Amazing Things You Can Make out of Beeswax

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Bees are essential for human life – they pollinate 75% of farmed crops and 90% of wild plants. If bees became extinct, there would be widespread global famine, and humans would soon be extinct too. Not only are they of utmost importance for the ecosystem; bees also produce wax that can be used for some amazing products. It’s not just good for polishing furniture: beeswax is actually a valuable commodity. If the bees produce 1 lb of wax, they would have to consume between 6 and 8 lbs of honey. Beeswax is also antibacterial and antifungal, which is why it is often used in toiletries. This versatile product simply wouldn’t be possible without the bees.

Beautiful candles

Burning a natural candle with a rich scent can really give your living space a boost, and many people buy woodwick candles to deliver this scent quickly. Different candle scents can even affect your mood. Scientific research has found that pleasant odors, such as citrus can be uplifting, making you feel happy and motivated. Beeswax candles emit negative ions which actually purify the air. They also burn cleaner and brighter than candles made from other types of wax. You don’t even need to add essential oils when making a beeswax candle, as the wax has a natural scent of flower nectar and honey.

Food wraps

Beeswax food wraps are easy to make, from natural cotton and beeswax. The wax simply needs to be melted over the cotton, spread thinly, and left to set. Because beeswax repels moisture, this makes it ideal to keep food fresh and dry. These natural food wraps are good for keeping your sandwiches protected when you take your lunch to work. Even better, beeswax wraps are completely reusable – much better for the environment than plastic bags or Saran wrap.

Natural lip balm

Beeswax is perfect for making lip balm as it is completely non-toxic – it doesn’t matter if it’s ingested. Beeswax contains Vitamin E – a natural antioxidant which is incredibly good for your skin and will keep your lips supple and soft. For a refreshing tingle, combine softened beeswax with a little peppermint oil. This is especially good for looking after your skin in the winter months when the weather is harsh.

Beeswax has been used for thousands of years for healing. It was even used by the Ancient Egyptians to seal coffins. Beeswax is an amazing all-natural ingredient that has so many uses in the home.

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