Top 6 Best Best Honey Filling Machines (2022)

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Use a honey filling machine to package honey quickly, with ease, and in hygienic conditions. This article about the best honey filling machines enlightens you with all the information you need to have about the machines. It also discusses important features and benefits of the machines. Additionally, the article takes a closer look at some of the honey filling machines in the market.

Packaging the honey you harvest in your beekeeping operation makes its presentation better and eases its marketing. The honey that you have packaged well lasts for long without spoiling. On the packaging containers, you are able to brand your honey product and make it visually attractive to potential consumers. Packaged honey is easy to manage, transport, and display in your various honey marketing activities.

Honey filling machines help you conform to the requirements of honey processing in the food and beverage industry. Many people knowingly consume honey. They may also consume or use other beehive products, but may not know if it. This makes honey highly known and associated with beekeeping than other beehive products. Honey’s popularity and its uses as food by humans have made regulatory bodies develop guidelines, regulations, and standards that apply to honey. They apply to most, if not all, honey production and management processes until the honey reaches consumers.

The high viscosity of honey makes it a difficult liquid to work with. It does not flow easily, especially when cold. This causes honey filling machines to require very specific and accurate capabilities. Additionally, the viscosity affects energy consumption in the machines, as well as maintenance of hygiene among other factors. Manufacturers of the best honey filling machines make sure that their machines can easily handle the viscosity of honey and the challenges it presents.

Uses of Honey Filling Machines

A typical honey filling machine should be able to put some amount of honey that you set into a designated container. If it can do that, it fulfills the requirement to be called a honey filling machine.

Improvements on the machines have made some of those available in the market today capable of performing one or more tasks related to putting honey in a selected container. The tasks some machines can perform in addition to filling are;

  • Honey filling machines can be built to carry out the task of forming containers of honey.
  • Some honey filling machines can rinse containers before putting honey in the containers.
  • After filling a container with honey, some of these machines can seal the containers.
  • Others can cap the containers.
  • If built to, honey filling machines can label the containers.

Always take into account the number of tasks that a honey filling machine can perform.

Features of the Best Honey Filling Machines

In addition to the tasks that an individual honey filling machine can perform, the machines have various features that you should take into account. These features affect your experience during your use of the machine among other aspects relating to the machine. They come into play when you want to get a honey filling machine that is the most suitable and practical for your beekeeping operation and budgetary allocations. Major features of the machines are;

Multi-Function and Linking With Other Machines

You get the most help from a honey filling machine when it can perform several honey-bottling and packaging tasks. Any task that your machine cannot perform falls on you to perform it manually. You may have to purchase additional machines to perform some or all of the tasks that your honey filling machine cannot perform. In such a case, ensure that the honey filling machine that you have links easily with the additional machinery.

Automation and Modernization of the Machine

Automation of various functions of a honey filling machine makes operating it easier. The more manual a filling machine is, the more difficult it is to operate it. Prefer automated honey filling machines over manual ones. Manual honey filling machines are engaging, tiring, and energy-intensive. They tire you out because they are often hand-cranked. Automatic machines run on electricity, usually AC power.

Additionally, look out for the modernization of the machine’s controls. Having modern control interfaces such as a touchscreen gives you better overall results in operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting the machine.

Loading Unpackaged Honey

Loading unpacked honey into your filling machine is important to the use of the machine. It should be easy to carry out. The best machines can fetch water from honey containers using pipes and inbuilt pumping mechanisms. Avoid the tiring work that comes with machines that require you to pour unbottled honey into their receptacles.

Safety Features

Safety features on honey filling machines help to prevent injuries to persons working with the machine. Different safety features on the achiness use different mechanisms to work. Go for the machine that has the best safety features such as auto-shutdown. The shutdown feature on the machine may be activated by obstruction of the machine working, emptying of unbottled honey in the designated container, or other causes.

