Best Beeswax & Honey Pumping Systems (2022)

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Pumping systems in the processing of beehive products speeds up work and ensures accurate pouring. This guide points you to the best beeswax & honey pumping systems that are suitable for your beekeeping and beehive products processing operation. It takes into account that there are both small and large operations that may want to package or process these major beehive products. Additionally, this guide has made sure that both beginner and experienced beekeepers can use the detailed beeswax and honey pumping systems. Some of the systems are fully automated while others are only semi-automatic. They are thus suited for different types of operations. Choose the one which best suits your operation and fits in your budgetary allocations.

AutoShot 9000-H

AutoShot 9000-H is an automated beeswax and honey pumping system made by WAXMELTERS. The system is fully automated and works continuously once you set it up. It runs on electric power and you do not need to keep pressing any buttons or triggers to cause the pouring out of honey or beeswax. This system has precisely measured automatic filling of containers with wax or honey. It can pour out a volume of between 12 oz. (354 ml) and 90 oz. (2.6 liters) per instance. WAXMELTERS has made the system to work easily with most honey and wax tanks in direct connections.


The head of this pumping system is made using stainless steel and is heated. It makes the system safe to use with products for human consumption. The steel is resistant to heat, impact, rusting and gives the head structural stability. In the head is a digital controller that ensures only the right amount of liquid is released.

Bronze metal is used to make the valve of this pumping system. It does not expand or contract much due to changes in temperatures. The bronze is high-quality NEMA 4 protection class and forms a reliable ½ inch valve. In the valve are Viton® seals for the long life of the valve.

There is a control box for the system with settings for temperature and other operating parameters. Heating the system and head ensures that wax and honey remain liquid as they flow through this system. The control box has touch-input capabilities. It is easy to use and read from.

WAXMELTERS includes a thermo pump and motor in the build of this beeswax and honey pumping system. These are made using an insulated stainless steel casing and are self-regulating.


There are various add-ons and customizations available for this pump. Getting and using them improves your safety and also your user experience.

Liquids that you run through the AutoShot 9000-H do not cool down. All parts of this system through which the liquid flows are heated.

A boom and swivel in this system allow for easy handling of the system and targeting of container openings. It is high and comes with a square base for safe mounting onto your preferred surface.


Small beekeeping operations and beeswax processors have little or no funds to purchase and use this automated beeswax and honey pumping system.


EZ-1-H is a stainless steel honey dispensing system made by WAXMELTERS. It is semi-automated and can be used with both honey and beeswax. The dispensing system is ideal for bottling and candling. It connects easily and directly to your existing tank valves. The EZ-1-H makes beeswax candling, honey storage and honey bottling easy with fast controlled filling that you can adjust to the volume you want. With this system, you get no air bubbles or wastage by dripping. The system is fully heated with the thermo handgun, hose, and pump keeping your beeswax and honey fluid during filling. EZ-1-H is a single-person operation system that increases your production while removing mistakes.


This honey and beeswax pumping system improves quality and uniformity of your filling. Your products therefore are standardized. This is possible due to the ability to choose the amount of fluid that you want released from the system per filling instance.

EZ-1-H is digitally controlled. This gives accuracy and precision that may not be possible to achieve with other beeswax and honey pumping systems. The EZ-1-H is also fully heated so it keeps your liquid materials at the temperature you want for best flow through the system.

You get great range with this system’s 8-foot Teflon cored hose. The hose is heated and braided with stainless steel. This gives the hose structural strength, ability to withstand even high pressure ranges and heat resistance. It is important because the hose is heated. Its length and flexibility give you great range and mobility for filling.

In addition to the standard purchase package, you can get customizations and add-ons for this pumping system. The extras improve your user experience and add safety to the use of this pumping system. They also help you to be able to use the system in 240-Volt supply grids if you need to. Available add-ons include customized hose length to suit your needs, a variable speed pump and a SNAP wax filter.


The EZ-1-H has a long and flexible hose and is hand-operated. It allows you to easily stop operations if something goes wrong.

