Where to Buy the Best Raw Honey Online

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Beekeeping gives us many useful products, honey and beeswax being the most popular. Honey is sold in various forms, and can be processed or unprocessed. In general, the best honey is raw honey due to its taste, aroma and health benefits. Raw honey is produced with minimal to no processing. In some cases, the honey is sold while still in the cells of honeycomb. Consumers of honey prefer their raw honey in different states based on personal preference. This article looks at the various types of raw honey and where to the best raw honey online.

Raw honey differs in a fundamental way from organic honey. The label organic is given to honey that is produced with minimal chemical use. Organic honey prides itself in low to no chemical additives content. Raw honey chunks are made from beeswax from which honey has not been extracted. This is called comb honey. It is sold in various sizes and packaging.

Stakich Raw Honey

Stakich Raw Honey

This pure honey is sold by the Stakich Company. It is taken through minimal processing from harvesting to packaging. It has a mellow taste and great coloration. Stakich bee products have been made and sold for many years. You can buy your Stakich raw honey online on the company’s website. Currently, Stakich sells this product in a 60 lb container. The bucket is great for when you have a lot of use for it. You may also purchase and split it into smaller amounts for your use. Bear in mind that honey never spoils once properly sealed, so a 60 lb container should last you a great while.

A lot of care is taken to ensure that Stakich raw honey is pure and wholesome. It is taken through minimal processing to retain its natural amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. It lasts for long in its packaging without going bad. The honey is unfiltered. It is not too viscous, so spreading it on foods is easy. Stakich is dedicated to have its products give you the best nutritional value. It does this through stringent quality assurance practices that makes its raw honey great in appearance, texture and flavor. Allow a little variation in the sweet odors, flavor and appearance of the honey from batch to batch due to varying production periods.

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Tips on Buying Honey Online

When you think of vegetables, you know that raw, unprocessed vegetables have a different flavor and consistency than their cooked counterparts, and honey is no different. Raw honey has a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, manganese, iron and zinc. It contains high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients as well as healthy fats and proteins. It promotes digestion too.

You should only use the best quality honey for its full benefits. When buying raw honey for your use, be sure to buy from reputable beekeepers. You may buy it locally or go online to make your purchase.

How to Buy Honey Online

Purchasing raw honey online is eased by the many beekeeping operations that have an online presence. They sell their raw honey in varying packaging, which varies by size. Honey is sold by weight in many instances, both in small and large containers. Dark containers that do not let light through should be used. The container should also be food safe.

When buying raw honey online, you need to ensure that it is in the best condition. You should inquire for information such as the date of harvesting, to help you know if the honey is fresh or has been in storage for some time. After harvesting though, raw honey that is stored properly does not go bad. It is able to keep its properties for very many years.

Beekeepers and consumers have found that raw honey from different regions has varying levels of some constituents. When one property of honey is targeted in production, the honey bee colonies are managed into visiting one plant type more often. This gives us various varieties of honey such as Acacia honey, Manuka honey, and Buckwheat honey among others. Varieties of honey are usually sold at varying prices. Some are more valued than others in the market.

Picking the Best Raw Honey


Raw honey is honey spun from natural beeswax (honeycomb) and contains enzymes and natural bee pollen. It also contains traces of pollen and propolis. It is very natural and has its color between pale amber and dark brown. Knowing how raw honey looks and where it was produced is great when buying online. The visual appearance of honey is a great indicator of its wholesomeness.

Tasting the raw honey upon reception is also recommended. Metallic tastes and flavors from objects that have been in contact with the honey, should not be present. Food grade stainless steel and plastic do not impart flavors, tastes or smells to honey. Beekeepers should use the food-safe materials as much as they can in their beekeeping. It is especially important to have the food-safe materials in tools and equipment, that are used in the raw honey harvesting and packaging process.

Honey Filtration Processing After Harvesting

Filtering honey removes some components. Pure raw honey should not have undergone filtration. It should crystallize naturally when put in storage. Based on the date of harvesting and your time of purchase, some of the raw honey you buy may have crystallized. You will note the crystals at the bottom of the bottling container.

Where the container does not allow you to see through it, you find the crystallized honey when emptying it. Crystallization of honey is a natural process. It shows that the honey has the required high concentration of sugars. Honey that has undergone processing and filtration may not crystallize as much as pure raw honey. It may not even crystallize at all.

Honey Storage

You can store honey for a long time without worrying about it spoiling. It is a food that contains a lot of sugars and other nutrients. Raw honey is a great food item to stock up on. You can later process it to get various extracts. Separating it with the wax it may contain, gives you edible honey and beeswax as separate products. This is possible because the raw honey may only have been slightly mashed with its comb, or in its pristine state as it came from the beehive. Beekeepers selling raw honey are often suited by using foundationless unwired beehive frames. Langstroth beehives are great for when you are aiming to sell raw honey.

