Large Bee Smoker & Bee Brush & J Hook Hive Tool Set Review

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The Lam's Beekeeping equipment set is a affordable way to get some essentials beekeeping tools.

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As a beekeeper, it is important to understand just how essential some tools such as the bee smoker, hook hive tool and a bee brush are when inspecting hives and harvesting honey. The Large Bee Smoker & Bee Brush & J Hook Hive Tool Set from Lam’s Beekeeping is a nifty package which contains all these beekeeping equipment at a most affordable price. Read on to check out the features of each individual tool.

About the Large Bee Smoker & Bee Brush & J Hook Hive Tool Set

  • Comes with a stainless steel bee hive smoker that measures approximately 11 inches (28 cm) long with a 4 inch diameter smoke chamber.
  • A durable 10 ½ inch long J hook hive tool made of stainless steel that is quite hard to bend or break.
  • A wooden handle bee brush that measures 40 cm long that has some fine soft pure horse bristles.

Pros and Cons


  • You get more than one beekeeping items in one package.
  • Items are made of high quality materials.
    • The bellow of the bee smoker is made of leather that is thick and durable.
    • The hive tool is made of stainless steel which is hard to bend and break.
    • The bee brush is made of large and fine pig bristle that is soft.
  • Each item is quite durable.


  • Lam’s Beekeeping is a relatively new brand.

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The Tools

Bee Smoker

A smoker is an essential beekeeping tool that every beekeeper should have. Even though new bees tend to be excessively calm, and may not need smoke right away, a smoker is necessary since it is the best way of calming bees. A few puffs into the entrance and some more under the lid drives the bees to the honey stores where they fill up and become docile. To see our rankings of the best bee smokers, click here.

This smoker from Lam’s beekeeping is quite large, which means you’ll have to do a lot less refueling. It is made from stainless steel and is really a sturdy product all around.

Bee Brush

This soft bristle brush is made of synthetic horse hair and is a very useful beekeeping tool. It is used for gently sweeping bees away from the part that need to be worked on. The brush is also used for sweeping bees away from the frames that need to be removed and the areas that need to be enclosed, for instance, under the lid. It can even be used to sweep bees off your suit once you are done with working on the hive. The handle is sturdy enough and fits well in your hand.

Hive Tool

The hive tool is made from stainless steel and it’s not the type to bend easily. It does what it’s supposed to and it’s of a good enough quality. To see our rankings of the best hive tools, click here.


This beekeeping set from Lam’s Beekeeping is a good way to get some essential beekeeping tools. You can enjoy the benefits that comes with each of these tools without having to buy each separately.

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