German Incense Bee Smoker SMK215X71 Review

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The German Incense Bee Smoker SMK215X71 makes a big splash by managing to stand out in a good way.

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The German Incense Bee Smoker SMK215X71 is ideal for my beehives because it provides a gentle, pleasing smoke that can help me in harvesting all the hives in time. The manufacturer knows that bees require tender care which comes from this smoker.

It’s very different from the standard smoker, and most of that is due to how it looks. Its handmade design is inspired traditional German folk art. The artists who made this smoker used wood from the pine tree, which makes it pretty durable, and the finishing it possesses makes it a worthwhile purchase. This tool not only serves as a bee smoker, but also as decoration. It looks beautiful in the home, and it brings a German beauty essence into your homestead.

I love this bee smoker because it is beautiful and has a lot of detail put into it. And yes, I would recommend it to you because it functions pretty well too. It is a fantastic smoker which is well made, and its unique design makes it stand out among the regular similar looking bee smokers.

It takes minimal time to start using it because it comes when fully assembled. Any additional instructions about its usability also come in its package. You do not need to have much experience to know what you need to do before using it.

Pros and Cons


  • This smoker is durable.
  • It is handmade to ensure its quality when in use.


  • More expensive than the traditional design bee smokers.



The German Incense Bee Smoker SMK215X71 does not come cheap, as its a bit more expensive when compared to other smokers. Then again, they don’t look as fancy as this one so you I would say its a fair trade off.

Do you own the German Incense Bee Smoker SMK215X71? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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