BuildaBeehive Garden Hive Beehive Starter Kit with Beekeeping Supplies

BuildaBeehive Garden Hive Beekeeping Starter Kit Review

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The BuildaBeehive Garden Hive Beehive Starter Kit with Beekeeping Supplies is a superb buy that has everything you need to get started in beekeeping.

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One of the things that are most daunting for beginning beekeepers is the selection of the hive kit or starter hive kit. There are literally dozens of manufacturers out there and this make the entire selection process even more confusing. Fortunately, with the dozens of information resources available online, you do not have to be overwhelmed. Begin by checking out product reviews then make comparisons before choosing a single product. The BuildaBeehive Garden Hive Beekeeping Starter Kit can be best described as fully-packed with all you need to begin your beekeeping journey.

The Garden Hive Beekeeping Starter Kit a is standard wooden assembled beehive kit with additional beekeeping supplies. This kit is great for both pro beekeepers and beginners alike as it provides all the accessories you need to get started, except the bees themselves and a honey extractor. The wood that makes the hive is of high quality yet makes the hive light enough for easy lifting. Furthermore, the wood used is carefully hand-selected for giving you a great beekeeping adventure.

This 8-frame decorative garden hive will be excellent for your backyard or flower garden, as its natural colours blends in with the environment.

About the BuildaBeehive Garden Hive Beekeeping Starter Kit

Some of its features and benefits include:

  • The starter kit has all you need to get started in beekeeping.
  • It is a 8-frame beehive kit that comes with all accessories needed except the bees.
  • The hive box is already assembled and that means you need not worry about putting the hive unit together.
  • The hive box and accessories are made of excellent quality material.
  • The unit has 2 Langstroth supers that have dimensions of 6-5/8 inches.
  • Comes with some extra beekeeping accessories such as bee veil, fuel, gloves, and smoker. All these items are excellent quality and functional. They are designed to meet the needs of all skill levels including beginners and pros.
  • It comes with 16 top bar frames that measure 6-1/4 inches. It also has plastic base foundations that are 16 in total.
  • Available in the hive box is one bottom board, a reversible entrance reducer, inner cover, and a telescopic metal cover. It also has an entrance feeder. All these are desirable features of a standard beehive kit.
  • The gloves fit in any bee suit and are made of high quality material that is sting proof.
  • The equipment is of high quality.
  • The smoker is made of durable material and has a design that makes it easy to smoke the hives. It is also economical in terms of fuel consumption.
  • The 1 lb smoker fuel is friendly on bees and burn for an extended period.
  • Available is a comprehensive beekeeping book with the title “First Lessons in Beekeeping”. This proves to be useful for any beekeeper since it if fully-packed with information about keeping and managing bees. You can check our this an other books in our rankings of the best beekeeping books.
  • You also get an assembly manual in this kit that makes it easy for you to put up a beehive.
  • Comprehensive warranty is provided by the manufacturer which proves to be a plus or the savvy buyer.

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Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to lift.
  • Durable hive box and quality parts.
  • You have guaranteed warranty.
  • It is environment-friendly.
  • Comes with all that is needed to get started in beekeeping; smoker, gloves, hive tool, and smoker fuel.
  • The beekeeping book included is informative and ideal for all skill levels.
  • For the price, the unit is a valuable investment.
  • It includes some desirable hive features; entrance reducer, entrance feeder, bottom board, outer cover, inner cover, and supers.
  • All hive components are compatible with other standard hive parts and components.


  • The cover does not hold well. You need support to keep it securely in place.

Further Thoughts

When starting off in beekeeping, it is always wise to choose a product that is high quality and longer lasting. You need beekeeping equipment that grow with your business and are reliable. The Garden Hive from BuildaBeehive is a starter kit that targets all skill levels. It comes with a hive box that is build using environmentally-friendly wood and has good quality components that includes: bottom board, entrance reducer, entrance feeder, supers, inner and outer cover, and many others. The manufacturer also offers additional beekeeping components alongside the hive box. These include: a bee smoker with fuel, gloves, veil, and a hive tool.

You can choose to paint the hive if you wish, but ensure that you paint the outside parts of the supers only.


The BuildaBeehive Company has been building hives for a long time now and gives a guarantee that you will get your money back if the hive is faulty. You have nothing to lose while using this product as the manufacturer provides excellent customer service, quality components, and a full replacement warranty.

With this quality woodenware, you will get protective equipment and educational materials that will serve as essential tools for establishing a colony of bees that will be imperative for processing honey and pollination. You will enjoy watching the way bees will beautify the nature in your garden and the way your hive will be growing. This items in this starter kit are durable enough to last you for a long time, as long as it is cared for properly. I can safely recommend the BuildaBeehive Garden Hive Beekeeping Starter Kit to anyone.

Do you own the BuildaBeehive Garden Hive Beekeeping Starter Kit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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