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Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive Review

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The Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive provides an affordable way to get you started in beekeeping.

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The Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive is modern and comes loaded with a host of great features. Honey has become almost a necessity in our day to day activities. It was discovered centuries ago and its sweetness is second to none. That combined with a host of other health benefits make honey quite essential. Human beings have better understood the bees and developed better ways of housing them. Beehives such as the Happybuy 20 frame beehive have made beekeeping much more convenient and safer.

The Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive is a Langstroth style hive. The Langstroth style is one of the most revolutionary styles of beehive construction. It reduces the stress that is incurred by both the beekeeper and the bees during the extraction of honey. This is because the frames are easy to remove and place back due to the fact they are accessed from the top. This beehive also protects the frames from sticking together when filled with honey.

About the Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive


Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive

Wood is the primary material used to build the Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive. The solid foundation is made of Fir wood of premium quality. This makes it extra strong and sturdy yet remaining quite light weight.


  • The body consists of a separate top that acts as a roof. It also has an inner cover and a bottom board to place it on.
  • it has two compartments. The lower compartment can house 10 large frames. The upper compartment also house 10 frames that are of medium size.

The frames of the Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive are made of wood also. Unlike the wood used to make the exterior, the frames are made of white pine. This beehive can hold a total of twenty frames combined. It holds ten deep frames and ten medium frames. The foundations of the frames are un-waxed to ensure what you get is totally produced by your honey bees. They are also hexagonal in shape. Frames like these are more likely to attract bees within a short period of time.

Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive

The roof of this Langstroth beehive is telescoping in nature. It is neatly finished off with galvanized metal. This makes it both durable as it does not rust and also appealing. The roof is vital in keeping weather elements like rain from getting inside your hive. This ensures your bees and honey stay safe. The roof also acts as the door that the human beings use. It is the doorway through which humans can access the honey for extraction.

The inner cover and entrance reducer

The inner cover located at the top of the beehive is another added advantage of the Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive. This little piece of wooden board acts as a ventilation hole for the bees. It helps keep circulation of fresh air that is vital for the colony. The lid also acts as an extra entrance for the tenants. It provides an alternate passage on the top for the bees to use.

  • The primary point of entry for the bees is located at the base of the beehive. It is a small reduced opening.
  • The entrance reducer is strategically small and placed at the bottom for safety reasons. It prevents the entry of insects and other predators into the hive.
  • This guarantees safety for both your bees and honey.

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Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive

This beehive comes in a very ideal size. When all the component parts of the Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive are stacked together, it is 19.7 inches high. This with a length of 22 inches and a width of 18 inches, make the beehive quite small and not an eyesore. The internal depth of slightly more than 24 inches gives the beehive added space for your bees. It is a great home for the colony of bees that will live in it. The dimensions of the beehive make it easy to grip and move. The entire hive weighs less than 60 pounds when assembled.


The Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive withstands both harsh weather and climates. The wood used is of superior quality. The corners and the other parts fit perfectly. There are no weak points in the structure. The roof also covers up the whole structure.

The wood used on the beehive is not treated however. You are free to treat the wood, and I would suggest that you do, in order to protect it from the weather and other natural agents of corrosion.

  • Make sure that the treatment chemicals you use do not affect your bees, or introduce smells and flavors in your honey.
  • Treatment chemicals with a pungent smell might prevent bees from ever swarming into your beehive.


As the Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive comes in separate pieces, assembly is necessary. Do not be dismayed by the assembly however. The parts are pre-cut to ensure they fit together like a glove. This beehive is smooth and does not require any sanding or sawing. It comes with some heavy duty nails to help you in this endeavor. Assembly is so easy, you do not really need the included instructions to put this beehive together, but they’re there to help you nonetheless.


Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive

Out of the many varieties of beehives in the market currently, the Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive is among those that gives you great value for your money. Few other hives offer these great features at such an affordable price. This beehive is ideal for use by all, but especially for beginners thanks to its attractive price point. Whether you are a novice or an expert beekeeper, this beehive from the Happybuy will not disappoint.

The Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive comes greatly recommended by bee farmers and is a great companion for even beginners. This revolutionary piece of work can be purchased online or by just taking a trip to your favorite retail outlet.

Do you own the Happybuy 20 Frame Beehive? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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