This pumping system has its own digital control system. It is great for ensuring that you get consistent results when using the filling system. The entire system runs on electric power which is easily available to most beekeeping operations and beeswax processors.


EZ-1-H pumping system requires constant manning because it is hand-operated. It ties up labor that would be free if the system was fully automatic.


EZ POUR-H is a semi-automated stainless steel beeswax and honey pumping system. It is designed for vertical pouring of liquids. The system is ideal for honey storage, bottling and beeswax candling. It connects easily to your honey and beeswax storage and heating systems and tanks. The system features a control system, a hose and a hand-operated head. The hose is held in place by a swivel so that the filling head hangs down in a vertical position. You can then easily use the head to fill liquids into containers during production. This filling system runs on electricity which is available to many beekeeping and beeswax processing operations.


This system is fully heated in its handgun, hose and pump. It keeps the liquid that you are filling out at the best temperature for easy flow through the system. Operating the handgun requires one person since the system is not fully automatic.

EZ POUR-H comes with a heated hose. The hose is able to withstand heating due to a stainless steel braiding layer on the outer surface of the hose. Its core is made using Teflon which is also heat-resistant and food safe. The hose measures 8 feet and is flexible. This gives you mobility and movement range for filling.

The manufacturer of this system makes it with its own control system. The digital control system is effective and provides safety while ensuring durability of various components. Using the control system, you can set the volume that is released per instance and the temperature of the hose.

Electric power is used to run this pumping system. The system requires a supply of 110-120 Volts of AC power. You can get customized 240-Volt systems from the manufacturer. The system uses up 4 amps of power at 120 Volts supply and 2 amps at 240 Volts supply. It is rated 450 Watts.


This system is made using materials that are heat-resistant. It allows the system to be used with hot liquids without damaging it. Additionally, the materials used are food-safe.

Using this beeswax and honey pumping system is easy and effective due to heating the components of the system and the provision of a boom and swivel to bear the weight of the handgun head.


EZ POUR-H is not fully automated. It requires a person to attend to it continuously. The flexible hose may cause dripping to occur.

AutoValve 3000-H

AutoValve 3000-H is an automated valve that dispenses beeswax or honey easily. The valve is fully automatic and comes with its own control system. Once you set the valve, it continues operating without the need for further input such as pressing a button or a trigger. It achieves this by making use of a microchip processor. The valve uses gravity to pour out liquids from your honey tank or beeswax melter. It is ideal for filling heated honey. The valve allows for the flow of between 0.02 oz. and 20 oz. (6 -590 ml). It connects directly and easily to your fluid outlets.


Simple one-person operability of this automated valve increases production. It also reduces mistakes that would occur with continuously directed systems that are hand-operated. The AutoValve 3000-H ensures uniformity and quality in the pouring process in your operation.

Cleaning this unit is easy. The automated valve has an automatic cleaning feature that utilizes a proprietary combination of its internal components. This self-cleaning feature is designed to withstand being fully heated as well as fragrances and dyes.

Automatic filling with this valve allows for easy pouring of small volumes of honey, beeswax and other liquids. It is suitable for the smallest tins and containers for your products. The minimum it can pour out is 0.02 oz.

Direct and easy connection to your existing melting tank or honey storage tank is possible using this valve’s 1-inch connector. You can also contact the manufacturer of the AutoValve 3000-H and get fittings for connecting to wider or narrower outlets.

Full heating is available in the autoshot head of this valve. Various features such as the enclosure, digital controller and design of the valve come together to make this possible and the head durable. Heat-resistant stainless steel and Viton® seals in the valve insure the extended life of this valve.


An aluminum and nylon enclosure for the control box ensures that the box is safe from heat generated in the AutoValve 3000-H

The control box of the AutoValve 3000-H features built-in power buttons, safety features and reset breaker/fuse. It controls the self-regulating heating process for the valve.


This automated valve does not have a hose to deliver beeswax or honey where you want it. You must, therefore, situate your tank close to, and above your working surface for easy filling of containers.