Using with Different Container Materials

The filling machine should be capable of working with different materials used to make containers of honey. Major materials are glass, metal and plastic. The machine should not break or damage the container made with any of these materials. It is, however, acceptable for machines that form honey containers from raw material to form the containers from one type of material only.

Working with Varying Container Sizes

Honey filling machines that give you the best value are those that work comfortably with different container sizes. They allow for adjusting of the volume they should pour into each container among other operational aspects. Each filling machine has its range of measuring that mentions the smallest volume and the largest volume of honey that the machine can fill a container with. It determines the smallest and largest container you can use with the machine. Find out the measuring range of the machine and check if it is acceptable to you.

Materials and Construction

Human consumption of honey requires you to use materials that are food grade in handling and processing honey. The filling machine that you use should be made using materials that are safe for use with human food. You should pay more attention to the parts of the machine that come into direct contact with honey. The machine should also be constructed sturdily to make it stable and durable.

Some machines may be shipped to you while fully or partially assembled. Others may come in a disassembled state. Find out how the manufacturer or seller you are buying from ships their honey filling machine. If you need to, ask for personnel from the seller to carry out assembly and testing after the machine arrives at your receiving location.

There are different types of drive mechanisms on honey filling machines. Each drive mechanism has its strengths and weaknesses. The best drive mechanism is a sprocket and chain system. It has a great transfer of power, requires minor maintenance performed on it, and lasts for long without breaking or failing. Find out the drive mechanism of honey filling machines you come across to make a fully informed choice.

Support, Warranty, After-Sales Services

Get the best support services, warranty on your machine, and other after-sales services. Honey filling machines are pricey equipment and should not fail you needlessly. Ensure that you will get after-sales services that solve any problems you might encounter with the machine. Most honey filling machines come with a 5-year warranty or longer.

Owner’s Operation Manual/Video

Ask that the seller of your honey filling machine provides you with an owner’s manual. Some sellers and manufacturers may call it an operation manual. The manual details how to use the machine and perform other activities with the machine such as maintenance and troubleshooting. It is a useful guide for the smooth and functional operation of the honey bottling machine. Some suppliers of the machines have made instructional videos on how to use and work with their machines. Watch the videos and ensure you are able to access them in the future if you ever need to.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Honey Filling Machine

Various factors impact the suitability of a honey filling machine to your intended use. They help you sift through the many different honey filling machines that you might encounter and choose the best one. These most important factors to consider are;

Current and Future Needs

Your beekeeping operation has the potential to grow. Take into account your current honey bottling needs and the possible needs in the future. For a large apiary, the honey filling machine you acquire should be capable of handling large volumes of honey, running for long periods of time. The machine should also perform more than one honey packaging task to reduce the amount of manual labor you use in the packaging process.

Fill Rate

Avoid honey filling machines with a low fill rate. They take too long to bottle up a small amount of honey. Such machines are not suitable for large and busy beekeeping operations. A high fill rate saves you time and enables you to quickly bottle up all the honey you have. The fill rate of a honey filling machine is indicated as a volume per minute or hour. Some suppliers of the machines refer to the fill rate as a packing rate, bottling rate, or working rate.

Honey Filling Method

Cleanliness, safety, and efficiency are important in honey handling and packaging. The method that a honey filling machine uses to pour the honey into containers affects the filling rate and cleanliness of the process. The method should allow for changes in nozzle types and sizes, as well as have low chances of causing spills. Some machines use sensors to determine the best centering of honey containers and avoid spilling honey down the sides of the containers.

Hygiene – cleaning the machine, preventing/handling spills if any

Observe top hygiene standards with your honey packaging process. It includes all aspects of handling the honey from its storage and even after it is bottled. First, make sure that it is easy to clean your honey filling machine. Some machines have self-cleaning features that are very useful and handy. Address any spills, and leakages of fluids including honey in the machine as soon as you can. When cleaning the machine, use only the approved methods and fluids to maintain the safety of the honey you process with the machine in subsequent use.

