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Top 10 Best Honey Refractometers for Beekeeping (2021)

Best Honey Refractometers

The honey’s water content determines the capability of the honey to stay fresh. In essence, the lower honey water content, the better the honey is. Water causes the honey to ferment making it acidic and less desirable. The advisable water content in honey is less than 20% before extraction, but it is not advisable to have a honey water content that is too low. A very low water content will cause the honey to crystallize. It should be at the right level. Imagine that it’s like chemistry. The success of the formula depends on accurate levels of solutions. Even the slightest mistake can result to a catastrophe. This logic also applies in beekeeping. A slight error in measuring the honey water content and nutrient could ruin the quality of your honey products.

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Top 10 Best Queen Excluders for Langstroth Hives (2021)

Best Queen Excluders

The concept of the excluder is to prevent the queen bee from having access to certain areas of the beehive. It a barrier constructed to restrict the movement of the queen bee. The queen is larger in size than the other bees, and the queen excluder is made in such a way that while the worker bees can pass through it, the queen can't. In this article, we are going to discuss the best queen excluders. There are many models available today, but only the best is suitable for you. When we are talking of suitability, we are referring to an excluder that will perform its required function while still being durable. One that will give you satisfaction; one that will give you value on every dime you invested in it.

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