BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive Review

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The BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive suffers from a few quality control issues on the part of the manufacturer, but the product itself is top notch.

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The history of beekeeping is very important in the development of several culturing techniques and equipment. Throughout the years, humans learned how to make this enterprise a sustainable industry through innovations in methods and tools. Many beekeeping equipment are results of various innovations aimed to improve the processes involved in taking care of bees and extracting honey. Beekeepers continue to find ways to increase the sustainability of bees and they continue to create tools to make the activities more efficient and convenient. One of the most important equipment in beekeeping is the actual home the bees live in. Just like any animal on the planet, a home provides shelter and protection from the harmful elements and potential predators. As we continue with this article, we will discuss the BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive.

The hive box is a man-made structure that provides shelter to the bee colony. This component encloses the frames where the bees work and live. It protects the bees from potential effects of weather, harmful elements, insects, and predators. Most hive boxes are made from wooden materials and come with different sizes.

About the BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive

BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive

The BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive follows a traditional configuration of using two 10-frame deep boxes and two 10-frame medium boxes. The deep boxes are for the brood chamber while the medium boxes are for honey supers. The brood chamber is the section where the queen bee lays her eggs and where the young bees are nurtured. The honey supers are located on top of the brood chamber and this is the place where bees store honey. The frames of the honey supers are removed during the extraction process. The hive box dimension measures 25.69 x 21.79 x 17.3 inches and has a shipping weight of 74 lbs.

Pros and Cons


  • The BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive features high-quality pine wood construction with the ability to resist corrosion and wearing. This unique trait makes it healthy both for bees and the beekeepers.
  • The double-deep configuration of this beehive keeps the queen bee inside the brood chamber and away from the honey supers. This adds more convenience.
  • This hive box also features pre-cut finger joints which fit easily with one another and easy-to-remove and easy-to-install frames.
  • It has a telescoping roof top made of galvanized metal which comes pre-assembled. This keeps the elements out that the hive can remain dry.
  • The beehive has an entrance reducer and a bottom board to keep the hive safe from insects and predators.

BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive


  • It lacks the inner cover which is essential in maintaining a suitable temperature for the bees.
  • It lacks an instructions manual so you have to figure assembling it yourself. This poses a lot of hassle especially to beginners. However, there are online videos that can guide you.
  • For some unknown reasons, some elements are missing upon delivery so you may have to buy additional screws and frames. This is a huge oversight on the part of the manufacturer.

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About the Bee Hive Box

The first invented bee hive box with frames was invented by Petro Prokopovych in 1814. Before his innovation, early hive boxes were filled with issues capitalized by huge gaps between the frames. Prokopovych design focused on the frames strategically placed within the honey chamber. This design allowed the bees to build their combs freely in the chamber. In 1848, Jan Dzierzon improved the design by adding grooves into the side walls of the hive and by removing the wood strips. This new design resulted to more convenience in frame removal. Dzierzon also corrected the distance between combs.

BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive

In 1852, L.L. Langstroth designed a movable hive frame which is now the most common used structure in beekeeping. It is so popular that beekeepers simply named it the Langstroth. Despite several attempts to re-invent the hive box, the Langstroth remains the best design for just one reason – it does what it is intended to do, and it does it very well.

Bee hive box sizes are categorized into shallow, medium, and deep. If you’re a beginning beekeeper, choosing a hive box might be a little confusing. The market has myriads of hive boxes to offer which makes your search more difficult. You really don’t have to worry that much because deciding on which ideal hive box to choose depends on just three crucial factors – convenience, effectivity, and weight. Remember, focus your assessment on these factors and base it on your actual needs. It will not only save you time, but effort as well. You also have to take note that the frames rely on the size of hive box. Simply put, small frames for small hive boxes.

Hive boxes are also designed to fit different number of frames. The smaller boxes can fit 3 to 5 frames while the bigger ones can fit up to 10 frames. The size of the hive box doesn’t depend on your expertise. Bees don’t mind it as well. As long as the bees can work and live with enough space, then you’re good to go. To conclude it, make an assessment before buying a hive box.


BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive

For thousands of years, the science of beekeeping has been an industry of great importance both for humans and the environment. Beekeeping produces many essential products that include bees wax, royal jelly, pollen, and most of all, honey. As we benefit from these products, culturing them at the same time ensures the survival of these little creatures and ensures the balance in the ecosystem. Without bees, the overall food supply will surely suffer.

The BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive is a great place to house your bees for your own benefit as well as the environment’s. It does have a few issues however they can be easily fixed. Overall, this beehive box is a great deal for both beginning and old-time beekeepers.

Do you own the BestEquip 4 Layer Langstroth Wooden Beehive? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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