Did you know that gardening and beekeeping can go hand in hand? Well, now you do! Bees benefit by having a close source of nectar, and you benefit with the presence of natural pollinators that will provide great benefits to your garden so that it will thrive and flourish.

Safety and Sustainable Practices for Your Lawn and Garden

Sustainable Practices

Grass-stained feet, screen doors left open at twilight, fireflies drifting through the velvet darkness – we all have childhood memories of summertime. And now that you’re a parent with your own house, you want to give those memories to your children, too. Your lawn is an important feature of your property, and if it’s patched with dirt, you’re missing out on barbecue parties, eating out of your own garden, and watching your kids and dogs scamper through sprinklers. So, follow some of these tips to make sure that your lawn is safe once school’s out and warm weather arrives.

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Gardening and Your Health

Gardening and beekeeping go hand in hand. Both activities are ideal for people who want to spend time outdoors in nature, and they complement each other in a perfect cycle. The bees benefit by having fresh flowers at their doorstep, while you get help with pollination. However, gardening isn’t just good for the bees, it’s also extremely good for you. Read on to learn more about gardening and your health.

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6 Surprising Ways Digging in the Dirt Can Boost Your Health

If you have been looking for the perfect hobby to improve your life, look no further than your own backyard. Gardening has kept humans healthy and nourished since the beginning of time, so it could be time for you to reap the benefits of this simple hobby. Need a little more convincing before you get your hands dirty? Here are just six of the many ways that gardening can bring joy and comfort to your life.

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