Best Beekeeping Supplies

Best Bee Smoker Fuels for Your Bees (2023)

Best Bee Smoker Fuel

You have so many options to choose from when it comes to bee smoker fuel. You may be inclined to settle for any kind of fuel, but the best type would be fuel that remains lit and burns slowly while producing a cool white smoke. Natural materials are ideally the best for working on bees since they give the desired quality of smoke. The best bee smoker fuels are meant to make your work easy. Many types of fuel will produce smoke but only a few generate a cool, nice and mellow smoke. Those that produce a hot smoke will burn the bees and that is why you have to choose the best bee smoker fuel for the job. In fact, some materials generate harmful chemicals when burnt and these should be strictly avoided.

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Best Apiary Electric Fence for Bears (2023)

Best Apiary Electric Fence

An apiary electric fence is a very effective way to keep bears away from beehives. Many beekeepers use electric fences all year round to ensure their beehives do not come under attack by a bear. These electric fences are made by different manufacturers. They each have their strengths and weak points. In addition to bears, electric fences keep out many other large and small animals from getting to your apiary. They are great for beehive security. This article looks at the best beekeeping electric fences for bears and how to install them.

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Best Bee Hauling Tarps and Nets (2023)

Moving large numbers of honeybee colonies over long distances is necessary in pollination season. Beekeepers providing pollination services to farmers have come up with ways to ensure honeybee colonies arrive at their destination safely. One measure taken by such beekeepers is using hauling nets and tarps. The tarps used in beehive haulage allow air and water to pass through so that bees can be cooled and ventilated. Various manufacturers use different materials to make their nets and tarps. This article looks at the best bee hauling tarps and nets you can use when transporting beehives.

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Top 10 Best Mason Bee Houses (2023)

Best Mason Bee House

Most of us are familiar with the honey bee but very few people have ever heard of the mason bee, one of the best pollinators in the planet. Mason bees, just like honey bees, have been human’s companions for many years. Mason bees are tranquil and coexist peacefully with humans. These bees are an excellent choice for those who would like to increase the productivity of their garden. They also add an aesthetic value to your home. Mason bees pose little or no threat when kept in the home garden. They are easy to keep and with the best mason bee houses you can easily do so. Read more.

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Top 4 Best Honey Decrystallizers (2023)

Crystallized Honey

Honey decrystallizers are equipment for returning crystallized honey to a usable liquid state. This guide to the best honey decrystallizers explores this equipment and explains the processes of honey crystallization and decrystallization. It also outlines how you can prevent honey crystallization. Even then, keep in mind that crystallization of honey is not a bad thing. It is a natural occurrence due to various factors present in honey and your handling of it. High sugar content in honey is the primary reason that it is able to crystallize. The second major reason for crystallization of honey is low temperatures. Thirdly, honey sitting in one place for a long time shows tendency to crystallize.

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