How to Become a Beekeeper at College: Starting Career and Salary

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If you love nature and want to know more about the world around you, then you should think about becoming a beekeeper. Note that this occupation requires knowledge not only about insects but also about the weather, plants, crops, and many other things. In case you are passionate about studying the environment, beekeeping is a perfect fit for you.

A lot of people start it as a hobby and after some time decide to make it a career. But what to do if your college life is so hectic that you hardly keep up with the studies, not talking about work or hobbies? Read the answer below!

How to become a beekeeper

1. Take a course

Being a student gives you a great advantage because your college may offer classes in beekeeping as part of the community education programs. Check with your school’s cooperative extension and see if they have any options for you.

In case there are no opportunities provided by your institution, do an online search for classes in your area. You can google some schools that specialize in agriculture since they are most likely to teach beekeeping.

2. Research information

No matter how great the course is, it’s not enough just to undergo it. This occupation requires you to keep learning all the time. Hence, be patient and research as many materials as possible on your own.

Today, there are so many books and websites offering advice on beekeeping that it’s difficult to define which of them are worth your attention. Hence, ask your instructor from the course to suggest you credible resources for reading.

Make sure that you use learning materials created by knowledgeable authors. Don’t trust anybody until you check the information on their professional experience and reputation.

3. Volunteer

To gain some experience for your first job, find a skilled beekeeper in your area and ask if you can help him for free. It would be great to volunteer in exchange for some on-the-job training because nothing can teach you better than being in close contact with bees.

Volunteering can give you both more knowledge and skills since you have a chance to learn how to open a hive,  remove frames, and so on. While getting some hands-on experience, you can receive answers to all your questions and get valuable tips that really work.

Beekeeper Salary

Beekeeping can be a highly rewarding occupation if you work hard. According to the statistics, top-level professionals earn at least $29 per hour or $61,000 per year. Sounds quite good, doesn’t it?

At the very beginning of your career, your minimum rate may be $10 per hour. This means you can make at least $21,000. After gaining a little experience, you can become a junior-level beekeeper. At this position, your rate will start from $11 an hour. In this case, your annual salary can reach $23,000.

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Final Thoughts

Beekeeping is one of the ways to connect with the environment. A career in it can be both exciting and rewarding. If you feel that this occupation can fulfill you and make your life more interesting, then don’t hesitate about starting a beekeeping job. Luckily, you can do it even without a degree, while still studying at college. All you need is to undergo a course, read books and other materials, and gain practical skills under the supervision of an experienced professional. So why not give it a try?

Author’s Bio

Emily Barret is a biologist and academic writer at an assignment service. As Emily is passionate about nature, beekeeping is one of his favorite hobbies. She believes that more and more people should engage in this activity in order to save honey bees that might become endangered in the nearest future.

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