3 Ways An Apocalypse Could Happen Through Nature and Tips To Prepare

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Every major human effort is now being geared towards reversing carbon emission and its effects. Scientists, researchers, and billionaires are in alarm as to how close to the limit the earth has come. Due to the increase in human activity, especially the 1st to 4th industrial revolutions, and more specifically the carbon revolution, global temperatures have started going up (or are they?).

Many things could happen to our planet. A hypersonic missile capable of any range could be launched towards any corner of the earth by warring factions. A dark star could pass near our solar system and cause a cataclysm. A bioweapon could be released by a rogue entity…the list is endless (not to sound dark here!). The point is, our planet is at risk from any number of things that could bring it to its end, or a new beginning as some would say.

Mother nature is a beast that ‘has not yet shown her proper hand’. What humanity has done to the planet may be salvageable through carbon reform. Nations have already committed billions of dollars to reverse the effects of climate change through forums such as the COP26 Summit and Paris Accords. Some would wonder if all the talk about the reversal of climate change effects is only just talked about on paper.

Communities around the world have throughout history been ravaged by natural events such as floods, hurricanes, drought, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Fiction often dictates facts when humans think about a worst-case cataclysm that mother nature could bring. Hollywood has had its fair share of films inspired by the destructive and awesome force of nature.

Countries such as The Netherlands are miles ahead in creating sustainable solutions of nature and combatting the effects of carbon release at the same time. Something about it is that there are myriad ways mother nature could manage to give us the ouch! Are we prepared for it?

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3 Ways Nature Could Destroy The Earth (And 3 Ways To Prepare)

1. A Giant Wave

If that 1000-foot wave on Interstellar doesn’t scare the pants off you, always remember Mother Nature always laughs last. Okay, humongous gravity-induced waves might not seem realistic at this point, but still, giant tsunamis are not just an onscreen fantasy.

One might recall that waves may either be wind, wave, or gravity generated. But tsunamis are in a different class because they are generated by uplift or down thrust forces from the crust of the earth. When tectonic plates shift violently and the energy is transmitted through oceans or even seas and lakes, the ripple is the tsunami that has been seen and hyper-visualized by movies such as Wave and San Andreas. Regardless, there are ways to prepare and Japan is doing it. A giant wave could also be caused by a huge piece of glacier falling off, or a comet striking a deep ocean.

2. A Mega-Volcano

Volcanos are often localized, yet they have been known to destroy entire communities. Pompey was an example of the destruction of civilization by volcanic events. But what if the scale of what could happen with an eruption became unprecedented? An ocean eruption that would flood the earth with molten lava and ash? The concept isn’t far-fetched as disaster movies such as 2012 have successfully brought to life.

But how do you prepare for this, some would ask. Well, when you see every billionaire running to space or trying to build an underground bunker (which wouldn’t help btw!).

3. An Astronomical Event

Science tells us a lot about how the world and the universe around us work, and to a great extent has enabled us to understand the tragedies that nature has brought about today. But nature isn’t just limited to the earth and the atmosphere around it. The entire universe is a part of nature, only less observable.

Through simulation and climactic studies, worst-case scenarios such as the 1000-year wave can be predicted, but we haven’t been living for 1000 years so everything at this point would be an assumption. The possibility of unknowns and their effect on the world around us and its existence means that there are other ways we should prepare, for example, loving and sharing with our friends and family, and being there for one another especially in trying times.

The Point Is…

The are myriad ways in which the world could end, by mother nature, the devastating effects of human activity and climate change, or some fiendish unseen force or enemy. What matters is the now. Love your neighbour and protect your environment. Peace!

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