Approvals by Authorities and Regulators

In the USA, the FDA engages in various activities related to the handling and consumption of honey. It is aware of the use of honey filling machines. The FDA has, therefore, analyzed the machines and issued various guidelines about their use. It has additionally approved some machines that meet the required standards. Use approved machines so that your honey stays safe for human consumption. The FDA places a lot of weight on the pipes that honey filling machines pass honey through. They are expected to be made using food-safe material.

Best Honey Filling Machines to Buy

When you buy equipment, you want the best products that will adequately satisfy your needs. Beekeepers deserve the best honey-filling machines for their beekeeping operations. In the market, there are many different filling machines from different manufacturers. To save you time and ease the task of searching for a great honey filling machine, below is in-depth detailing of the best honey filling machines;

TECHTONGDA Paste Liquid Fill Machine

TECHTONGDA paste liquid fill machine is versatile and hardy equipment for filling honey into containers. It is a simple machine that is suitable for both small and medium-sized beekeeping operations. The machine has impressive features such as heating and mixing functions and adjustable filling parameters. This machine works in either manual mode or automatic mode. In manual mode, you use a footswitch to operate the machine. TECHTONGDA paste liquid fill machine has a large tank to hold honey. Due to its simple build, the machine only fills honey into containers. It does not perform any other tasks you might want such as labeling.

Pouring your honey into containers with this filling machine is easy and fast. Both beginner and experienced beekeepers can do it comfortably. The machine has a clamp-type connection on its nozzle. It also features a hopper and a 3-way valve for great control of the flow of honey. Using a clamp-type connection makes the assembly easy to take apart for cleaning and put everything back without difficulties. All the various parts of this machine that come into contact with honey including the pouring system are made of stainless steel which is safe for use with food for human consumption. Using stainless steel on most parts and components also makes the machine durable.

Techtongda 110V Pneumatic Dual-Use Paste Liquid Filling Machine

Techtongda 110V pneumatic dual-use paste liquid filling machine is a stainless steel filling companion for beekeepers. It is small and suitable for both small and medium-sized beekeeping operations. The filling machine is composed of a hopper to hold honey and a system of pumping the honey out through a nozzle. You can have a maximum of 30 liters of honey in this machine’s hopper at a time. On this machine, there is no heating or stirring function. The filling machine runs on both pneumatic and electric power. Using pneumatic power on the machine requires you to buy a suitable compressor for the machine.

You can pour volumes of honey ranging from 10 ml to 300 ml using this filling has adjustable settings for the amount of honey you want to be poured out per instance. The filling system features a single filling head and a nozzle of 8 millimeters diameter. You can fill up to 25 containers with honey per minute using this machine. Techtongda 110V pneumatic dual-use paste liquid filling machine is easy to operate and maintain. Cleaning the honey filling machine is not difficult because of its good design and small size. When you need to, you can easily move the machine to a new location. Its small size makes it light in weight.

INTBUYING Stainless Steel Pneumatic Filling Machine

INTBUYING stainless steel pneumatic filling machine is a large-capacity and heavy-duty machine. It comes with an impressive filling capacity. You have options of one that has a filling capacity of 5-50 ml and another that can release 100-1000 ml per instance. This makes it suitable for large beekeeping operations. The entire machine is largely made using food-safe stainless steel. 304 stainless steel used to make this honey filling machine is durable. This machine is constructed solidly so it is stable when in use. You require electric power and a compressor to run this machine. It uses a pneumatic valve to control the flow of honey out of its hopper. The hopper is heated to make the honey flow better. You can adjust the temperature of the hopper up to 3920F.

Various gauges and controls on this machine make operating it easy and comfortable. They include pressure and temperature gauges, and switches for operating the machine. Being this easy to operate allows both beginner and experienced beekeepers to use the honey filling machine. This machine has a nozzle that has anti-drip features. Additionally, the nozzle is in a design that avoids clogging the nozzle and enables self-retraction of the nozzle. The machine has reliable safety features that make it power off when the operation is unsafe.

