Play this Beekeeping Quiz Game and Test Your Knowledge

Do you think you’re very knowledgeable about beekeeping? Do you think you stand out from the crowd if asked a few questions? Well, here’s a chance to demonstrate just how good you are. Beekeeping is a certainly fascinating activity. Raising bees from day one, until you harvest the fruits of your labor, can be a challenging yet a fulfilling experience. If you’re tempted to think you know so little about keeping bees, you might know more than you realize. Play the beekeeping quiz game below to see just how much you know.


What is the female bee in a hive called?
What is the scientific name for the Western (European) honeybee?
Up to how many eggs can a Queen lay per day?
How many pounds of honey do honeybees require to survive winter?
What is the average life span of a worker bee?
Apart from pheromones, what other way can bees communicate?
What does the Queen bee feed on?
What is the male bee in a hive called?
What is the average life span of a Queen bee?
How fast can a bee beat its wings?
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Want More?

The fun doesn’t end just yet. How about a game you can download on the Google Play store? The popular BeeKeepQuiz app is now available on Google Play. It is fully-loaded with dozens of questions for the beekeeper and the beekeeping enthusiast. The best part about it is, the app is completely free! Engage in more questions whenever you want and wherever and however you like. A game on your phone simply makes things much easier and convenient on your part. It does not matter if you are seated on your couch, travelling, or taking a break in the field. Take the game with you wherever you go!

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