakich has an easily reachable support desk for any problems you might encounter in your purchasing process. Use this Stakich bee pollen review to get the best bee pollen for you from the impressively wide range of bee pollen types, packaging and sizes available.

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