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Nature has many substances that are very nutritious. Royal jelly from beehives is one of them. It is an energy boost for consumers. Royal jelly also has antioxidants that boost your health and wellbeing. In the beehive, royal jelly is used to feed bee brood for up to 3 days. The queen bee is fed royal jelly from her larval stage and through her entire lifetime. Beekeepers collect royal jelly from beehives, process it and package it for sale. Some may also use it for their own consumption. This guide takes you through the best royal jelly for sale and highlights a few popular products for you.

How to Harvest Royal Jelly

Beekeeping has given people many great products over time. Royal jelly is a food given to queen bees of honey bee colonies. Nurse bees secrete it from their hypopharynx glands. When the colony is making anew queen bee, the queen is reared in bigger cells and fed large amounts of royal jelly. It affects the development of the larval queen. For her entire lifetime, the queen bee is fed royal jelly only. This jelly has been found to have effects on the ability of the queen bee to reproduce continuously and her larger size too.

Safety Buying Royal Jelly Online

People use royal jelly as a dietary supplement. Its use in alleviating health problems is best done with the guidance of your health consultant. It is able to improve collagen production and improve vasodilation. Royal jelly helps ladies facing some pre-menstrual and post-menopausal problems in their wellbeing.

Marketing, advertising and selling royal jelly for its health benefits is watched by the US Food and Drug Administration. The agency has at some time taken action against those using unfounded claims to move royal jelly and other beehive products in the market. This assures you that the royal jelly products you encounter in the market are the best quality from reliable sellers.

You should also take a little time to dig around on your own for the reputation of your royal jelly producer and seller. You can source for royal jelly from beekeepers near you, from various stores, or go online for the best royal jelly for sale.

Hive/colony management

Techniques in beekeeping allow both beginners and experienced beekeepers to go into royal jelly production with ease. Using a Langstroth beehive makes royal jelly production and harvesting easy. A lot of equipment for the job is built with the Langstroth beehive in mind. You are required to have special hive management practices that tell the honey bee colony it should raise queen bees. You can have many queen bee larvae at the same time in the same beehive using dividers and proper colony management.


Larvae designated to become queen bees is fed large amounts of royal jelly. It is added continuously to the queen cell by nurse bees. This can be too much for the queen larvae to consume.  In some cases it results in the larvae being bathed or floating in the royal jelly. Beekeepers take some of the royal jelly in the early days of larval development. Harvesting the royal jelly does not have an effect on the development of the queen bee larva.

As the larva gets bigger and can consume more of the royal jelly, no harvesting is done by the beekeeper. Taking some of the royal jelly would affect the growth of the queen bee. On average, a properly managed beehive for royal jelly production can give you 500 grams of the substance in 5-6 months. Immediate access to cold storage is needed for most operations producing royal jelly. Royal jelly is perishable. It is preserved by both refrigeration and freezing. Addition of beeswax, propolis extract or honey can help you with the preservation of royal jelly.

Popular Royal Jelly Presentations

After it has been harvested and processed, royal jelly ends up on your home and shop shelves in several presentations. You can often get fresh royal jelly delivered to your doorstep to ensure you get it while it has all its nutritional value.

In addition to royal jelly in its fresh form, you may get powder and concentrates of royal jelly. They are great for when you want easy management of the royal jelly.

Capsules containing royal jelly are another popular presentation of this honey bee superfood.

Enriched blends of royal jelly with other beehive products, herbs or spices are also available to consumers of royal jelly.