Hanchen Liquid and Paste Filling Machine with Heater

Hanchen liquid and paste filling machine with heater is an automatic honey filling equipment. It runs on electric power. The machine also uses air at high pressure to operate its pneumatic systems. You can switch this honey filling machine between two working modes; semi-automatic, and fully automatic modes. In the semi-automatic mode, you use a foot pedal to trigger the release of the set volume of honey into your container. This filling machine is large in size and does a lot of work in a short period of time. It features a hopper, base, pneumatic systems, and electrical components. There are also various buttons, switches, and controls on the machine body.

The hopper of this machine can heat up and also has a stirrer. It has the capability to fill your honey container with a volume of honey ranging from 50-500 milliliters per instance. This honey filling machine comes from a manufacturer with many reliable machines of the same type in the market. It has a solid construction and is very sturdy. Hanchen makes this machine using food-safe stainless steel in most of its parts and components. Its valve is of the rotary valve type which is durable and easy to clean. Its piston is resistant to corrosion and consistently pushes out only the volume of honey you have set.

Moonshan Manual Liquid Filling Machine

Moonshan manual liquid filling machine is a reliable manual honey filling equipment. It does not need electricity or compressed air for operation. This helps it avoid the costs and challenges that come with electrical and pneumatic systems. It uses a simple piston to push honey out of the nozzle to fill your honey container. To fill a container, you press down on the handle to move the machine’s piston. The piston pushes out the volume of honey you have set. You then lift up the handle and the piston draws more honey from the machine’s hopper.  Moonshan makes this filling machine using food-safe stainless steel. It is durable and very sturdy.

The main features of this machine are its 2.6-gallon hopper, piston, handle, and filling nozzle. The various parts and components are assembled on a stable base. An internal gearing mechanism in the machine makes the best use of energy that you apply to the handle. You can use a 4-millimeter nozzle or an 8-millimeter nozzle with this machine. The two nozzles come in the purchase package. Enjoy this machine’s working with a heat-resistant piston that can withstand temperatures of up to 3920F (2000C). You also get a 2-year warranty, lifetime technical support, and other great after-sales with your purchase of this honey filling machine.

Hanchen 5-50ml Pneumatic Liquid Paste Filling Machine

This is another great product from Hanchen for your use in beekeeping. It comes from an experienced manufacturer of honey filling machines. Use this fast honey bottling machine to package honey you harvest from your apiaries. Hanchen 5-50ml pneumatic liquid paste filling machine uses pneumatic and electric systems for its running. You should, therefore, provide compressed air at about 80psi for the best operation of the machine. Make sure to use a compressor that has at least a 5-gallon capacity. The air you put into this Hanchen honey filling machine should be clean so that it does not harm or damage the machine’s air cylinder.

Hanchen 5-50ml pneumatic liquid paste filling machine is easy to use in beekeeping operations of any size. Both beginner and experienced beekeepers can operate it and reap the benefits of this machine. The honey filling machine comes with a hopper, air cylinder, electrical systems, switches and controls, nozzle, and a pedal control among other components. Its wide base and net weight of 22 lbs. make it very stable. You can make adjustments to set the volume of honey that the machine discharges to between 5 milliliters and 50 milliliters. It has an impressive filling rate of 1-25 bottles of honey per minute. This machine comes with a 1-year warranty.


Honey filling machines are useful beekeeping equipment because they make the management of honey easy. They solve many challenges that beekeepers face when they package honey without the help of machines. Most importantly, honey filling machines help you to satisfy industry and market requirements and standards. Advancements in technology and beekeeping have given us many honey filling machines that serve their purpose very well. The machines can perform one or more tasks such as filling containers with honey and capping them among others. Both beginner and experienced beekeepers can use honey filling machines to package honey in the containers they prefer. Put the information, details, and tips we have shared with you here to get the best honey-filling machines for your beekeeping.

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