Prefab Homes: Ideas for Modern Living

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While having a custom-designed home is generally seen by homebuyers as the golden standard in terms of buying an exquisite home with architecture, design, and decor elements, there are countless reasons why you should instead buy a prefab home. This is primarily because prefab homes allow you to just order the kit and get it delivered to your site. Once the order has been delivered, you can put the pieces with the assistance of a professional contractor or on your own. On the other hand, you are expected to pay about 15-35 percent more if you decide to opt for a custom home. If this is not all, you will have to wait for several months and even years in some cases to build a custom house from scratch.

Today, prefab homes have come a long way from the old days of Sears Catalog Homes. This is simply because building a home in a factory environment enhances resource management while giving the fabricator a wonderful opportunity and control over the end product. No wonder, there has been a massive surge in the level of advancements in the segment of prefab homes. Undoubtedly, prefab homes are rightly touted as the wave of the future.

Let us have a close look at some of the latest advancements in the world of prefab homes.

Proactive Home Automation

Have you wonderful smart and intelligent can a smart home get? Today’s generation-next homes are truly a brainiac as they help you make informed decisions before you can even think of them. Think of a basic Google search to get answers from a secure website. Instead of crawling the world wide web for hours, you can now simply and quickly find answers to countless things, from the comfort of your home or working space with just a few clicks. The confluence of increased hardware technology in the form of interconnects, sensors, and corresponding devices with applications, gateways, cloud technology, and software has created an amicable environment for every tech-savvy individual.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are reducing the gaps between connected homes and proactive homes. Instead of just following programmed instructions, today’s smart gadgets facilitate enhanced personalization based on homeowners’ suggestions, interests, and preferences. Machines are getting smarter and are quickly adapting to ever-evolving requirements over time. Thanks to this, machines are now relating better to humans in countless human ways. For instance, take the example of Siri for your playing your favorite songs or buying something on the internet.

No wonder, approximately 75 percent of millennial homeowners are ready to pay extra for advanced smart home features. From window coverings and irrigation systems that respond seamlessly to their HVAC systems and lighting schemes, tomorrow’s homes are turning predictive to stay competitive. It surely doesn’t come as a surprise that Gartner predicted that our world will have more than 20 billion connected devices by the end of 2020 (nearly three times the world’s population of people). Furthermore, this number is likely to grow in 2021 and beyond according to estimates.

Pane Windows & Sliding Door

Pane windows and sliding doors have emerged as one of the most appreciated prefab home elements in recent months. These multifunctional and aesthetically appealing elements help you effortlessly connect the interiors of your house with the exteriors so that you can connect with Mother Nature. In other words, pane windows and sliding doors enhance your living space while also uplifting your well-being and mood.

If this is not all, pane windows and sliding doors are energy-efficient options as they allow more sunlight to enter your home and this helps in cutting down the electricity bills. Moreover, they facilitate enhanced cross-ventilation to make your home feel more cozy and comfortable at the same time. Owing to their sleek frames, pane windows and sliding doors even offer a clear and better panoramic view of the outdoors. In addition to these advantages, they require low maintenance and are extremely easy to operate. Some pane windows and sliding doors even come in lockable options that ensure your home’s safety and security.

Custom Built-In Cabinetry

Have you ever wondered why do modular homes literally jump with joy at hearing “prefab”? One of the biggest reasons is that these box-built homes are boxes of eco-love and can be custom designed as per your specifications. For instance, you can try out custom built-in cabinetry in place of expensive. Modular kitchens, just like modular homes, can be kitted out to emerge as a sustainable option to even generate home electricity. Secondly, Prefab kitchen cabinetry and workbenches can be configured or even reconfigured to depict a completely different layout.

Solar System Homes

Gone are the days when solar panels were considered to be an expensive option. Today, solar panel companies are investing heavily and the associated costs for homebuyers keen to buy solar panels are on a decline thanks to emerging technologies and advancements. Moreover, today’s generation wants to break the addiction to pollutant-releasing fossil fuels and carbon. And this is where solar system homes appear as the best step in the right direction.

Using solar panels, homeowners can utilize exciting advancements such as air purification systems, whole house water filtration, an airtight building envelope, and ultra-efficient systems.

Intelligent IoT Systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) along with artificial intelligence and Big Data have completely transformed the ways the world connects with each other today. Today’s smart homes are optimizing the health of the building, the occupants, and the planet. The use of intelligent, learning, and private systems & their association with smart sensors are helping modern homes get upgraded as technology and systems advancements. For instance, orchestration platforms from leading prefab contractors are helping people intelligently and effortlessly automate everything from the tracking of their sleep patterns to lights to the garage doors, and everything in between.

If this is not all, today’s smart homes are powered by state-of-the-art Micro Screened Exterior Air Vents, Pre-Wired Entertainment Area, Air Purification Systems, and more so that the dreams of homeowners to get more value for their hard-earned money don’t stay just dreams.

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