Stakich Royal Jelly Collection

Royal jelly is a potent food that packs many nutrients. They are easily absorbed into your body when you eat royal jelly. Stakich is a reliable producer and seller of beehive products including royal jelly. The company has an impressive array of royal jelly products for you. You can buy Stakich royal jelly online. Delivery is timely and in packaging that preserves the nutrients in your beehive products. Enquiries to the customer service team of the company are attended to quickly and any issues are solved to your satisfaction. Some of the royal jelly products to buy from Stakich are;

Royal Jelly Complex

Stakich has made this royal jelly complex using five components including beehive products. It adds American ginseng to Royal jelly that has been fortified with propolis and bee pollen. The preparation also has some raw honey in it to preserve the royal jelly complex and sweeten it. These five are very well balanced in proportion. It ensures that the components ensure they give you a good mix of their health and wellness benefits. There are no preservatives of other nature added to the preparation. It is very nutritious and free of harmful food components such as cholesterol, sodium and gluten. This makes it a good source of proteins and energy. You can use the mix as a spread and in many food preparations. It is a good sweetener for your culinary exploits too. Do not refrigerate or microwave this royal jelly complex after receiving it.

Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen & Propolis Enriched Raw Honey

This is a richly flavored Stakich royal jelly offering with raw honey, bee pollen and some propolis added to it. The royal jelly preparation comes in sizes of 40 oz and 5 LB. These different sizes are well selected to allow you to buy the size that fits your budget. You are also able to easily fetch and use up only as much as you need per instance. This Stakich royal jelly is produced and prepared in processes that ensure all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes present in the various products are preserved. The royal jelly used to make the preparation is fresh and preserved in the raw honey. Propolis also helps ensure that the preparation does not get microbial growth with ease. Bee pollen in the Stakich royal jelly, bee pollen & propolis enriched raw honey gives you proteins for your nutrition and other health benefits.

Royal Jelly Enriched Raw Honey

The separation of beehive products gives distinct products such as beeswax and honey. Edible beehive products can be blended to fortify them. Royal jelly is collected in specialized apiaries and comes separate from honey and beeswax products. Stakich has made this mix of raw honey and royal jelly and avails it to you in sizes ranging from 12 oz to 5 lb. It gives you the benefits of both raw honey and royal jelly. The honey preserves royal jelly for long. This makes the Stakich royal jelly enriched raw honey a great product for you since it does not need freezing for storage. It is also very palatable due to the sweetness of raw honey. This is a product you can use as a spread and as a sweetener. Do not cook it because that would destroy many nutrients in the Stakich royal jelly enriched raw honey.

Royal Jelly Capsules

Enjoy these concentrated royal jelly capsules that are easy to use in your fast-paced lifestyle. They come in a plastic container that is opaque. The container has a mouth that is wide enough for easy fetching of capsules. This helps keep direct light from hitting the capsules and ruining their nutrients and antioxidants. Stakich royal jelly capsules promise you 500 mg of the best royal jelly for sale. It imparts enzymes and many nutrients to your body. The capsule shells for these Stakich royal jelly capsules are from edible vegetable origin. They are easy to swallow and have great taste. The skin of the capsules disintegrates easily in your stomach and releases the royal jelly or your body to absorb. Stakich makes these capsules in standardized high quality conditions and using the best technologies to give you royal jelly with its natural and premium quality health benefits.

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly

Stakich fresh royal jelly is natural premium quality jelly in pure form. It is not mixed with any other beehive product or additive. This royal jelly comes in various sizes starting from 2 oz to 6 Kg. It is a great natural dietary supplement for your health. The royal jelly can be eaten alone or with other foods. Store it in your refrigerator or freezer to preserve its nutritional value.  Stakich royal jelly is collected and packaged to ensure quickest delivery to you. It is easy to use and store once you have received it. Under refrigeration, you have 3 days to eat up the fresh royal jelly. You should therefore buy in sizes that you can quickly consume and exhaust. Preserving the fresh royal jelly is best done using freezing method. When frozen, the royal jelly maintains its potency and premium quality for longer.

Stakich Royal Jelly Powder

Royal Jelly powder is a great way of preserving and presenting royal jelly to consumers. It allows them to use the powder in varying uses including in drinks and foods. Blending a little royal jelly powder in smoothies and sweetening with some honey is a wholesome way to eat royal jelly. For your royal jelly powder needs, Stakich gives you this powder in high quality. This is a premium royal jelly product by Stakich.  The powder is very potent, so make sure not to use too much at a time. It is dried royal jelly and lasts longer than fresh royal jelly. You should store your Stakich royal jelly powder in a cool and dry place. Refrigeration and freezing can be used to keep it potent for longer. If you cannot refrigerate it or freeze it, make sure to protect the royal jelly powder from direct sunlight.

