We loves bees, and we love the environment. Here you will find posts that are not necessarily about bees, but rather about other issues affecting the environment at large.

Climate Change: How to Stay Positive About the Future

There are many reasons to be concerned about the future, especially if you are aware of some of the specifics that are affecting wildlife and the environment. For example, bees can be heavily affected by climate change, which can cause you to fear what may happen if the trend continues. While it might be difficult, it is important to stay positive as often as you can. Here are a few ways to do so.

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Causes of Environmental and Climate Change

Global warming and other environmental issues have been the biggest concern in the current world. But, unfortunately, many things are not going right. And if we want to achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to understand the various factors that are causing shifts in climate and degrading the environment. Many individuals are not keen to conserve the immediate environment because they have not experienced certain changes. Only those who have experienced adverse weather conditions advocate for measures to conserve the environment. That should not be the case because, with the current rate of environmental degradation and climate change, we are all bound to face the consequences shortly. Therefore, if we have to save the future generation, we must understand the various factors contributing to climate change to address them effectively.   Sometimes we fail to offer sustainable models on conserving the environment because we are not aware of the major agents that degrade our setting. Here are some elements you must know to protect the immediate environment from effecting positive change in the climate.

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How to Grind a Tree Stump

A tree stump is the lower part of a tree’s stem that remains after you cut down a tree, or after a tree falls. Homeowners often prefer tree stump grinding so that they quickly get back to using the space where the fallen or cut tree stood. If left as it is, the tree stump takes many years to decompose. It may also start sending out fresh growth after some time due to the roots of the tree still present in the ground.

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How College Students Can Make a Difference on Climate Change in 2021

Climate change has had a detrimental effect on the environment. Landslides, flooding, desertification, extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels are some of the ways climate change has affected the environment around us. Potential implications of climate change and environmental degradation are many. Besides, pollution, greenhouse gases, and deforestation have changed the climate for the worse.

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Which Technology Can Help Reduce Our Impact on the Planet?

Technologies can increase, as well reduce environmental impact. It only depends on how you are using these technologies. Backup systems, monitors, cell phones, and other mechanics are needed in our day-to-day life but these result in high energy wastage. On the other hand, this same technology enables you to reduce waste in other ways. Thus, there are technologies that you can use to reduce the environmental impact. There are ways to harness the power of technology for environmental good. So, let’s take a quick look at the technologies that will help in reducing the impact on the planet.

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Impact of Climate Change on the Agroindustry

Climate change is the number one concern in today’s food industry, especially agriculture. It has completely reshaped the ecosystem in more ways than one. The massive heat waves, floods, droughts, and gas emissions have resulted in billion-dollar losses. To even have the slightest chance to adapt to the constant changes, we will need all the information we can get. That’s why we compiled some practical knowledge of all the challenges that lie ahead. Here is a list of some of the biggest impacts of climate change on the agroindustry sector.

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Declutter Your Life with These 4 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Techniques

Regardless of the season, it’s never too late to give your home a spring cleaning. As the old saying goes: “A clean home is a happy home.” You can make your home even happier and healthier by using eco-friendly cleaning methods. Not only will you avoid exposing your loved ones (and your pets) to potentially harmful chemicals, you’ll also help the environment while cleaning and decluttering your home.

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Low Carbon’s Buzzing Biodiversity Success

Low Carbon's Buzzing Biodiversity Success

The plight of the honeybee is an ever-growing concern for scientists, posing threats to our ecosystem and life as we know it. So what is the future of the honeybee?  Low Carbon, a UK-based renewable energy investment and asset management company, believes that supporting greater biodiversity and the bees as an essential part in the fight against climate change. Low Carbon has installed beehives on its solar parks across the UK with more than 2 million bees thriving in these protected sites. Watch the video to find out more about these wildflower-filled solar farms, that are quite literally buzzing with biodiversity.

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Save the Bees: How Climate Change Affects Bees and Other Pollinators

How Climate Change Affects Bees

According to NASA, Earth’s average temperature has risen almost two degrees since 1880. That might not seem like much on paper, but the effects of this seemingly small climate change can be seen in the weather, sea levels, and the health of our global bee populations. In fact, the impact of changing temperatures on both native and introduced pollinators has many experts believing slowing climate change may be the only way to save the bees. So how can we help slow climate change and its damaging effects? And what else can we do to help save the bees?

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