Beeline Apiaries Complete Starter Hive Kit Review

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The Beeline Apiaries Complete Starter Hive Kit is a great way to get started in beekeeping.

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Honeybees have always survived even in the hardiest conditions. They can thrive in wall voids, hollow trees, stone crevices, or any sheltered place. In past years old-fashioned hives had simple designs but the modern beehives have been designed with more sophisticated features so as to make honeybees management easier. The honey frames of a modern hive unit are well organized and allow individual combs to be removed without damaging the combs or other pieces. It is also safe for the queen bee since the frames make it impossible to injure or kill the queen. The Beeline Apiaries Complete Starter Hive Kit is a modern beehive that boasts a superior design. It allows easy inspection of the hive and makes honey removal stress free. Its inner dimensions and parts are precise and will fit comfortably with similar accessories. The spacing within the hive’s interior is essential since it allows the bees to build combs and glue them to the walls with precision.

Parts of the Modern Beehive

At the base of the hive is the hive stand that keeps the box off the ground. This will keep the unit from rotting or getting attacked by termites. A stand can be anything functional that will keep the beehive off the ground. You will also get a bottom board where the hive is nested. At its open side is the entrance to the hive and this can be narrowed or closed using an entrance cleat as and when needed. Field mice in particularly seek shelter during fall and may end up in the hive. That is why the entrance opening is reduced at fall.

The brood chamber or hive body is the bee colony’s main station. A standard hive has a capacity of 8 – 10 frames of comb and this is the workstation, living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen, and dining room for the bees. Once the bees have exhausted the brood chamber they will use the supers to rear the brood. Therefore, it is prudent to provide extra hive bodies whenever the bee colony outgrows what you have. Another important part of the modern hive is the queen excluder that helps seclude the queen bee. The excluder allows worker bees to move to and fro the queen excluder but is too narrow for the queen to pass through.

The supers, usually placed above the brood chamber are used for surplus honey storage. They have same dimensions as the brood chamber. The deep supers are utilized by the beekeeper that specializes in honey production. They tend to be heavy when full of honey. The shallow supers on the other hand are ideal for those who want honey from specific source of nectar. They are easier to lift since they accumulate small honey yields.

Other components and accessories of the modern hive include: an inner cover, hive cover, foundation and frames.

About the Beeline Apiaries Complete Starter Hive Kit

Beeline Apiaries Complete Starter Hive Kit

The Beeline Apiaries modern beehive is a 10 frame hive unit that is delivered ready and painted. All you need are the bees in order to get started. This complete modern hive is built to endure all changes in climate and ensure the bees enjoy the right conditions within the hive. It stays cool during hot weather thanks to the amazing insulation within the inner walls and still retains its warmth when extremely cold. This helps minimize the energy that bees would have used in regulating the hive’s temperature. The plastic foundation, inner cover, screened bottom board, lid, and entrance reducer all complement each other resulting in an ideal home for the bees. This unit is characterized by the following:

  • It is a 10 frame modern hive that comes with 10 wooden frames with 10 plastic foundations.
  • It is already painted and hence no need to add finish or repaint the unit.
  • Has an inner cover that helps maintain the right conditions within the hive.
  • It has screened bottom board, entrance reducer, as well as an entrance feeder.
  • A pair of goatskin gloves, a hive tool, smoker, bee suit and a beginner book is delivered in the package. All these make it easy for you to get started in beekeeping.
  • It is a complete hive box that has been assembled upon delivery.
  • The unit weighs approximately 26.8 kg and has dimension of 55.9 x 55.9 x 55.9 cm.

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Pros and Cons


  • The unit is delivered assembled and painted, so you won’t need to do that yourself.
  • The standard modern hive box is compatible with other hive components.
  • It has a spacious interior that can accommodate a huge bee colony.
  • It is expandable. You can add more supers as the bee colony continues to grow.
  • The hive is well ventilated and insulated to provide the right temperature and sufficient air circulation.
  • It is well-secured from hive intruders and predators.
  • Comes with a hive feeder.
  • Delivered with extra accessories for beekeeping: smoker, hive tool, a book for beekeeping, and a bee suit.
  • It’s price is within reach for most beekeepers.


  • It’s a bit on the heavier side, especially when laden with honey.

Further Thoughts

Some of the most important considerations that beekeepers are conscious about when selecting a hive include: safety for the bees, room for expansion, quality wood, convenience when handling and feeding, and affordability. Gauging the Beeline Apiaries Complete Starter Hive Kit on these criteria proves the unit meets most of the requirements. It is a unit I would never hesitate in recommending to a friend. All inner and exterior features surpass what one would expect from a standard modern hive. In addition to these you will get extra beekeeping accessories all for free.


The Beeline Apiaries Complete Starter Hive Kit is a kit that will suit both the beginner and professional. It is constructed using excellent quality wood that is long lasting. Hive components such as frames, foundations, entrance reducer, inner cover, bottom board, and entrance feeder are also made of good quality and durable material. The hive box is pre-assembled and pre-painted hence making it easy for the beekeeper to begin the project once the skit is delivered. This is a sure quality for the money.

Do you own the Beeline Apiaries Complete Starter Hive Kit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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