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Mann Lake CV125 Cotton/Polyester Honey Maker Bee Suit with Veil Review

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The Mann Lake CV125 Bee Suit is another quality product from one of the top beekeeping suppliers.

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Being a beekeeper, I understand the pain and effects of bee stings on the human body. Beekeeper suits are important beekeeping equipment as they provide protection and safety whenever you’re interacting with bees. The Mann Lake CV125 Bee Suit consists of a full body suit and veil, providing great protection against bee attacks. This suit is specially crafted for those who are in frequent contact with bees and is available in double extra large size (XXL), making it comfortable to wear even over your normal clothes.

About the Mann Lake CV125 Bee Suit

To fabricate the honey maker bee suit, Mann Lake has made use of polyester and cotton so that it remains stiff in all sorts of body movements. The suit has two chest pockets and an elastic waist and  which make it even more relaxing. Moreover, there are heavy duty zippers at the neck, ankles and chest so that you can remove easily remove the suit after use.

The suit can be washed at home and it will not lose shape. For more suits like this, click here to check our rankings of the best sting proof bee suits.

Pros and Cons


  • The Mann Lake CV125 Bee Suit is meant for those who frequently inspect hives and need to stay safe from bee attacks. Being strong and comfortable, it never makes you tired even if you wear it for long hours. The job of beekeepers involves bending and climbing, so it’s paramount to wear a suit which allows freedom of movement, and this suit provides just that.
  • Generic suits do not provide enough protection because bees can still make their way in and they’re usually a pain to take off. A good bee suit should be easy to put on and take off and so keeping this in mind, the Mann Lake CV125 Bee Suit is designed to keep you safe and satisfied during work and it can be removed without any hesitation.
  • You can wear the suit even in hot weather without the heat becoming too unbearable. It’s not ventilated, but the cotton material properties doesn’t absorb much heat.
  • This suit is met all my requirements and I found no need for any sort of alteration or additions. It has consistent layers which protect well against bee stings. Although these multiple layers make the clothing warmer, it still allows some air to pass through so you won’t sweat much.
  • Moreover, the Mann Lake CV125 Bee Suit is affordable and available at discounted rates online.

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  • I found the Mann Lake CV125 Bee Suit is heavier than other suits, which can make it tiring to wear for longer working hours.
  • Furthermore, this suit is only available in one standard size (XXL), which is unfortunate for those on the smaller side.
  • Another thing I didn’t like was the metal zippers. I found them to be a bit difficult to operate at times. In case you need to remove the uniform in an emergency, you will have to operate the zips with care so that they do not break during quick movement.

Further Thoughts

The Mann Lake CV125 Bee Suit provides great protection against bees. The leg zippers cover the legs completely and the veil allows a clear view of your surroundings. I like the chest pockets because it makes it easy to carry around hive tools and other necessary items.

You’ll also need a pair of gloves to go along with the suit since it doesn’t come with any.


The Mann Lake CV125 Bee Suit can make you safe and comfortable while you’re doing your hive inspections. The suit is stylish (as far as bee suits go) and it is indeed durable. Mann Lake is one of the top suppliers of beekeeping equipment and this suit is just another one of their quality products. It’s a purchase you can’t go wrong with.

Do you own the Mann Lake CV125 Bee Suit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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