AutoValve 4500

AutoValve 4500 is an automated and digitally controlled dispensing valve. It is also heated to ensure the smooth flow of liquids through it without clogging. The valve does not require continuous manipulation since it is fully automated. This allows you to easily fill containers without spills. It uses gravity for the flow of liquids through the valve since it has no pumping capability. This AutoValve 4500 is designed to pour out liquids measuring between 4 oz. and 45 oz. This is equivalent to a range of between 118ml and 1.3 liters. It is sufficient range for most small and medium-sized operations.


This valve comes in a setup comprising of the valve itself and a control box. The control box regulates the flow of liquids such as beeswax and honey through the valve, and the heating of the valve. AutoValve 4500 has a valve part of it which closes and opens in response to the control box to release fluid or stop the flow of liquids through the valve.

AutoValve 4500 connects easily to your existing honey storage tanks and beeswax melters using its 1-inch connection end. If you need a different connection size, just contact the manufacturer and they will provide you with the required fitting. The autovalve is easy to operate and requires only one operator to input settings in the control section of the valve.

Cleaning this autovalve is easy. The valve has an inbuilt feature that allows for self-cleaning. This is possible due to a proprietary combination of the valve’s internal components. It eases your cleaning process before and after using the valve. Internal components of the autovalve are designed to withstand heating, fragrances and dyes.

Operating this autovalve is using electric power. The autovalve is rated 120W. It can work with both 120 and 240-Volt supply grids with use of an adapter.


AutoValve 4500 is heat-tolerant, and does not get damaged upon exposure to impact, chemicals and moisture. It is durable and will give you excellent returns on investment.

This autovalve eases the filling process in both small and medium filling needs of beeswax and honey processing operation. It frees up labor and eliminates the likelihood of mistakes such as spills happening.


AutoValve 4500 is not built using food-safe materials. To make it food-safe, you need to purchase an add-on customization during ordering of the valve.

AutoValve 4500-H

AutoValve 4500-H is a food-safe version of the AutoValve 4500 automated dispensing valve. It comes in the standard assembly comprising of a control box and the valve itself. The control box allows for easy input into the autovalve system and reading of feedback. In this autovalve, the valve section is heated so that fluids flowing through it remain at the optimum temperature for smooth flow. Heating the valve section also prevents clogging up of the valve section. This autovalve can pour out volumes of between 4 oz. and 45 oz. per instance. This is equivalent to a range of 118ml and 1.3 liters.


The 1-inch connection end of this valve connects easily to most honey storage tanks and beeswax melting tanks. If you need a differently sized connection, just contact the manufacturer. They pride themselves in being able to promptly provide you with the differently sized fitting that you need.

Heating is available in the head of this valve. When you are pouring out hot fluids that need to remain hot for best flow, such as beeswax, the heating feature ensures that you do not get the valve head clogged up. The heating feature is possible due to the use of heat-resistant materials such as stainless steel and Viton® seals in the valve section of the AutoValve 4500-H.

Food-safe materials are used in the making of this valve. This is especially ensured in all surfaces of the autovalve that come into contact with the fluid that you are pouring out. It helps you in achieving and maintaining the required high standards in the processing and handling of products for human consumption.

A control box on this autovalve makes operating the valve easy. One person can easily work with the valve and fill many containers. The control box is enclosed in a nylon and aluminum enclosure.


AutoValve 4500-H has in-built power buttons, a reset breaker/fuse, and other safety features that ensure safety for the operator of the valve and long life of all components of the AutoValve 4500-H. its heating feature is self-regulating.

This autovalve runs on electric power that is easily available to beekeeping operations and beeswax processing operations. Using it allows for clean and easy operations.


AutoValve 4500-H is not suitable for large operations pouring out large volumes of liquids such as 2 liters (67.62 oz.) or more.

