Best Beeswax Melting Equipment (2022)

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Melting equipment is a necessity when you are working with beeswax. The best beeswax melters / melting equipment to use in your operations are those that will speed up operations and make the job easier. It should also be safe for use with products for human consumption. In this article, we lay out the best beeswax melters and melting equipment that you can use in your beekeeping and beeswax processing operations. It ensures that you meet production standards and produce high quality beeswax products. The equipment is suitable for use in small and large beekeeping operations depending on your preferences, its size and the budgetary allocation you can use on the melting equipment.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 150

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 150 is a low capacity beeswax melter for small beekeeping operations and wax processors. Its manufacturer prides it as being the industry’s fastest beeswax liquefier melter. This melter comes with digital controls for its operation. It also boasts energy efficiency and even heating. This melter has a capacity of 150lb (76 Kg). In volume, this capacity is equivalent to 11 gallons (41 L).  The melter has 2 valves to drain liquids from the heating tank. One valve is for beeswax, and you can use the other valve to drain out honey, if any is present in your beeswax.


The inner surface of this melter is round. It makes cleaning the melter easy due to absence of corners. It is made using high-grade and food-safe stainless steel that is rated 304. The stainless steel is rustproof and thus lasts for many years. Additionally, there is no use of water with this wax melter. This helps prevent problems that would arise due to presence of water in the melter such as rusting and electric circuit problems.

Permanent heating elements are a major feature of the Beeswax Liquefier Melter 150. They enable it to give you many years of service. With digital heating control, the heating elements spread heat evenly in the melting tank of this beeswax melter.  They even heat the spout at the beeswax outlet so that there is no clogging of the melter.  

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 150 comes with a stainless steel lid to cover its top during operation and storage. This boosts food safety and also the safety of the operator. The lid is made using strong stainless steel.

This beeswax melter runs on electric power. It requires 110-120 volts of Alternating Current electricity for its operation. You can also have the unit installed with a 240-250 volts system upon request and at extra cost. Another add-on available is a hinged lid agitator.


Beeswax Liquefier Melter 150 has wide 1-inch outlets for easy extraction of melted beeswax.  Having two outlets enables easy separation of beeswax and honey. The outlets are heated and do not clog easily.

This melter has revolutionary eco-heating. It is fast and environmentally friendly. The melter has insulation on its sides and bottom so there is very little heat loss during operation. This gives you excellent value for the melter by keeping your power bills down.

Precision digital heating makes this beeswax melter able to do its job quickly. It allows for even heating of beeswax with no hotspots. The beeswax melts evenly without some sections remaining solid.


This beeswax melter is small in size. It is not practical for large beekeeping operations and beeswax processors. Its 150lb capacity has difficult time satisfying the wax melting needs of a large operation.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 300

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 300 is a fast-heating melter for small beekeeping operations. It is fitted with 2 valves for easy separation of honey and beeswax. This melter is energy efficient and has digital controls for its operation. It has a capacity of 300lb (136 Kg) equivalent to 26 gallons (98 L) of melted beeswax. You can use it in most small beekeeping operations to melt beeswax. This melter is great for melting and pouring out wax for different uses such as making candles, cosmetics, wood polish and modeling among other uses. The melter has permanent electric heating elements and does not need water for its working.


This beeswax melter is made using stainless steel. Food-safe and high-grade stainless steel that is rates 304 is the major constituent of the melter. It gives the meter excellent structural strength. The steel does not rust, chip or get dented. This makes the melter strong and long-lasting. It gives you many years of service in your beeswax melting operations. The stainless steel also makes cleaning of the melter easy so that you are able to keep high hygiene standards.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 300 runs on electric power. It comes with a 110-120 volt unit installed. You can also get a 220-240 volt unit upon request. The melter has excellent use of electric power with high efficiency and even distribution of heat. The permanent heating elements last for long and work well with the digital control system of the melter. Insulation installed in this melter ensures that there is minimal heat loss from the melter during operation.

You can get power customization to enable the melter run on 240 volt electric power supply grids. Additionally, you can get a stainless steel hinged lid with an agitator with your purchase of the melter. Other add-ons available with the melter are a stainless steel welded support frame stand with legs, and strong welded casters with wheels.


This beeswax melter is energy-efficient and has great distribution of heat during operation. This ensures that all the wax that you put in the Beeswax Liquefier Melter 300 melts evenly with no sections left in their solid state.

Various add-ons and customizations that you can get make this beeswax melter a valuable investment in your operation. They improve safety and make your use of the beeswax melter better, easier and suit the melter to meet your needs.