Royal Jelly Processing and Handling

After collection, royal jelly is taken through various processing and packaging processes. These should be done as soon as you harvest so that you can put the royal jelly into cold storage. When freezing royal jelly, leave some space at the top of the container. Royal jelly expands a little when it freezes over. Refrigeration at about 50C or lower without freezing preserves the royal jelly for up to 18 months. Freezing gives you preservation time of up to 24 months. Once taken out of cold storage, royal jelly has about 3 days to be used up or it will have lost its nutritional value and most of the health benefits it would confer to you.

Concentrating royal jelly into various products is also done immediately after harvesting. Freeze-drying it gives concentrates of various strengths and royal jelly powder. These concentrates and royal jelly powder products are more powerful than fresh royal jelly and should be used in small amounts as needed. Royal jelly powder can be stored without refrigeration. Placing the powder in a cool dry place is recommended. Other processing that uses fresh royal jelly in its pure form includes production of royal jelly capsules. They are great for consumption of royal jelly in equal amounts and in a schedule.

Fortification and Herbs in Royal Jelly

Additions to royal jelly to fortify it and preserve it are done before packaging the royal jelly for sales and consumption. Popular beehive products added to royal jelly to make it more nutritious are honey bee pollen, propolis and honey. The preservative qualities of honey and propolis are exploited to help with preservation of royal jelly at temperatures higher than 50C. Beeswax is also used to help in the preservation of harvested royal jelly.

You may also find royal jelly products with natural spices and herbs in them. Stakich has one product that features royal jelly, some other beehive products and American ginseng herb added to it. Beekeepers that add herbs and spices to the royal jelly they produce do it after harvesting the royal jelly.

Storing Royal Jelly

The perishability of royal jelly make sit require preservation during storage. It is possible to store royal jelly for up to 24 months and retain its full nutritional value. Cooling royal jelly is an important first step in its storage and preservation. When cold, you can carry out the few processing steps you need to do on the royal jelly before packaging it.

Storage should follow processing and packaging. Freezing royal jelly gives you the longest life of the jelly under cold storage. It allows you to use your royal jelly up to 24 months after harvesting and storage. Refrigeration without freezing the royal jelly can give you up to 18 months of life for the royal jelly when done well.

  • Royal jelly that has been processed into powder is easier to work with in storage. Preserving it does not require very cold conditions.
  • Propolis and honey added to royal jelly help preserve the royal jelly at temperatures close to room temperature. They also add minerals and nutrients to the royal jelly preparation.
  • In storage, make sure direct sunlight does not hit your royal jelly preparation.
  • To keep the freshness of royal jelly when you have opened the container it came in, fetch the amount of royal jelly you need to use quickly and close up the container. It avoids too much air exchange in the container that could lead to faster spoilage of the royal jelly.

Containers for Royal Jelly Storage

Containers used to store and package royal jelly are made using food safe materials. They should not add smells and foreign flavors to royal jelly in storage. Glass and plastic are popular with many royal jelly sellers. The royal jelly is often packed into the container in which it will be sold. Once you purchase the royal jelly, it is best to keep it in the container it comes in.


Royal jelly is very nutritious when eaten fresh. It can also be preserved to lengthen its life. Adding honey to royal jelly is a great way to preserve the royal jelly when you cannot rely on refrigeration only. The queen bee is the largest single consumer of royal jelly in a beehive. People use royal jelly in their food, in health supplements and in healing processes such as for wounds. Using royal jelly is best with a little consultation of a nutritionist or dietician. Your doctor should also know about it so they can guide your use of royal jelly products. Use this guide to get the best royal jelly for sale and use it for great results in energy boosts and solving various health issues.

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