Learning to Live Sustainably: Tips for Students

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An eco-friendly way of life is a modern trend. The entire civilized world is concerned about the separation of waste collection, energy-saving technologies, high-quality disposal of household and industrial waste, environmentally safe production, as well as the mass transition to transport that does not pollute the air with exhaust emissions. There is no surprise that more and more citizens are catching on to the idea of caring for nature and trying to keep their whole way of life under the rules of “eco-friendliness“. Students also fall under the influence of this trend, and it is very important to popularize it among the younger generation because they are our future. In this article, we have collected practical tips that any student can do to make the environmental situation in the world a little bit better.

Get a shopping bag and a renewable water bottle

Probably everyone has a shopping bag which is convenient to go to the store to avoid using disposable plastic bags. In addition, it’s helpful to get yourself a refillable water bottle: sure, there are glasses in classrooms, but what’s the point of using plastic unnecessarily and produce garbage? It’ better to bring your bottle. Such simple actions are already going to have a significant impact on the environment.

Giving up plastic food packaging

Stop using plastic fruit bags. There are both plastic and biodegradable ones available in stores. If you have a choice, buy the latter, but if not, just buy fruits and vegetables without packaging. Sellers are sympathetic, they know what it’s for.

Recycling clothes in second-hand shops

An important point is the recycling of clothes. When you no longer like your clothing or it doesn’t fit, you can either take it to H&M stores, where they recycle it for material, or to a secondhand store. In addition, it is trendy to wear vintage clothes now, so today’s students are frequent visitors to such places. Also, many universities have special student secondhand shops, usually organized by students for students or faculty.

Getting on a bike

Everyone knows that the bike is environmentally friendly transport. It’s a great way to save on transportation, train your muscles and make the world at least a little bit cleaner. A huge benefit of the bicycle is its affordability. You don’t have to buy an expensive bike, because students can often get them at universities and other charity organizations for free.

Sort your garbage

Glass, plastic, and paper can end up in the trash or the ocean, or they can be recycled into other products. To do this, we sort garbage and put it in special recycling garbage cans. You can recycle things like paper, batteries, plastic, glass, and much more.

The separate waste collection technology allows us to reduce landfills, reduce unrestrained consumption of resources, save the environment, increase the level of environmental awareness and responsibility for the planet.

Choose eco-friendly foods

Food waste has a significant negative impact on human health, the economy, and the environment. Therefore, it is very important to choose products in biodegradable, environmentally friendly packaging. As a rule, this can be understood from the packaging itself, as manufacturers put special signs on them. In addition, it is better for our health to buy natural products. They are made from pure raw materials which do not include extraneous elements. The internal structure of organic products is not disturbed, because they are not subjected to harsh chemical treatments. That is why organic products have a natural taste. Such products contain 50% more useful vitamins and minerals than ordinary products grown by traditional technologies.

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