Ideas to Go Backyard Camping

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Camping is one of the oldest and arguably most popular outdoor activities. Anyone who’s looking for some good old outdoor fun should consider camping as one of the options. That said, it’s worth mentioning that if you wish to go camping, you will usually need to prepare well in advance, to ensure that you’ve got all you may need.

However, if you add a bit of a nontraditional twist to this fun activity, you can enjoy it practically whenever you feel like it. Backyard camping has become a very popular option, especially for people who can’t really afford to up and go camping whenever they feel like spending time in nature. It’s also a great option for kids to have some outdoor fun, while still staying safe. So, let’s explore some fun backyard camping ideas.

Get camping gear for an authentic experience

Don’t think that just because you’ll go camping in your backyard you shouldn’t get any camping equipment. If you want to get an authentic experience, you should most certainly get all the essentials you may need. However, before you hit your local markets and buy everything that has the word “camping” on it, make sure you first check out what you have in your home. Plastic cups, water bottles, pillows and blankets you certainly already have. So, the only things you may actually end up buying are quality kid cots – so that your kid can stay comfortable and get a good night’s rest, a tent and potentially some sort of a bug repellent.

Go on a fun hike around the neighborhood

Camping is super fun but if you expect to sit in front of your tent the entire day, you will – most certainly – become super bored. Instead, plan a fun hike around your neighborhood. Also, see if you can make this activity even more interesting for your little ones. For instance, you can organize a nature scavenger hunt of sorts. Ask your kids to note down or take a picture of all the plants and flowers they’ve noticed on their hike. Later on, when they come back to their campsite, they can share their experiences and even potentially learn more about the things they’ve seen. This way, they can learn something new through play which is usually the best way to teach your kids new things.

Indulge in some favorite camping meals

When the night falls and you’re done with all the fun activities you’ve planned out, it’s time to get the campfire started and make some delicious camping meals. Canned beans and fried eggs – always with the sunny side up – are just some of the things you can prepare. If you feel really inspired, you can wrap slices of buttered bread with cheese in tin foil and make some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. Roasted marshmallows and Twinkies are also quite the popular camping snacks and you can even make some delicious hot chocolate to go with them.

Plan out fun campfire activities

Finally, once you’ve had your dinner and finished all other activities, it’s time for some favorite campfire activities. These usually involve singing camping songs – if you have a guitar, it’s your time to shine. Also, you can choose to gather around the campfire and tell scary stories, but this might not be ideal if your kids are very little or scared easily – due to the possibility of nightmares. In the end, you can all go play hide and seek as the lack of light will create perfect conditions for such a game.


Backyard camping can be super fun if you plan out the entire day right. The most important thing you should keep in mind is to treat it like any other camping experience. Just because you’ll be spending the night in your backyard and not some campsite doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun.

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