Robber Bees – How to Catch and Get Rid of an Attack

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Robber Bees as a Serious Problem

The invasion from other hives is a serious issue for your bee colony. Just like any gardener needs to know the peculiarities of the soil and features of building beds, the beekeeper needs to know the characteristics of the hive. You should be prepared to prevent robbing bees in order to protect your hive. If you are engaged in beehive activity, you should know that attacking your bee colony can be serious for many reasons:

  • Your bee colony will defend itself from attacking. It will fight to the death. This can lead to numerous losses of the lives of small creatures. The attack can even destroy an entire colony.
  • If your bee colony is not strong enough in order to confront attackers, the invading army can simply steal all the food.
  • After the robbery, your bees can become aggressive and complicated to deal with.

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How do you Know if you Have Robber Bees?

You can see that a family is being robbed by behavior: the bees become aggressive, even if someone approaches the hive. The sealed honeycomb is perforated. There is a lot of wax dust at the bottom. Protection methods are as follows:

  • A queen bee is taken from a family of thieves for some time, and she is planted with several bees in a cage. Having lost the queen, thieves forget about easy prey;
  • Several thieves kill and rub the area near the entrance with poison. The smell lasts up to 4 hours, signaling to the thieves that there was a battle here and their scouts were killed;
  • The injured family is protected with a tulle tent. This will scare off thieves because of the fear of an enclosed space;
  • If the thieves flew into the hive, you should close the entrance and move house to another place.

Tips to Prevent Attacks

If you wonder what to do with robbing bees, read the valuable tips listed below:

  • The honey is pumped out in a closed room, avoiding open draining of the frames. It is possible to safely pump out honey at night using a red light;
  • In the hives, there should be no gaps larger than 1.5 mm, the holes from the fallen knots are closed;
  • Bee families are examined quickly and accurately. If necessary, cover part of the hive with a canvas. This applies to sun beds and hives with more than 12-14 frames. If honey is in the public domain and near weak colonies, the beekeeper puts them at risk of being robbed. Thief scouts quickly recognize safe entry points;
  • In the presence of a large number of families, it is dangerous to put frames next to each other after pumping honey for drying. The case may end in a disastrous attack by robbing bees;
  • In the fall, keep the upper entrance closed and leave as many frames as the bees can sit. Increasing the area without enough insects increases the likelihood of theft due to reduced control. Weak families spend more energy on heating, ventilating the nest, maintaining a microclimate, and develop worse.

Nobody says that a beehive activity is easy. But if you took up this business, you should do everything and keep in mind how to stop robbing bees.

Use a “Blanket” of Straw or Hay

In a dry summer, after pumping out honey, wrapping in burlap and polyethylene, substituting smoke pipes, and wet rags in the entrance do not always help from theft. If the hives are multi-hull, removing the top extension will exacerbate the theft. In this case, a “blanket” made of hay or long straw will protect your bee colony from attacks.

Wrap the hive with a loose mop, reducing the entrance by one bee. Thieves will get confused while looking for an entrance, and their foragers will get home, guided by the smell. From time to time, you should shake the “blanket” with a pitchfork so that the thieves get lost in their landmarks and cannot get out. In the evening, the hives are unraveled, and the operation is repeated the next day at 10-11 o’clock in the afternoon.

We Can Make a Conclusion

Beehive activity is a complicated and serious process. You can view our tips in order to protect your hive from robbing bees. Or you can watch the movies about these bees. They will give answers to important questions such as how long does it take for bees to calm down, how to stop robbing bees, etc. Keep your hive and bee colony under protection from invaders.

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