Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Compact Honey Extractor

Brushy Mountain Honey Extractor Review

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The Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Honey Extractor is a sturdy product from a reputed manufacturer, though it finds itself on the more expensive side.

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The Brushy Mountain Honey Extractor is made of stainless steel and provides the beekeeper with a fast and easy way to extract honey from the beehive frames. It stands on 3 stainless steel legs and has a 22-gauge stainless steel tank which is 16 inches in diameter. There is a steel basket inside the tank which is attached to a manual hand crank on the top. The tank has a gate on the bottom to allow the extracted honey to flow from the tank into a container placed below the gate.

Pros and Cons


  • The legs of the extractor are high enough that you can fit a bucket underneath the gate to collect the honey.
  • This extractor can be used anywhere since you don’t need electricity to power it. This makes it cheaper to operate. Since you’re the one providing the power you don’t need to pay for electricity. Additionally, powering the extractor by hand can be a productive way to get some more exercise, if you’ve been lacking.
  • It is easy to clean. All you have to do is to take off the cover, pull the basket out and clean it separately. Then you can pour warm soapy water into the tank and use a brush to scrub it out. When you’re done simply open the gate to let the water out. Then you use clean water to rinse it out and let it dry.
  • The extractor is made entirely out of stainless steel which is a very durable material. It won’t rust and if it is cleaned and dried properly after every extraction, will last a very long time.
  • The extractor is very easy to use and will be an asset to both experienced beekeepers and first timers.


  • The extractor is manually powered which means that there is a limit to the amount of honey that can be extracted every day. If you have more than one hive or a hive with more than one honey super then it might be prudent to enlist an extra set of hands. Otherwise you might get tired before you finish extract the honey from all the frames.
  • The hand crank is one directional and does not allow you to turn it one way and then switch directions. To get all the honey off the frames you have to stop and turn the frames around.
  • Extracting the honey by hand will be time consuming especially since one has to stop and turn each frame to ensure that all the honey comes off.
  • The extractor can only accommodate 2-4 frames at a time (4 shallow, 2 medium or 2 deep). Other honey extractors of its kind can hold up to 6-8 frames.

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Further Thoughts

Experienced beekeepers tend to have more than one beehive often with more than one honey super. Extracting honey from all of these frames by hand can be quite daunting if you don’t have someone to help you.

The one directional handle on the hand crank is a major oversight on the part of the designer. The hand crank should allow you to reverse direction while spinning which will be faster and yield better results. Being able to hold a few more frames will also be a vast improvement.

How to Use the Brushy Mountain Honey Extractor

Step 1

To use the extractor, the beekeeper must first harvest the frames filled with honey from his honey supers. Then he/she must unseal the honeycomb. There are many different ways to open the honey comb. One way is to take a hive bush and scrape the wax off the top of the comb. Another way is to cut the tops off with an ordinary household knife or a spatula. There is also a special electric knife you can use which heats up so you can slice cleanly through the honey comb.

Step 2

The opened combs are then placed in the basket inside of the extractor. The basket can accommodate either 2 deep frames, 4 shallow frames or 4 medium frames with each extraction.

Step 3

The beekeeper then closes the extractor and places a bucket or any other container beneath the gate on the bottom of the tank. The gate is opened and the beekeeper turns the hand crank. The hand crank is spring loaded to ensure that you don’t hurt your hands if the handle gets away from you while you’re turning it. This in turn causes the basket to spin and the honey is pulled from the frames into the tank. It then flows through the get into the container below which should contain a strainer. The strainer ensues that any small pieces of wax that get drained from the tank into the honey is filtered out.

Step 4

It is recommended that you spin the basket a few times then turn the frames the other way and spin the basket again. This will ensure that every drop of honey is extracted from the frames. Some other automatic extractors spin clockwise and then the beekeeper can flip a switch to make the extractor spin anticlockwise to make sure that the frames are all clear of honey. Unfortunately, you’ll have to do it the long way with the Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Compact Honey Extractor.

Step 5

The process is repeated until all the honey is extracted from every frame the beekeeper has harvested. The honey is then left to sit for up to forty eight hours to settle. During this time any pieces of wax that were not caught in the strainer will sink to the bottom of the container. The honey can be safely bottled at this point.


The Brushy Mountain Honey Extractor is a great extractor for a novice beekeeper or for someone without a lot of beehives. It has many wonderful qualities like being both easy to use and easy to maintain but the fact that it runs on man power is both an asset and a deterrent to the experienced beekeeper.

Have you ever used the Brushy Mountain Honey Extractor? Leave a comment below and let us know what your experience was like.

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