6 Surprising Ways Digging in the Dirt Can Boost Your Health

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If you have been looking for the perfect hobby to improve your life, look no further than your own backyard. Gardening has kept humans healthy and nourished since the beginning of time, so it could be time for you to reap the benefits of this simple hobby. Need a little more convincing before you get your hands dirty? Here are just six of the many ways that gardening can bring joy and comfort to your life.

Planting Can Benefit Future Generations

It’s human nature to want to leave behind a legacy. Being able to touch future generations in a positive way can help us feel a sense of purpose. Planting trees is a good way to ensure you make this connection to the future. Give your tree(s) the best chance at growing and thriving by following some proven planting steps. Be sure your tree will have room for roots to grow, and plant it in an area where it will not cause damage to houses or structures. Trees bring beauty to the environment, but they also provide clean air and natural resources that will be vital for years to come.

Gardening Can Boost Your Mental Health

It may surprise you to learn that many mental health facilities incorporate gardening into their treatment for patients. Studies have shown that tending to plants has a positive effect on the emotions of mental health patients, by reducing feelings of anxiety and anger. When you begin to feel overwhelmed or out of control, try turning to dirt and plants to help root your emotions and control your negative feelings.

Getting Outside Will Lift Your Spirits

With technology overrunning our work and personal lives, we tend to spend most of our time indoors. If you’re stuck inside too much, gardening is a good way to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Research shows that spending time outside can refresh your mind, recharge your body, and help boost your overall health. Gardening gives you a productive reason to get outside and get the benefits of being out in nature.

Working With Your Hands Is Good for You

Most hobbies can have health benefits, but studies have shown that working with your hands can actually have positive impacts on your brain chemistry. Keeping your hands active with work, like tending to plants in a garden, engages your mind in producing physical activity which keeps your mind sharp and stable. Working with your hands also helps keep your joints and muscles in shape, but make sure to take steps to take any unnecessary strain off of your body.

Growing a Garden Can Help You Eat Healthier

More and more people are turning to a plant-based diet to fend off disease and boost overall health. But getting to the grocery store for fresh produce can be expensive and time-consuming. Harvest the health benefits of gardening as a hobby and grow your own healthy food instead. By growing your own food, you can make healthy food accessible, and you can also keep harmful chemicals and pesticides out of your body by using natural methods to maintain your organic garden.

Gardening is a Simple Hobby to Start

One of the best parts about gardening is that it is an easy hobby to pick up. All you need are your hands, time, and a little effort to succeed at this cherished pastime. Creating a garden in your backyard or containers can be simple, but if you don’t have your own space, you can still get into the hobby. Community gardens are becoming a more common feature of neighborhoods and are a great way to bring harmony and maintain a connection to your area. Find a community garden to work in or get together with neighbors to start one up.

Whether it’s at home or in the community, gardening is an ancient practice that can bring positive benefits to your health. No other hobby gives you the opportunity to connect with nature, others, and yourself in such a powerful way. So take out your gardening gloves and get out into a garden today!

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