Drainage spouts on this melter are wide and heated. They do not clog up and release a large amount of beeswax per second. This makes the melter suitable for pouring out melted beeswax.


This beeswax melter is industrial in nature. Purchasing it is not easy for small beekeeping operations with small budgets. The large beekeeping operations that can afford the cost are, however, not suited by this melter because of its small size.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 500

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 500 is an energy-efficient beeswax melter with a 500 lbs. capacity. It can take the 241 Kg of beeswax at a time, which is equivalent to 33 gallons of wax or 125 liters. The melter comes in a metallic silver color. This is a result of stainless steel making up the exterior, as well as the interior surfaces of the melter. Outer surfaces of the beeswax melter meet at right angles to make a square shape. The inside of the melter is rounded into a cylindrical shape. Rounding the inside section of the beeswax melters removes corners and allows for easy cleaning of the melter. It also ensures that all melted beeswax drains easily from the melter.


This beeswax melter has permanent heaters. It does not need water for its operation. This prevents problems such as rusting that would easily occur due to presence of water. Permanent heating elements in the heater are distributed evenly under the surface of the melter. They work well with the digital control system of the melter and give even heating in the melter.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 500 uses an electronic digital control. The control system works with the heating elements and delivers energy-efficient heating. This ensures that the melter works as promised, and allows the heating elements to have long lifetimes. You are also able to set and adjust different heating parameters for best results in the melter’s operation.

WAXMELTERS makes the Beeswax Liquefier Melter 500 with 2 outlet valves. They enable easy separation of melted beeswax and any honey that may have been in the wax. Food-grade stainless steel is used to make the interior of the melter, so any honey coming out of the melter is safe for human consumption.

There is a SNAP wax filter installed in this beeswax melter. It removes impurities from the wax that you melt up using the Beeswax Liquefier Melter 500. The filter is durable so it gives you many years of service.


Beeswax Liquefier Melter 500 has a heated spout. It prevents clogging of the spout and smooth flow of wax out of the melter.

There is even heating of beeswax in the cylindrical chamber of this melter. This allows for melting of wax with no sections left solid. It also ensures that you can drain all the wax from the melter. Insulation around the chamber of the melter ensures heat conservation and energy efficiency.

Stainless steel used to make this melter is food safe. It also makes cleaning the melter easy. The stainless steel gives this melter long life and structural strength. It is made in a double-wall fabrication and does not rust, get dented or chipped.


This melter can be expensive for the small beekeeping and beeswax processing operations that it is suitable for. Investing in the melter could deny the operation funds that would give faster returns on investment if used in other sectors of the operation.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 700

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 700 is a square stainless steel melter with long life and excellent returns on investment in beekeeping and wax processing operations. The melter is strong due to being fabricated using stainless steel. It is also easy to clean. The stainless steel used to make the melter is food grade. It does not rust, chip off or get easily dented. This melter has electric heating and is insulated to conserve the heat it produces. Its outlet spout is also heated so it does not clog up easily. The melter is great for use in medium sized beekeeping and wax processing operations.


Heating in this beeswax melter is achieved using electric energy. There are heating elements installed in the melter that convert electric energy into heat energy. Permanent heating elements are installed in this melter. They last for long and give even heating in all internal surfaces of the melter to ensure that all beeswax melts. This saves you the costs of installing replacement heaters.

Operating this beeswax melter is easy. The Beeswax Liquefier Melter 700 comes with a digital control panel that has all the control features you would want. It has a LCD touchscreen that allows you to easily set and adjust all parameters of heating. Precision heating to melt beeswax is thus possible with this melter. The control panel is also protected and lockable to improve safety and prevent unauthorized access.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 700 can take up to 700lb of beeswax at a time. This is equivalent to 318 Kg, or 49 gallons or 185 liters of melted beeswax. It is an amount that is sufficient for the needs of most medium sized beekeeping and wax processing operations. You can use this melter in the processing of beeswax for many different uses including making candles, wood polish and cosmetics among others.


Electric power is used well and efficiently in this beeswax melter. Digital control of the heating process and insulation ensure that the melter consumes only the power that it needs, and conserves the heat that it generates.

Various add-ons and customizations that you can get with this melter improve safety and make working with this melter enjoyable. They include an agitator, 240 volts power system, stainless steel stand and casters with wheels.

Getting melted beeswax from this melter is easy and fast with the spout installed on it. The manufacturer provides you with a 1-inch outlet fitted with a brass ball valve for easy operation and flow of wax. It also enables you to easily attach your preferred fixtures to the outlet of the melter.


