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Best Beekeeping Supplies

Browse some of the best beekeeping supplies from top rated suppliers.

Top 10 Best Wax Spur Embedders (2019)

Wired beehive frames are part of both traditional and modern beekeeping. A wired frame is strong and keeps its foundation straight. Supported foundation is readily accepted by honeybees than other foundation. Wax spur embedders are great for wiring frames. Let us look at the best wax spur embedders and the …

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Top 5 Best Wax Moth Traps (2019)

Best Wax Moth Traps

Wax moth control in beekeeping is done using a number of methods, which can be either chemical or non-chemical. The use of traps is great for beekeepers who do not want to add chemicals into the environment. Some of the chemical compounds that are used in wax moth control are …

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