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5 Practical Tips to Help Save the Bees

Save the Bees, Save the World

Our world’s food supply depends on honey bees. One of every three bites of our food originates from bees pollinating the flowers that produce our fruits, nuts, vegetables and even coffee – coffee production has been found to double when purposely pollinated by honey bees. Each one of us benefits from a healthy honey bee population.

Honey bee populations have been declining for decades, (due to colony collapse disorder and other stressors) and they continue to struggle for survival. Honey bees are biological indicators, meaning that honey bee health reflects the general health of the environment. Bee losses are possibly a symptom of a much greater environmental problem.

Some organizations and governments have taken steps to try to reverse the trend but it’s not enough.

Here are 5 things you can do to help Save the Bees:

Rethink the Manicured Lawn

Dandelions and clover could not be any easier to grow–all you have to do is Nothing!

Let dandelions, clover and other bee-friendly plants grow in your garden and yard. Sure, you probably think of them as weeds, but have you ever questioned that belief? Read the history of why Americans value green, perfectly manicured lawns–lawns that are very expensive to maintain, terrible for the environment, and a significant drain on our water supply.

Perhaps you have a Homeowners’ Association or local ordinance that has strict guidelines about mowing and weeding. A solution to that might be to replace part or all of your lawn with flowering plants.

We can all work toward changing longstanding attitudes about “proper landscaping” and show local governments how and why native landscaping is good for everyone.

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