Beeswax Liquefier Melter 700 is not suitable for small beekeeping operations.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1000

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1000 is a melter with 1000Lbs capacity. It runs on electric power and is energy efficient. The melter heats up evenly and has no hot or cold spots. Getting melted wax from the melter is easy through the installed outlet spout. The outlet is heated to prevent clogging. This melter is made using food-grade stainless steel. It also has various customizations and add-ons that you can get and install to improve safety and ease management of the melter. WAXMELTERS makes this melter in a square exterior shape and a cylindrical interior. The cylindrical interior eases cleaning and draining of the melter.


Permanent heating elements in this melter ensure even heating of all interior surfaces. They also last for long and save you from incurring costs for replacement heaters. The heating elements work well with the digital control of the melter. Insulation in the melter prevents excessive heat loss.

There is digital control of heating and other parameters in this melter. Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1000 comes with a reliable digital control panel that allows for many functions and control features. It has a LDC screen that is touch-enabled. The control panel is hinged for easy and comfortable use. It is also protected and lockable for safety and to prevent unauthorized access.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1000 has 2 outlet spouts. You can use the spouts to separate honey from beeswax. Additionally, the melter has a SNAP wax filter. The filter is great for removing impurities from melted beeswax. Outlet spouts on this melter are heated to ensure that clogging does not happen easily.

Stainless steel used to make this melter is food-grade. It is also free from contaminants such as mercury and lead. The steel does not emit any radiation. In the making of the melter, the stainless steel is fabricated into a double-wall setup that gives this meter a lot of structural strength.


This melter has digital temperature control that is easy to use. The control panel helps you to achieve accurate and precise heating with the Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1000. It is responsive to touch input and has illuminated power buttons. Digital control of the melter also features breakers and fuses for safety purposes.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1000 is strong, durable and effective. It melts large amounts of wax easily and within less time than most other melters. The melter does this while saving you power costs by being efficient and also while being easy to operate.


You cannot easily scale this melter to use in small beekeeping and beeswax processing operations. Even if beekeepers with small beekeeping operations wanted to use it due to the many good features that it has, its use is limited to medium-sized and moderately large operations only.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1500

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1500 is a large-capacity melter for large beekeeping and wax processing operations. This melter can take 1500Lbs of wax at a time. It is equivalent to 680 Kg, or 110 gallons, or 416 liters of beeswax. The melter comes in a silver color due to stainless steel used to make it. WAXMELTERS makes this melter with a length of 32 inches (82 cm), a width of 32 inches (82 cm) and a height of 38 inches (95 cm) as its outer dimensions. The inner dimensions are 30 inches (76 cm) diameter and a depth of 36 inches (90 cm).


100% US steel is used to make this melter. It is free from mercury and lead. The steel does not emit any radiation. These ensure that the food-safe steel is also safe for operators of the melter. Fabrication of the melter is done in a double-wall design. It ensures structural strength and durability of the melter.

A round inner surface in this melter makes it easy to use and clean. Additionally, it allows you to get all the melted wax from the melter. This prevents wastage of valuable beeswax. The outlet spouts of the melter are heated for smooth flow of beeswax and to prevent clogging. Outlet spouts on this melter are 1-inch wide and fitted with brass ball valves.

Heating and insulation is a major feature of this melter. There are permanent heating elements installed in the melter. They are durable and give even heating of the inner surface of the melter. Insulating the melter ensures that heat is not lost from the melter during operation. The melter meets energy use standards and is eco-friendly.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1500 runs on electric power. It has digital control for its heating. The control panel of the melter is easy to use and is touch-enabled. It has a LCD screen. Other controls for safety and easy operation include breaker fuses and LEDs for ON/OFF status indication.


This melter is suitable for use in large beekeeping and wax processing operations. It has large capacity and is effective in melting large quantities of wax at a time. This enables it to meet the beeswax melting needs of moderately large operations.

You can get various add-ons and modifications that improve the safety and ease of use of this beeswax melter. They include installation of a power system for use with 240 Volt power supply grids, agitator fitting, caster wheels and a frame for the melter.


Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1500 is not a feasible product for small beekeeping and wax processing operations.  Its cost and use disqualifies it from being used in small operations. The melter is not scalable to suit smaller operations.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 2000

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 2000 is a large melter suitable for large beekeeping operations and wax processors. It is of industrial size with a square exterior and rounded interior. The outer dimensions of this melter are 38 inches (97 cm) in length, 38 inches (97 cm) in width and 38 inches (97 cm) in height. Its inner dimensions are 36 inches (92 cm) in diameter and a depth of 36 inches (92 cm). The melter comes in a metallic silver color due to stainless steel used to make it.  This color lasts for long since the stainless steel does not last. Additionally, the stainless steel makes the melter strong and durable.


