Create Your Very Own Dream Winter Garden with These 4 Simple Steps

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Upset that you’ll have to wait till spring to plant a new garden? If you have some extra space in your garage, you don’t need to wait for warmer weather to exercise that green thumb. Because starting your very own garden indoors can be pretty simple if you have some time and patience. To take that first garden project to the next level, be sure to use these steps from BeeKeepClub to start growing.

Buy a Steel Shed or Building

If you already have some space in an existing garage, you can skip this step. However, if you don’t currently have a garage or prefer to use your garage for other things, you can still follow the steps below with a wood or steel building. These highly customizable structures are becoming more popular with homeowners, who use their creative skills to turn them into anything from a she-shed to a grower’s paradise. Now, before you decide on wood vs. steel, you need to know that each one has its pros and cons. For instance, steel buildings tend to provide more durability, added strength, and less upkeep, but a wood building may be better suited for certain climates. Investing in a wood or steel building can give you more space for your indoor garden, but it can also provide storage for all of your gardening tools and essentials.

If you’re working with a smaller yard and have a tree stump that makes adding a structure difficult, you can call on tree removal services to grind it down. When hiring a service, always insist on referrals and an estimate upfront. To help find reviews and feedback from past customers, simply search for “tree service near me.”

Clear Out Some Unused Clutter

If you do have some garage space that’s currently filled with clutter, you’ll need to sort through all of that junk before you get started with your new garden space. Sorting clutter tends to work best when you divide your belongings into distinct piles: things to keep, things to sell, things to donate, and things to toss out. For those “sell” items, think about listing on second-hand sites so you can use the profits for your winter garden project fund. When it’s time to throw any leftover stuff away, be sure to consult local solid waste ordinances so that you know what should be recycled and what can go into the trash. If you want to be extra eco-friendly, you can also upcycle household goods into bins, tools, or decor for your garden.

Find the Right Plants 

From vegetables to herbs to flowering plants, there are so many options for your new garden. If you need some help deciding what to grow, a trip to your local nursery may be in order. That’s because local nursery staff will have the knowledge and expertise to help you figure out which plants can thrive indoors in your area. You can also ask those same employees for tips on getting a new garden started right. For example, if you want to start outdoor plants in an indoor space, you may need special grow lamps to keep your budding plant babies warm and cozy during the winter months. If you’re an inexperienced gardener, local nurseries can also give you advice on easy-to-grow plants, so your first garden will be a success.

Get Started Growing

Set aside time on weekends to get your winter growing project off to a start, and try to enjoy the time you spend planting all your new greenery. Gardening is a wonderful way to relieve stress, so think of working in your new winter garden as a form of self-care. Stress relief is just one of the many health benefits of growing your own garden, as this hobby can also help you lower your heart disease risk, maintain a healthy weight, and even improve your cognitive health. Plus, people who garden are less prone to depression, so by starting a garden in your garage, you could be keeping your winter body happy and warding off winter blues, especially if stress worsens that depression and anxiety

Growing a winter garden can be a fun project for any individual or family. Plus, by growing edible plants in your garage garden, from veggies to herbs to fruits, you may even be able to keep your waistline trim through the holidays. So, starting an indoor gardening project in your garage or new steel building could be one of the healthiest decisions you’ve ever made!

Ready to take on more than gardening? Consider creating an indoor beekeeping system this winter! You can find everything you need to know to get started through BeeKeepClub. Check us out today!

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Create Your Very Own Dream Winter Garden with These 4 Simple Steps - BeeKeepClub - One-Bee-Store
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