AutoValve 9000-H

AutoValve 9000-H is a fully automatic stainless steel beeswax and honey dispensing system. It comes in a control box and valve setup. The autovalve uses electric power for its operation and gravity for the flow of liquids through it. This autovalve does not need the pressing of riggers or buttons for its operation. Once you have set it to specific output parameters, you just leave it and it continues working until you stop it. The valve is suitable for the pouring out of both honey and beeswax into containers. It can measure out between 12 oz. (354ml) and 90 oz. (2.6 liters) of the liquid that you are pouring.


This automated valve system connects with ease to your honey tank or wax melting tank. It has a 1-inch end that connects directly onto your tank’s outlet fitting. If you need a different size of connection fitting, reaching out to the manufacturer of the autovalve gets you easily sorted. The manufacturer prides themselves in their ability to easily provide you with the fitting of different size that you need in your operation.

AutoValve 9000-H runs on electricity. Most beekeeping operations and beeswax processors have access to electric power. The autovalve is rated 120W. It can run on both 120-Volt and 240-Volt electricity supply systems using an adapter. Inform the manufacturer of your preference during the purchase process of the AutoValve 9000-H to get the 240-Volt adapter option.

The valve section of this autovalve assembly is heat-resistant. This is an important feature because the valve is heated. Heating allows for your use of the valve with liquids that need to stay hot for smooth flow through the valve. Heat resistance in the valve is possible due to the use of stainless steel and Viton® seals to make up the valve.


Stainless steel used to make the surfaces of this valve that come into contact with the liquid that you are pouring out is rated grade 304. This is food-safe stainless steel. It is resistant to damage by heat or exposure to chemicals and moisture.

The digital controller of this system helps a lot in ensuring smooth operation of the autovalve. It also helps with running the valve components at safe levels and rates, thus ensuring their long life.


There is no pump installed in this autovalve. The pump is dependent on gravitational pull to get liquids to flow through it.

AutoShot 3000-H

AutoShot 3000-H is a fully automated honey and beeswax dispensing system. It works without needing repeated inputs such as triggers or pressing a button. With this dispensing system, you get options of dispensing liquids in single precise shots, or continuous ON and OFF cycles. This system features a control box, pump, hose, filling head and a swivel arm. They work together to give you a system that is ideal for fast, controlled and heated filling of honey, beeswax and other liquids. With this dispensing system, you can pour out between 0.2 oz. (6 ml) and 20 oz. (590 ml) per instance.


This dispensing system connects directly to your tanks with its 1-inch inlet. It makes use of the dispensing system easy because most tanks in honey processing have the 1-inch outlet. If you need a differently-sized fitting, just contact the manufacturer and they will provide the fittings that you need.

AutoShot 3000-H runs on electric power. It enables clean operations and quick working. The dispenser system is rated 500W. It can run on 120-Volt electric supply grid. Using it with a 240-Volt electric supply requires the use of an adapter. This system uses 5 amps at 120V and 3 amps at 240V.

A boom and swivel in this system eases use of the system. It bears the weight of the hose and also helps with managing the long hose. The assembly comes with a welded base for safe and easy mounting. The boom is made using squared 1 inch x 1 inch stainless steel tubing.

You can get add-ons and customizations with this dispenser system. The add-ons that are available are a SNAP wax filter and a variable speed pump. Customizations that you can get with this system are a longer hose and an adapter for use with a 240-Volt electric power supply grid.


Mounting this dispenser system is easy.  It comes with a boom and swivel that help manage the hose of the system as well as bear the weight of the hose.

The hose of this AutoShot 3000-H dispenser system is heated. This ensures that liquids flow easily through the hose without clogging it up. The hose is made using heat-resistant materials.


AutoShot 3000-H pours out a small amount of liquids per instance. It is only suitable for the filling of small containers of honey or beeswax.

