How to Grind a Tree Stump

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A tree stump is the lower part of a tree’s stem that remains after you cut down a tree, or after a tree falls. Homeowners often prefer tree stump grinding so that they quickly get back to using the space where the fallen or cut tree stood. If left as it is, the tree stump takes many years to decompose. It may also start sending out fresh growth after some time due to the roots of the tree still present in the ground.

Benefits of Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding has many benefits to homeowners. First, it prevents the spread of any disease present in the tree that fell, or which you cut down. Your other plants in the yard are safe once you grind the tree stump of a tree that was diseased.

Secondly, grinding the stump of a tree is not intrusive into the soil. It is minimalist, with less disturbance of the soil when you compare it to other methods of tree stump removal. Grinding down the tree stump takes less time and leaves the soil structure of your yard in its natural state. It does not excessively disturb animals, insects, and other organisms in the soil around the tree stump.

Thirdly, the chippings from a ground tree stump are useful in your yard. Use them as mulching material for other plants in the yard or garden. You can also use them to produce energy for various uses such as heating if you burn them.

How to Grind a Tree Stump

Typically, homeowners use tree stump grinders to do away with tree stumps on their property.  Few homeowners have their own tree stump grinders. They engage the services of commercial tree grinding companies. Options for using the services of these companies are often limited to hiring the tree grinder or having the company come to your property so they can grind the tree stump themselves. It is best to let the company use their own personnel and equipment.

What is a Tree Stump Grinder?

A tree stump grinder is large mechanical equipment that manufacturers specifically make for tree stump grinding. They feature an engine, controls, and a blade that rotates at a high speed. Stump grinders are powerful and usually resemble a lawnmower with a circular saw. Even then, there are several types of tree stump grinders, based on how the grinder is built, operated, and transported from one place to another.

How a Tree Stump Grinder Works

Once it is powered up, the tree stump grinder chews away at the tree stump you are grinding and leaves only sawdust once you finish the job. Using the grinder requires the presence of a tree stump operator to operate it. The operator guides the grinder’s saw over the tree stump to grind it all up into sawdust.

How Deep Do Tree Stump Grinders Reach?

Most tree stump grinders go to a depth of 4 to 6 inches below the ground. You may also request deeper grinding of the tree stump on your property, but this may cause you to pay more for the service.


Fallen and cut trees leave stumps behind. The stumps can be hazardous to people and animals using your yard or garden. As a homeowner, grinding up the tree’s stump is an easy method of clearing the stump for safety purposes. You also get to use the space where the tree stood soon after the tree stump grinding. Tree stumps in your yard are also not very pleasant to the eye. Grinding the stumps restores the space to the aesthetically pleasing state it was previously in. Use this guide to understand better the process and benefits of tree stump grinding.

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