This melter has a round inner surface made using food-safe stainless steel. The steel is rated 304 and is made in USA.  This makes the melter safe to use with both beeswax and for separating honey from the wax. The stainless steel used to make this melter is free of contaminants such as mercury and lead, and does not emit any radiation.

Beeswax Liquefier Melter 2000 is fabricated in a double-wall design that makes it very strong. It is able to bear the weight of wax in its inner cylindrical chamber without losing structural integrity. The stainless steel does not chip, rust or flake even with some moderate rough handling. It is also able to withstand the stress of repeated heating and cooling due to use of the melter.

Electricity used to run this melter is used well. The melter has permanent heating elements that distribute heat evenly to the interior surface of the melter. They are also durable and efficient. Insulation in the melter ensures that heat is conserved. The melter thus uses up only the electricity that it absolutely needs.

Operation of this melter is using a digital control panel. The panel is easy to use and has a tough-screen for input and information output for the operator to read.


Digital control of this melter, permanent heating elements and insulation in the melter ensure effective and efficient use of electricity. This keeps your power costs down while giving you smooth operations in melting your beeswax.

You can get add-ons and customizations for this beeswax melter. Available options are a steel frame for the melter, a 240-volts power system, caster wheels welded onto the melter and an agitator for stirring installed onto the stainless steel lid of the melter. These add-ons and customizations improve operator safety and make use of the melter easier.


You can only use this beeswax melter in large beekeeping and beeswax processing operations. For efficient use of the melter, you need to fill it with beeswax. Operations that are not large enough do not have adequate amounts of wax to melt and would thus run the melter at reduced capacity and efficiency.

Slab Melting Tank

The WAXMELTERS Slab Melting Tank is a small rectangular tank for melting wax. It is made using stainless steel. it, therefore, comes in a metallic silver color. The tank has a width of 14 inches (35cm), a length of 24 inches (61 cm), and a height of 11 inches (28 cm) on its outer surfaces. Its inner surfaces making the melting tank are 12 inches (30.5 cm) wide, 21 inches (43 cm) long and 8 inches (20 cm) in height. The Slab Melting Tank has permanent heating elements and digital controls for operation. It also has brass ball valves in its outlet spout.


WAXMELTERS Slab Melting Tank is made using stainless steel. The steel is food safe and gives the tank a lot of structural strength. A double-wall designed is used in the making of this beeswax melting tank. It adds strength to the tank and allows for insulation so that the outer surfaces of the tank do not get hot during operation.

Heating is achieved in this tank using electric power. There are permanent heating elements installed in the tank. They use electric power efficiently and are effective in heating the tank to your referred operating temperatures to adequately melt up wax slabs. Insulation in the tank reduces heat loss, thus improving efficiency.

Control over the working of this slab melting tank is through a digital control system. It features a control panel that has a touch-screen. Use of the panel is intuitive. It is easy to input commands into the digital control system and read feedback from the screen. The control system works well with the heating elements of this melting tank.

A SNAP wax filter is installed in this tank. It removes impurities from your melted wax so that you are sure to produce safe products from the wax. The filter is easy to clean. It does not get worn out easily and withstands heating due to hot wax flowing through it.


This slab melting tank is great for operations where the wax is already cast into rectangular shape. It takes a reasonable amount of the wax at a time and melts it efficiently. The tank is eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Removing melted wax from this tank is easy. It has a spout on it that allows smooth flow of liquid wax at a reasonable rate. The outlet spout is heated, so it does not clog. For easy and safe use of the spout, it is fitted with a brass ball valve.


WAXMELTERS Slab Melting Tank runs on electric power only. You cannot use it where there is no supply of electricity. Additionally, this tank is small and not suitable for use in large beekeeping and wax processing operations with large amounts of beeswax to melt.


Beeswax is one of the major beehive products. Beekeepers and beeswax processing operations have varying uses for the beeswax. They all, however, need melting equipment for easy working with the beeswax. Electric melters are fast and give even heating. They are also easy to control. Various other beeswax processing systems and equipment can easily work with these electric melting tanks. Using the professionally designed and made melters we have outlined improves your production processes and helps you to meet industry standards. Use these best beeswax melters / melting equipment that we have detailed in your production for easy, fast and reliable production of the beeswax products that you are proud of.

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