AutoShot 4500-H

AutoShot 4500-H is a medium capacity beeswax and honey dispensing system. It comprises of a heated autoshot dispensing head, a control box, a pump, a hose and a boom with a swivel. The dispensing head of this system has a balancer. This fluid dispensing system runs on electric power. It is rated 600 Watts. WAXMELTERS has made the dispensing system to work in 120-Volt electricity supply systems. To use it in a 240-Volts supply system, you need to use and adapter. AutoShot 4500-H is fully automated. It does not need repeated presses of a trigger or button to dispense honey or beeswax.


The dispensing head of this system is heated. This is possible because the head is made using heat-resistant materials. Stainless steel in the head is rated 304 which is food-safe and gives strength to the head. Additionally, the dispensing system is resistant to rusting and the effects of exposure to most chemicals.

Digital control of this system eases its use and makes for a great user experience. The control box has a digital system that utilizes a microchip to stay in control of all operating parameters of the system.  An enclosure is installed around the control box and pump to protect them from damage.

AutoShot 4500-H has a heated hose that is made using Teflon® in its core and stainless steel among other materials on the outside. This hose is strong and flexible. It is also heat-resistant and durable. It allows you to mount the dispensing system wherever you want due to its 8-foot length.

The pressure of the fluid that you are pouring out with this dispensing system is maintained at a constant level by the pump in the system. The pump is a thermo pump that can run continuously. Its ability to withstand heating makes it a valuable and durable component of the AutoShot 4500-H dispensing system.


Full automation of the operation of this liquid dispensing system frees up labor. Once the system is set to its operation parameters, it continues working until you stop it.

Digital temperature and operation control of this system ensures optimum and reliable results. The system consistently pumps out the proper amount of liquid during use.


This liquid dispensing system is suitable for filling medium –sized containers only. You cannot use it with small containers or the very large containers you might want to use.

AutoShot 9000-H

AutoShot 9000-H is a large capacity liquid dispensing system for beeswax and honey pumping. It is fully automated. This allows you to set it to your preferred operating parameters and then leave it to continue running on its own. It dispenses the set amount of liquid with accuracy and precision into your containers. This system is great for filling large containers of beeswax and honey. It pours out a volume of between 12 oz. (354 ml) and 90 oz. (2.6 liters). This is a sufficiently wide range of the liquid that allows you to comfortably fill both medium-sized and large-sized containers with ease.


The AutoShot 9000-H is automated and heated. This frees up labor that you can deploy elsewhere in your operation. Heating the dispensing system ensures that liquids flow at the optimum rate through the dispensing system. It ensures timely completion of filling operations.

This dispensing system is made up of several sections that come together to give you a reliable system. They include a pump with a motor, a heated hose, a digital control box and a boom on a swivel. The assembly of these different parts and sections shows excellent craftsmanship.

Connecting this dispensing system to your honey tank and beeswax melting tank is easy. It comes with a 1-inch valve that attaches well to the outlet of the tank and allows for quick flow of liquids. The manufacturer of the AutoShot 9000-H is also ready to provide you with special fittings of a different size if you need them.

WAXMELTERS has made the AutoShot 9000-H with digital controls for all its operations. This allows for easy and fast input into the system and feedback readout from the system. The digital control mechanisms are fast at adjusting various operating parameters such as the volume to pour out and the temperature of the dispensing system.


You get precise and consistent results in your pouring out operations in which you use the AutoShot 9000-H. It enables you to easily standardize your products.

Hygiene standards are easy to attain and maintain using this dispensing system. It has an auto-cleaning feature that is enabled by a proprietary combination of its internal components.


The minimum amount that this system can pour out per instance is too large for the packaging of small amounts of honey such as 250 ml (8.45 oz.).


Properly managed production processes in beekeeping and beehive products processing ensure high quality products that are safe for human consumption. Using equipment that is designed for specific operations improves accuracy and enables standardization of products. Additionally, it enables you to meet production standards so that your products can enter many markets. Beeswax and honey pumping systems are valuable in helping you to achieve these best results. They are easy to use by both beginner and experienced beekeepers. Add one or more of the detailed best beeswax & honey pumping systems to make production easier and faster, and for best results in your beeswax and honey processing operations.

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