Online Consumer Protection

Many countries have developed honey standards to protect consumers, so that people can reliably know and trust what they are getting. Purchasing honey online is often governed by the laws of the land in which the companies are registered. In the USA, there are many registered companies to purchase raw honey from. They sell the honey directly on their websites and may also be listed on popular online marketplaces. You can buy both local honey from beekeepers near your geographical location, and honey from beekeepers far from you by making your purchase online. Buying from local beekeepers supports your community and the many benefits beekeeping gives to ecosystems.

Uses of Raw Honey

Honey is used in varying applications. Popular uses include as an immune system booster and as a sweetener. Read on below as we discuss more.

1. Cosmetics and Health

Some natural body care products use honey as an ingredient. They are made and sold by many manufacturers under varying brand names. The manufacturers may produce their own filtered beeswax honey or buy it from beekeepers. Some have even entered into partnerships that help both the farmers and ensure sustainable supply of raw honey for the natural products manufacturers. The honey can be as an additive in the products or as the base component.

A property of raw honey loved by natural treatment and beauty products manufacturers, is its moisturizing nature. When rubbed onto human skin in small amounts, it helps the skin retain moisture. In this manner, it is able to moisturize the skin and keep it soft. Other healing properties are also gained from using honey in the moisturizer. These products exploit the anti-inflammatory properties of honey in their salves and other preparations. Honey can also be used to work on scars and discolorations of the skin.

Due to the unregulated nature of the cosmetics and beauty industry in some jurisdictions, you should be keen when choosing the products to purchase and use. Some may contain other compounds in addition to honey. The other components of the beauty and other treatment products from such manufacturers may cause harm or affect your skin and health in various ways. Go for the best and safest of these products that only have approved chemicals in them. They give you the best in the beauty and wellness needs of your lifestyle.

2. As a Food Sweetener

Honey is a great sweetener. Many foods get a great taste when honey is added to them. Honey is wholesome and a even a little bit of it has great nutritional benefits. Some sweet additions of honey to food you can try, include putting some in your ice cream, yogurt, cookies, cakes and other baked goods. Indeed, baked desserts with honey are a great treat you should try. Recipes for the many preparations to explore are available online. Your friends and colleagues at work may also have great recipes to share.

3. For Seasonal Allergy Tolerance

Sufferers of seasonal allergies to pollen can use honey to build some tolerance. Eating honey from local apiaries helps you avoid the uncomfortable allergic reactions. It contains pollen from local flowers that strengthens your immune system. Eating the honey makes you able to interact with the pollen later on without suffering the allergic reaction.

Raw Honey Production in Beekeeping Operations

Honey is produced by honey bee colonies. Many colonies are raised in managed beekeeping operations. Beekeepers appreciate that honey is made by bees as a food for the colony. The colony needs to have enough honey reserved for its survival. You should not harvest all the honey and leave the colony without enough for its own use. Honey bees produce a lot of honey in a year that you can harvest and still leave enough for the colony.

A well fed colony stays strong and is able of producing a lot more honey. Foraging power in the important seasons of spring, summer and fall is a crucial factor in honey production. Strong honey bee colonies with many foraging bees produce more honey than weak colonies. Where honey bees do not have food, supplemental feeding can help the colony get through the shortage.

Influencing Color and Flavor in Raw Honey

You should not aim to have bees produce honey from the sugar syrup you feed them. The best honey to produce and sell as raw honey is made from the nectar of flowers. Planting flowers and flowering plants in the area that bees can reach on foraging trips is a great way to encourage honey production. Both beginner and experienced beekeepers can boost honey production and encourage different flavors and colors in the honey they harvest. They do this by making more of specific species of flowering plants available to their honey bee colonies.

The planting of selected plants can be incorporated into the general apiary management. Plants make great barriers and landmarks to use around apiaries. The plant barriers encourage the flight paths of honey bees to go up and away from animals and people that they may sting. Large trees are great landmarks for bees to use in locating their beehive on return from foraging flights.

Honey produced with managed plant availability allows us beekeepers to give you variety in color and flavor of raw honey. It can range from very light colors to darker amber colors, with a beautiful variety of flavors.


Raw honey is great for consumption. It can be made by both beginner and experienced beekeepers. There are many uses for it in both the home and other industries. Some beekeepers do not sell raw honey as a product from their beekeeping. Rather, they focus on other products or sell their honey in processed form. Raw honey can be purchased online with minimal risk if you take enough measures to protect yourself from fraud. Governments and other authorities have also put in place protections for buyers of food and other products both online and offline. Use the tips in this article to buy the best raw honey for sale online.

Do you buy raw honey online? Where do you go? Leave a comment below and share!

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